Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Perfect Christmas Card.....or NOT

I see perfect Christmas cards all over the know the ones like this one below...lots of dogs, all posing perfectly for the camera!

This is just picture perfect, not a dog hair out of place!! That is just not reality at my house....welcome to my little fiasco in trying to capture four dachshunds decked out in Holiday garb......not so great, trust me!

First, I put the reindeer horns on Sammie....You would have thought he was being tortured! He slouched down to the floor and just ducked his was a no go!

So I tried them on Bailey. She froze in the chair under the dog blankets and would. not. move. It was like if she just sat still, I might not see her and it would all go away. Forget trying to get her to sit next to another dog...nope. Not. going. to. happen.

While the first two were acting up with all their shenanigans, Dora and Sophie sat in the chair waiting for Bailey and Sammie to get with the program. Dora likes to dress up most of all out of all the dachshunds we have, so she was eager without any suggestions of treats. Sophie...just goes with the flow. All I needed to do was to get the two younger ones on board, and I was sure to be on my way to the perfect Christmas card.

So I put the bells and the antlers on Sammie....He was looking mighty spiffy and rather regal in his get up....only problem was...he wants to be the star of his own show and does not want to share the spot light with any other.

I tried to convince him he needed to sit with Sophie and Dora, and he had enough of that talk......

Next thing I know...he is trying to rip the jingle bells into shreds and toss them in the air. Just look at the determined face he knows he can kill it if he tries hard enough. Long forgotten are the reindeer antlers. And by this time, not a dog one was interested in a treat.....they wanted the Santa garb off and put away.......

So my perfect Christmas card with four perfectly dressed dogs, with not a dog hair out of place just does not seem to be happening this year. Sophie and Dora were real troopers and sat at attention, well almost attention with the mention of a cheese bite in the works. But what you don't see is Bailey hiding under the covers and Sammie trying to just get the cheese bite and run.........There goes my perfect Christmas card......or maybe it is a not so perfect kind of way....pretty much seems to be the way things go around here!

Oh, and did I mention, the whole time this was taking place, I had to listen to my husband sound off that "This is just not going to work......." 

Seriously......I really don't give up that easily.....tomorrow is another day and treats make a dog's world go around!


  1. HAHA! Our christmas card features Jack making fishlips - so I know how you feel!

  2. This reminds me of my husband and I a couple of years ago. My goal was to get five cats on the cat tree at the same time, I had hung garland and balls on it, and my husband was no help, just kept saying it was not going to work. I did finally get a picture though. Did I mention the use of catnip?

  3. Awwww how cute they are! Too bad they wouldn't co-operate for you. Since my 3 were "little"...they have all learned the command "Pose" and boy do they ever! Especially Benny (our 3 yr old Havanese) - Jasper (our 4 yr old Maltese) is always in a pose of some kind - and Rosie (our 2 yr old Toy Poodle) will pose for a split second and then take off running!! They're hysterical!!

  4. OH MY this is SO DARN CUTE!!! "AND" I don't mean the first picture either(Those pooches were all in a cookie coma)...LOVE,LOVE,LOVED all of yours AND My view on your Christmas Card is to make a MOSAIC one!!! I myself don't have a CLUE HOW TO DO THAT. BUT I'm sure you do and I think it would SOLVE your problem? Maybe? Anyway, they were all TOO CUTE and I'm STILL SMILING!!!
    Big Squishy Hugs to you all,

  5. This is just a delightful post - thank you for many smiles this morning!

  6. Hi Suzanne,quick note to let you know that my package to my Secret Santa recipient was mailed yesterday and I will post my blog about it after she has received it..I hope she enjoys. I also received my gifts from my sender..just to let you know..

  7. How I feel your pain of trying to get the perfect pose. It's impossible and I gave up for this year. Next year maybe. Adorable shots regardless :)

    Sarah & the Weens

  8. Oh Suzanne,

    Your doxies look adorable!! I love them in their sweet little poses!


  9. Pfffttt...Good luck! And I think those perfect cards are perfectly photoshopped. If I try to take a photo of the monkeys I either get all nose or a butt. I do believe they are trying to tell me something!

  10. Your dogs are so adorable. I could never get my dogs to stay put long enough to take decent pictures when I put Christmas stuff on them. They just will have none of it.

  11. They are so cute! I miss my Doggie so much! My brother used to have a Basset Hound and we had a beagle mix.
    At one time we had a dachshund mix.

  12. HeeHee! They are so precious although very determined to have their own way! LOL! AT our house we say "Who wants snack" and crazy Roxanne comes running. She is the chihuahua! I love your determination Suzanne! Maybe they thought your hubby was underminding the whole process! You know, subliminal messages! HaHa!
    They sure look like they are well loved! Thanks for the smiles! Hugs Anne

  13. So cute, I wanted a Christmas photo with my husband,myself with our spaniel and cat, but they would not cooperate!


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