Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Name that photo contest

This will be my first contest - giveaway. I'm excited. This photo needs a name. So put on your creative "thinking-caps" and name this photo. Leave a comment with your suggestion for naming this photo as your entry. One entry per person please. This contest will run until 8:00 pm Central Standard Time on Thursday. Winner will be announced on Friday Morning. There will be one winner. Good Luck all.

This photo was taken on our last trip to Colorado. This shot was taken close to our cabin, and we have been by this area dozens of times. This time however, the skyline of the top of this hill had changed. Resulting in this photo. Location: Park County: Hartsel, Colorado.

.....What's That? What is the prize for coming up with the most creative, unique, and whimsical discription of this photo? Well, let me tell you. I am giving away a $25.00 Walmart gift card to the lucky winner. This will come in handy for gas, food, plants, yarn, fabric, Halloween items, dog toys, or whatever you would like that is behind those glass doors at Walmart. Please note, I am not plugging for Walmart. I just have a gift card I want to give away on my blog to a lucky reader.

Good luck. It seems this Wordless Wednesday turned out to be a little wordy.


  1. hmmmm interesting! Ive always wanted to have a giveaway but i was afriad no one would enter! haha

    ill go with..."monument"

  2. McCain & Obama - here hoping the rain will wash both of them away

  3. Photo Name: "Two Amigos" see their sombreros? They are sitting on a hill talking about the wonderful things in their lives and day--just enjoying their time together as friends.

  4. I will go with.. "mom's pancakes"
    because thats what we eat there, and it looks like two stacks on pancakes!

    and i like hank-joyce's!!! hahaha

  5. Trying to build mountains from mole hills.

  6. Come here often? What is a cute rock like you doing in a place like this?

  7. Dear Coloradolady,
    I'd like to Thank You for your sweet visit and vishes.
    Please, InterneTional Friends Award is for you!

    This pic is wonderful, very meaningful.
    "Never Lonely"

    My sincere greetings
    from Poland

  8. My title is: "Paul's Points". General commment is immigrants watching the border.

  9. My imiganation is no bettter than my spelling but it looks like two little boys getting ready to slide down the hill.
    So I will say kids having fun

  10. There are so many options, but I'll say "Perfectly Balanced".

  11. I would call it "the stoned homeys"

  12. "Stacked" It actually reminds me of my college, because this one crazy guy would stack rocks in the park and the park employees would knock them over and as soon as they left, he would leap out from behind one of the trees and stack the rocks again. It was too funny!


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