Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sometimes You Really Can't Dream How Good Things Will Turn out!

House update:

When you sell all of your excess belongings, and stage your home so it is ready to go on the market, one of the most important things you can do is declare to the universe what you want and who you'd like to buy your home.

That is exactly what Steve and I did......we talked about what we wanted to get out of the sale of the house and ideally who we would like to purchase our home. The checklist was not too long.....

1. we agreed on a dollar amount

2. we wanted a young family who might be looking for a long term home

3. we wanted a family (like we saw ourselves thirty plus years ago) one with young children

4. I wanted someone who would love my home and appreciate all the things that make it special

The house went on the market.

In less than twenty four hours, we had two offers from three showings. One was 15000.00 over asking price. We were blown away...literally. I was thrilled because if they wanted to spend that much to get my home, they surely loved it. I was excited, but the thought did cross my mind that all of the boxes were not checked or at least to my knowledge were not checked. However,  they did love my home and it was a young family, but this time, the universe did not align and the couple found out the day they made the offer that the husband was being relocated for his job and they were crushed, as well as we were, when they knew they could not buy our house and had to back out of the contract during the option period.

So, our agent contacted the other family to let them know we were still accepting offers, but it was a no go. Talk about a let down...and here we were right back at the start of it all. 

What does that really mean, the start of it all?? Well, it means keeping your house means training your husband to use a swiffer and use it rather quickly and efficiently on a moments means rushing home from work, with thirty minutes to dash in, make sure every thing is perfect and dash out with four dachshunds in tow and riding around the city, while hoping the dog who gets car sick does not decide to throw up in your means eating out EVERY. SINGLE. DAY we have to keep the kitchen means doing this multiple times a day, each day. 

We got discouraged rather quickly...we are homebodies...and we were put out of our home and was rather uncomfortable. We knew to expect a little discomfort, but I don't think we were truly prepared for the DISCOMFORT we felt in the whole process of selling a house. Oh, and if you have not guessed it by now, we have never sold a home or moved in all our adult lives. Yes, trying to say the least.

So we waited, and had another showing, and two days later we had another showing and this time we got another offer......price was good.....however the contract had stipulations that did not set well with me....we accepted the offer, but I felt a unsettling that I could not put my finger on. This time, as far as I could tell, there was only one box checked off our wish list and it truly had me on edge. Long story short, they backed out during the option period.....wasted our time and took the house off the market for almost a week. So again here we are back at the start of it all....and  you know what that means...discomfort! Three days went by without a showing once it was back on the market......

....we felt panicked....reason being, we found our home we wanted to buy, we just needed to sell our house and sell it within 30 days to be able to purchase the home we wanted. It was so stressful and heart wrenching to think it might not work out.

Tuesday of this week, we had a showing and that sparked the same ole same ole....rush home, swiffer flying across the floor in record time, curtains spruced and pillows fluffed...scentsy burners going, lights on, backing out the door with four dogs in my arms surveying how my home will look to someone walking in for the first time....dashing to the car and pulling away as the Realtor pulls up. Same routine...but something felt different this time......crossing fingers.

Wednesday morning came....and we  got feedback from the Realtor that showed the house. She said she could certainly tell the pride of ownership from the homeowners and that it was a JOY to show our house. She said her clients were thinking it over and would let us know. We were  really starting to think maybe we were not supposed to sell our house and possibly we would just stay put. We were stressed out beyond imagination.....both of us had short fuses and aggravated at the fact we wanted this to go so smoothly but it in fact was turning into a roller coaster of a ride with nothing but stress and we were deciding we were all but ready to bale all together.

When you think you have just about given up holding on to a dream, I am here to tell you, just hold on a little bit longer.....and then it happened.

Our Realtor called, and the people who saw our house the day before had submitted their offer. We were stunned into disbelief. Their offer was a CASH offer and a price we are more than happy to accept. They pay closing cost, survey cost, title company cost. We are not responsible for any of those cost. No option period, no inspection, no appraisal. We close on the 12th of November and they have agreed to lease us two extra weeks after the 12th so we can get closed on our new house free of charge. WE. ARE. STILL. STUNNED.  The couple wanting our house even submitted a personal letter to Steve and I and that really sealed the deal. That letter was the most heartfelt letter, and it brought Steve and I both to tears.

Once the shock of the day settled, it became apparent to us that what we said we wanted when we sold our house was exactly what we got in the end, even if there were bumps in the road to get to the destination. I really believe the  first two offers that did not go through for two different reasons, only happened in order to take my home off the market for a few days. That was just enough time for the family looking for the right home to find ours. I have said all is everything.

Oh, and our checklist.....

1. We got the offer we wanted

2. We have a young family with small children purchasing our home who will have family close. (just like we did all those years ago)

3. They love my home and all the details I put into my home

It has been a whirlwind and a roller coaster of emotions, from super happy to super sad. We are elated at the sale of your house...and sad at the same time to be leaving where so much of our lives have happened. Then, on the flip side of that, we are so excited for the next chapter in our a fresh start with the home of our dreams and looking forward for what is to come. This is where we will spend the next chapter of our lives....we are excited.

I am thankful today for very dear friends who have walked this journey with us, I am thankful that I believe in positive thinking, I am thankful for St. Joseph and St. Jude who no doubt had a hand in all of this house selling business, I am thankful beyond words that this family will love and care for my home after we are gone...I feel it in my soul that the right family has found where their lives will happen and will love and care for our home the same way we have.

If you want something....say it out loud to the will come to pass. It may not  be in the way or time frame you had in mind...but it will work out in the end.  The cherry on it all is when things work out far better than you could have ever dreamed possible.

I'll keep you all posted on how this all goes...but I am  thinking smooth sailing now!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Watching Your Treasures Leave Your House By The Car Loads........

This past weekend was the weekend for my huge sale. I spent several weeks sorting, discarding, repacking stuff in the anticipation of moving in a couple of months. Many of you have followed me here for a long time, and you know I have lots of stuff...lots of treasures...lots of favorite things. So the task of paring down for a move was a bit daunting to say the least.

Our yearly yard sales back about twenty years ago were huge money makers, always in the upwards of about 1100.00 and that was really without a lot of big ticket items. People used to line the street forty-five minutes before starting time. Luckily, for us we had a huge gate across the side of your house and I could close that and open it when the sale started, and it always was great for crowd control.

In the last five years, the sales we had were not very successful. We would spend a week getting ready and the people just did not come. Friday is always the best day and if you leave it open on Saturday, we might have had one or two come. It was just different than it was all those years ago.

As I was working myself to death trying to get all this ready for a sale, I had kept the memory of not so successful sales in the back of my mind. I surely needed the folks to come and would you believe it, they came and the came to buy.

It was as if I had ordered it all up myself to the powers to be. They did come! There were some that left like this photo...their cars were stuffed full, one lady had stuff hanging out her trunk. 

For twenty-five years, there has been a lady that is in the antique business who always comes to my sales and she gathers up all the stuff she wants and then offers maybe $20.00 for all she has managed to scoop up. I would image any one who has ever had a sale, has had someone like this stop and try to get something for a small price. Like in the past, she was there this time as well. Only difference was she filled three six foot tables full of stuff, I kid you not.  She was at my sale for almost two hours toting her cat which was on a leash. Truth. When I tallied up her total, she paid full price for what I was asking and did not haggle me at all. Never in the history of our sales has that happened.

I was so busy the first day, I hardly had time to really think about my stuff leaving my home by the box loads. I guess that was a good thing, because for a split second, I stopped and thought about it and felt my nose sting a bit, and had to quickly put the thought out of my mind. Even when someone bought something that stirred a precious memory I just let the anguish I felt pass. I know in my heart I have done the right thing, I don't need all of this stuff any more. Like one of my friends said, the stuff is just stuff, no one can take your memories from you.

I wanted the people to come and they did. Not only did I want people come and buy, but I also wanted people to come who would love my stuff as much as I have. It happened y'all, it really did. A lady came and bought almost all my restaurant ware. She collects it and uses it for church functions and family reunions. She told me she had storage buildings with all her collections stored and displayed. My heart almost burst with joy that she took the time to tell me of her love for the things I loved too and assured me they would be cared for and used and cherished. 

At the end of the two day sale, I had sold well over the top selling dollar sale I had ever had, so I was pleased with the results. My house is going on the market today, and it is empty, staged and spotless. It feels good and I feel a whole lot lighter. I'm not sure how I will feel when this chapter of our lives is closed, but I know I have to deal with whatever comes and keep looking forward.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, as I truly need the right family to come and buy my house for my own peace of mind. The family who will love my home in the same way I have loved it. A family that will take care of my beautiful yard and gardens. A family who will adore the things that make this house special. A family who will look forward to the summer months and provide fresh water for the little owls that come each night. And a family who is eager to make memories that will last a lifetime in this little house. That family is out there, I know they are and they just need to find their way to my house. *sniffle*

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