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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Quick and Easy Last Minute Gifts ~ Original Recipe ~ Hand Lotion

 This is pretty much an original post I did in November 2009. I know for a fact, no one ever had posted this recipe before as it was given to me by a lady who had made it for years. I had someone email me a couple of years ago informing me that people all over blog land were posting this as THEIR own original recipe. It did not take long to discover that yes, indeed that was true and had happened.

 Now, with the use of pinterest, it is all over there too, and no one for the most part took the courtesy to link back to my blog. One person told me I should email these folks and demand they link back here, or have them take the post down all together. Friends, I don't have time for that...and besides, how can anyone be sure that NO ONE has ever seen or been given the same recipe before? 

Anyway, I am running this again....we are in the countdown to Christmas and you just might need a quick, easy and inexpensive little gift. This fits the bill all the way around!

 With the holiday season upon us, and I know lots of folks are strapped for extra cash, I decided to share this recipe for the most wonderful moisturizer you will ever use...and you can tell those expensive cosmetic counters at the department store goodbye...

These make great shower favors (which I use at every shower I give, just change the theme on the container), stocking stuffers, co-workers gifts, or just extra gifts to have on hand during the holiday season....something small...but says a lot!

Now, this is easy as can be.....and ANYONE whom I have ever given this gift to, simply raves about this lotion....they think I am a genius, super girl, the whole kit and has been fun riding that wave of genius for so long, but now I want you to have a turn too.....ready? Let's begin.....

All you need are three ingredients: From DOLLAR GENERAL.....Shhhhhhh, yes, I did just say Dollar General. You will need one large baby lotion, I used the Shea and coco butter today, the pink is great if you are doing a girl baby shower, the lotion will be pink. Next, a large jar of Petroleum Jelly, and finally, a jar of the vitamin E skin cream.....simple...three things that is, lets get started.

See, here is the Shea and cocoa butter label......but the pink baby lotion will work too.

First, empty the jar of vitamin E cream in a large mixing bowl, get all the goods out of the jar. Now, I save these jars, they are plastic, and the labels peel right off with no effort, and they can be washed and to store the final lotion product back in the container....Recycle made easy!

Next, add the Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline).....sorry, I'll try to keep it simple.

Make sure you get all the good stuff.....I have had no luck at recycling these I toss them.

Lastly, pour in the lotion....all of it.....

I was not joking....ALL of it. I slice the side open, and using a spatula, get the rest out of the container...can't recycle this except inside the recycle bin.

Now, get your hand mixer out and begin to whip all of this together.......

whip, whip, whip..........don't stop....I said, whip, whip, whip.......

When all is mixed really will be light and fluffy....almost like icing.....see, how pretty is this?

Next: fill your containers. I used recycled baby food jars. I had to really work at taking all the glue and labels off the jars, but these jars are a good size for a small gift, so totally makes a little effort on your part worth it.

Fill to the top......just like so.......

once again...don't waste a single drop.......

I used Mod-Podge to add some scrapbook paper on the spray painted lids, and embellished with vintage lace, buttons and rhinestones....

What do you think?????

Now, top off with some vintage rick-rack or ribbon...and there you go. See what a little creative work will turn an ordinary baby food jar into something really cute....

If you are making a big batch, then just do the same process with however many of each ingredient you think you might need. One of each will fill about 6-7 baby food jars. I have made big batches of this using about 9 of just the same.....

Once you have tried this, you will be sold....this is all I use. I use it as a face cream, hand and foot cream and all over body is wonderful. I will tell you this, all my co-workers ask me for it without fail....I always get "When are you going to make me some more lotion?...Christmas is coming!"

They think I am a Rock Star......LOL

Here is a photo from a baby shower, used the same jars, had a little round sticker with shower theme printed and stuck on top of lid, and presented inside a organza bag.

Same lotion for a wedding shower, used containers from the container store, glued rhinestone on top for some pizazz and printed a tag and attached that to a little bag. I used the pink lotion here as this was a pink themed shower.

Tip: If you do not have access to baby food jars, (like I did not) place an ad on Craigslist under the "wanted" section...your email will be flooded with wonderful folks wanting to give these to you for economical is that????

And if you want to keep this recipe your secret....go right can be a Rock Star with your friends too!!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cooking with Campbell's Soup and Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary

Most of us today are stretched for time in the kitchen and when preparing meals for our families. We want great quality meals that offer a lot of variety, but somehow we just tend to use the same go-to meals during the week. I have found a great way of turning those ho-hum meals into something a little more spectacular just by adding one of the Campbell's condensed soups.

 If you’re cooking dinner, Campbell gives you fresh ways to delight your family. From fresh twists on classic faves to totally new recipes, Campbell will give you inspiration just when you need it at

 During the winter months, pot roast is one of those go-to meals at dinner time. Instead of adding water to the roast before it goes into the oven or crock pot, instead add Campbell's Beef Consomme in place of the water for the liquid. The flavor of the roast and vegetables is far superior and has a rich, hearty taste.  Another great addition to ordinary meals is adding the Campbell's Cream of Onion to many baked vegetable dishes, but my favorite is adding it to homemade hamburgers. Again, super easy meal, but not especially unique. However, try the burgers with the added cream of onion soup. The results are super moist and flavorful hamburgers and I promise, you won't go back to the way you were making them in the past.

Your family will thank you for it, and your kids will eat them up and not even know there are added vegetables in their hamburger. Kids’ tastes in food are one of life’s great mysteries. Take green beans, for example. Yesterday they were the only vegetable your son would eat, but today, thanks to his new aversion to green foods, he won’t go near them. If this sounds like dinnertime at your house, you’re in luck. With the help of Campbell's and a little imagination of the cooks part in your household, you can turn out delicious meals every member of the family will enjoy eating. Picky eaters have finally met their match! With the help of The Wisest Kid in the Whole World™, Campbell’s soup is offering delicious recipes your kids won’t be able to refuse:  Find fun, quick meal ideas your kids will love at 

One of my very favorite recipes to serve my family is Chicken Spaghetti. There are many recipes out there for making this dish, but this one uses Campbell's Cream of Chicken & Mushroom soup and it is truly one of the best Chicken Spaghetti recipes I have ever tried.

Amazing Chicken Spaghetti 
  you will need:
4 chicken breast
1 can Campbell's Creamy Chicken & Mushroom soup
 1 can Rotel Tomatoes, diced
1/2 lb. Velveeta cheese
1/2 cup chopped onion
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
7 oz. spaghetti

how to: Cook chicken and onions in water until done. Take chicken out after cooked and use the same water to cook spaghetti. When noodles are done, drain some of the water out of the pot, leaving just enough to cover the noodles. (do not drain all the water out) Shred the chicken and add back to the pot. Add remaining ingredients into the pot and stir well. Pour into a Casserole dish and add shredded cheddar cheese on top. Bake at 350 degrees for about 35 minutes or until hot and bubbly.

 Through their recipe destination, Campbell gives you a fresh way to delight your family (new, kid-friendly recipes like Mini Chicken Pot Pies, and fun ways for your kids to eat Tomato soup). Likewise, when looking at preparing ordinary dishes, try sprucing the recipe up a bit by adding a can of Campbell's soups made especially for cooking. You will delight everyone with an updated version of old tried and true favorites.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Coming Soon on The Coloradolady Blog

I wanted to give a little information on a few things coming up here on The Coloradolady blog. I am doing this so you will be sure to come back and participate!!!


 This week....I will be doing a post about the conclusion of the "In The Bag ~ Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge" I am going to have a post up with a link to the flicker page and would like to ask everyone to pay that sight a visit and then come back here and cast your vote for your favorite quilt made from ugly fabrics. Tell you friends....just come back and vote. The quilts are amazing.....and it is hard to have a favorite...but at least try to find a favorite!

If you have not visited the blog set up for that quilt challenge, please click here and have a look around, you will be amazed.

***but don't vote yet......later this week!!!


I'd like to mention the Secret Santa Swap that I hosted last year.

The Secret Santa Soiree - I did this last year and it was a lot of fun. However, it was a LOT OF WORK, thus I am really hesitant to do it again this year. I have already received a lot of emails about whether I was doing this again this year so I thought I'd go ahead and address it now. It will be a stretch, as I just don't have as much free time these days as I have in the past. However, I have decided to host this again this year. Signups will be in a couple of weeks and this year there will be a cut off as to how many I can let in the swap. I have not decided on a number yet....but will do so in a few days.

** Please note....there are rules with the Secret Santa swap which need to be followed. They are very simple and are in place to make sure everyone has a great experience. If you were one of the folks last year that either bailed on your partner and did not follow through, or did not follow through with what you agreed to do once you received your gifts, please let me just say, you don't need to sign up this year. I have kept all the records from last year and will check against my notes. Just letting you know up front. ** If you were a part of the swap last year and have any input at all as to how it was run, or what might be an easier way to do things, I am certainly open to any suggestions.

The deadlines will be earlier than last year as to hopefully eliminate gifts being late in arriving. It will be opened to international swappers as it was last year, and that is the main reason for the earlier deadlines.

I hope you will come back and vote this week!! There is a great prize package for the winner of the Viewer's Choice award, as well as some prizes for other participants that will be by random draw.

I don't want to scare you away from the Santa swap, if you participated last year, I hope you loved it as much as I did. It is a great diversion during the holidays and it is a lot of fun!! Think about it.....lots of fun stuff coming up and you don't want to miss out!!

Have a great week!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Voice Of Your Comments

Blog Comments.....we all love them, we love getting them. For many, even in the hustle and bustle, we read a post and comment, or maybe we don't comment at all. That comment could take the form of a pat on the back, or a high five at a great find or a word of encouragement.

What happens when a comment you left for someone takes on a voice in that persons ear that is totally not the voice you had in your heart? It happens, and it happened to me and I have to say, I was left feeling pretty bad about the whole thing, still do.

Worse yet, being totally unaware that anything I had said would have been offensive, I found out about it via a blog post. My name was not mentioned, but my words jumped off the page at ME as I read the post about the situation. First thing I thought was.."Oh, my gosh...what did I say???" and discovered when I went to reread my words that yes, I did use those certain words, but they were interpreted and taken totally out of content from the way I meant them.

What was worse, I quickly discovered because that is what we do, (go read who the nasty person is that would say such a thing) that my comment was the only one that contained those certain "Outed for all of BLOG LAND to read".......I was crushed. Truly. Not so much as to the "outing" but more so of the fact that my words seemed to carry a voice in someones ear,  that does not match my heart and they were deemed offensive to another person.

In visiting blogs and commenting, I don't know about you, but I read the post and sometimes I just fire off a comment without much thought to how my words will read. I know in my heart and head what I mean by them, but what happens when someone else does not hear it in the same tone or get what you are saying?

It is a lesson for me that I need to be more careful how I say things because the farthermost thing from my heart is to offend someone who I take the time to leave a comment for. I know there are folks out there that do enjoy leaving comments that are not so nice, but I don't fall under that category, that is not who I am.

Likewise, I have often read comments left for others and when I read them, thought to myself..that was rude....but maybe the person who the comment was left for never felt that way. It is all in the way we read something I guess that determines the interpretation. Everyone walks a different path and maybe we pull feelings from words we read from past experiences or hurts in our own lives. What someone says to one person may be fully understood but saying the very same thing to another, well it becomes judgmental and offensive.

My response to all of this was to immediately email the person and tell them that I did not mean what I said the way they read it, and apologize. Honestly, that was probably not the best thing to do either.....but I felt it was right to do.

All I know is I need to be more mindful of how my words will read to someone else because the very last thing I want to do moving forward is to have to apologize for offending anyone and trying to explain that the voice they heard was not the voice of my heart.

Life lesson today: Choose your words very carefully.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Fine Blessing - Senior Birthdays January


Oh Dear! I have not forgotten our January Senior Birthdays!! I have just been super busy with working out some new things that will be taking place for 2012 here at The Coloradolady.....I am going to continue with the One Fine Blessing each month for our Senior Birthdays.

I have not decided on posting each month here on the blog or just utilizing the email mailing list for 2012. I am still thinking about this one.....your input would be great on this. Let me know if you would like the reminder here on the blog or just email. If you'd like to join, email me at the email address on my sidebar, it is under the button there. I also have a new button with the code for you to grab for your blog, it is on the right sidebar. As always, if you have a senior you'd like to include on the list, please email me before the birthday month. I won't be sending out notices after a birthday has past.

I am not going to be posting anymore for the "First, Fifth, Forever". That was my project for 2011 and I am going to retire that project. Not the Birthday cards, just First, Fifth, Forever.

Several new things will be coming.....I hope you find them encouraging, uplifting and thought provoking. Tuesday will be the kickoff for "Tell Me Tuesday"
There is a button on the left sidebar.....I hope you will think about joining just might learn something new about yourself you never realized! At least, I am planning on it helping me out a little bit in that department.

Happy New Year Everyone......check your emails for the Birthday list a little later this evening. I hope you are excited about 2012. I know I am in more ways than one!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Truth......

The truth is sometimes hard to accept or change. Sometimes.

I have fallen off the blogging wagon, and it has not been easy to get my ducks in a row and get with it again! I have folders of pictures just waiting to be uploaded and their stories told. I have taken tons of photos for recipes I want to share....but there they all sit in folders safely tucked away...just waiting.

The truth is...I don't know why I am in this slump. I have been busy, but that is a sorry excuse....even to me!

I'd like to say, that I am most thankful for the ones who visit anyway, some leave comments, some don't....but I know you show up. Thanks for the emails.....I hope to shake this funk I have been in and get back to myself. Thank you all for your concern and kind words.....I love you guys more than my vintage dishes....and well you know me, that means I love ya a lot!

Thanks for staying with me......

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Crisis With Identy

I am beginning to hesitate before I open my email! Seriously. This story is true. Every word of it. I will tactfully or at least with every bit of tact I can muster, try to explain how you just never know what might be around the corner....I kid not!

Last weekend, there was a message in my "comments" section of my blog waiting to be moderated and published. I read it, without even paying any attention to who it was written by. Confused by what the message said, I glanced again at who sent imagine my surprise when I saw "coloradolady" sent it to me.

Here is said message:

"I want the readers here to know I am the original Coloradolady. I have been the Coloradolady since the 1990s. I do not and never will stand behind what is written here, nor support it. This was not written by me. I am the original. I hope my readers don't think I am this person."

OK....seriously....what the heck????. I read it again and then did a little probing into this statement. I quickly discovered whomever sent this, is correct, I have a feeling they would not like what I stand for or talk about. Original??????...I am not so sure.

I see no reason to quote the email I received, I think you can get a feel for it, and let me just say, it was not a "Hi! how are you? I'm so glad to meet you" type email. Nope. None of that!

Fact Number 1: My daughter gave me this name back years ago when Craigslist started, and we were helping plan a wedding and I sometimes posted in the "wedding Forum" It was a brief stint with that to be sure. So when I decided I wanted to have a blog, even when I really did not even really know what a blog was, that is the title I used as my blog name. If I had of had a better idea on blogs and what they were, and I am most sure I would have went in a different direction and  I would have chosen a different title.

Fact Number 2: When I made my blog, had this title been taken, blogger would not have allowed it. I actually found blogger last, and had looked into wordpress and typepad...but that name was not taken. So I chose it. End of that you'd think.

Fact Number 3: I never even considered searching the name online. Never. Who would have known that this very thing might be a good idea????. Like I said, I really had no idea what a blog was about. I thought you'd write a post and 1000's of people would come comment and love you! Ha! That first post only got one comment and I have no idea how they even found me. (see, I told you I did not have a clue, for we all know that is not how it happens!)

Fact Number 4: Someone else thinks they are Coloradolady, well, actually I guess they are...just a very different one...and they don't seem to approve of asking for prayer for sick children. The don't seem to enjoy old junk or turning things from trash to treasure. This person must have something against quilts, fabrics and crafts. I don't think they like GW or Thrift shopping. They certainly don't believe such a thing as a happy marriage exist. I am thinking they don't like the idea of "play it forward" as well. That is okay...we are all different, we have that right...identity crisis!

Fact Number 5: THIS COLORADOLADY is real and what you see on The Coloradolady Blog is the real "me". This Coloradolady does not enter chat rooms, or post on controversial websites. This Coloradolady does not play online games using this handle. This Coloradolady does not record herself "singing" and post online for all to hear. This Coloradolady does not join on line dating services using this handle. I am sure from the unpleasant email I received, this person who calls themselves CL would be most happy for me to clear this up.

This really upset me, because I wonder what someone would think to find this online and not know there were two of us out there. Two who are very different in all aspects. Well, with the exception of the name and hopefully the love for Colorado.  I wondered if I should change my blog name, but I refuse. "The Coloradolady Blog" is something I have worked hard to build. It is honest, and real. It is not all  happy go lucky, there are real struggles and writing about them helps. But overall  I try and promote good things and thoughts. If someone has a problem with that, well, that really is not my problem.

But please, if you ever find something out there on line and wonder "What happened to her, that sounds nothing like Coloradolady" Please is a mistake in identity. Please know, I only blog under this name...and absolutely nothing else.

I wonder if this happened to you, would you change your blog title? Am I really off the mark with this one? What would you do??? It sorta puts a whole new spin on a  Identity crisis doesn't it????

Monday, February 7, 2011

Begging Quilt Project - Update: Progress being made!

Finally.....I know, you guys have been looking for an update on this begging quilt project of mine. It's not that I have not been working on it, it is just that it has taken me forever to get to a point that I actually felt like I was making progress!

In case you are new here, and wonder what in the world I am talking about, you can go here and here to catch up if you want to.

Here is a picture of all the squares once they had been cut, counted and sewn into segments of two. After all the fabric was received from the generosity of all you guys, and what I started with, I ended up with 4574 two inch squares. WOW.

Once all of the squares were sewn into 2's, I sewed them into rows of eight. Each block will be made up of 64 squares. Here is the start of that step as you see in the picture.

Here are the rows of eight layed out on the floor. Oh, I love all the colors. It is fun to see squares and remember where and who sent them, and yes, I do remember most of them.....well. at least a lot of them.

Here on my design wall is three of the blocks sewn together. Now, don't get too excited, I only have three done, and have a long way to go, but there is progress. I am still amazed at the generosity of all my blogging buddies who contributed to this project, it is so heartwarming to work on this quilt. I just love it already, hopefully, after all the work is done, I'll still be saying that. Haha.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I always said I'd never do this......but I am doing it.

After two years...I have decided I need to take a break, as hard as that is to admit. I may take a week, it may be two.....but it is much needed. I have a lot going on in my life right now and I need to focus on those things.

I will have a link up for Vintage Thingies Thursday even in my absence so you can all link in and still play along. I however, will not be posting anything during this short break.

I know I promised to follow up on my transformation projects...those will be the first things I pick up with after my break. I will miss you guys, but it is a must on my end.

I will see you soon.....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Giveaway Time on The Coloradolady ~ Winner

Random generator chose number 38

Kali is the winner of the giveaway, I am pretty sure I have your email, Kali, but if you don't mind, email me so I can get this out to you today! Congratulations Kali, and thanks everyone for your comments, after reading about all of these destinations, I am wanting to plan my next vacation!! Have a great day!

Did you hear there was a giveaway going on over at The Coloradolady's blog? all I can say....I looked over on my sidebar and noticed all of a sudden I was over the 400 mark of wonderful friends who like to follow along with all my shenanigans, doggie antics, treasure hunting and life's struggles. I am honored to say the least......

So in celebration of all my wonderful friends who stop by and visit here, I am hosting a little giveaway.

A TJ-Maxx gift card will be sent to one lucky reader who comments on this post. Random number generator will choose one lucky winner. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and answer the following question.

If there is one destination that you would consider your "dream vacation" where would that be and why?

Since I asked you guys your dream vacation destination....I might as well tell you mine, as of this month!

I'd love to visit Jumby Bay, Antigua. What an island paradise. Dream vacation....most definitely, it is a pricey destination,and not to mention, I really don't have that beach body anymore... but, this place is oh, so beautiful.

Winner will be announced on Wednesday morning.....Good Luck Everyone and Thank you once again for your friendship, encouragement and support in all my endeavors.
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