Monday, May 13, 2013

Vintage Sewing Machine Find - Blue Love!

A quick stop at a local thrift store was a sheer stroke of luck if I do say so myself. I had looked around and did not find anything that caught my eye until I turned to leave. There on a lower shelf was a closed case with a pink tag that said vintage machine....$15.00.

Now, I started to just keep on walking out the door, but I happen to know that this particular thrift store does not sell anything that does not work, so I knew it must at least turn on. When I opened the case....this is what I saw.... Oh. Be. Still. My Heart. She is a beauty!

A quick couple of head turns to the right and then the left to insure no one had seen the treasure I had just unearthed, I walked, no practically ran to the counter with my $15.00.

Once I got this jewel home, I was totally gushing when I plugged her in and stepped on the foot pedal. She purrs like a newborn kitten. So magnificently strong, yet quiet as can be. I can not wait to find the manual online, as it did not come with one and I can not wait to see how she actually sews. The parts all move with such precision and ease it is hard to believe this one has been sitting for very long. The case did not even have a musty smell, and that is one thing that I can't stand, is that musty smell. This machine has none of that....she has absolutely made my heart sing today!!

I can't help but be ecstatic about this find!! I'd have to say the bargain of the month for sure! I'd also like to clarify I am not collecting sewing machines. Nope, I am not. 

 She needs a I hear any suggestions??


  1. Love, love, love your new blue machine!

  2. She's gorgeous, I love the color! I have a dressmaker special from the 50's, she's a Japanese 15 clone and I was told that any generic Singer 15 manual will at least give you the guidelines on threading and stuff, I still have not found a manual for mine though. Here is a yahoo group for Japanese 15 clones and they can tell you more info than I can. I wish mine was blue!

  3. Lucky you, a real jewel, Topaz.

  4. Congrats! Looks like a blue belle :)

  5. Oh, I would have taken her home immediatelly too! The vintage sewing machine is a great find, I love it! Have a nice week.

  6. She's beautiful! Do you really need a manual? Isn't everything about her pretty intuitive? (Maybe not for people who've only used computerized machines--I guess I'm an "old sewer.")
    In general these are often called 15 clones--although the later models have zigzag and sometimes even more stitches. If she's quiet, she'll be a joy to use!

  7. I have several vintage machines, as well as 2 antique treadles. Most of them worked with a little cleaning, but some didn't, I won't go into detail. I was lucky, Jay's sister Mary's husband Kenneth had worked for a machine store and he cleaned them up for me. I tried the treadles, but my legs don't work well. I have pics of some in my photos, but haven't put in all of them. Yours is really nice tho, I'm envious...what brand is it? I have a copy of the instructions for the Japanese made copy of the Singer #15, and an actual #15, for I got an electric Singer #15 that was made the same year I was born, and it works very well.

  8. I thought Betty - as in Betty Boop, I know she wasn't blue but it just seems to fit - in my twisted mind anyway.
    I hope that she continues to purr like a kitten for you - I love vintage machines!!

  9. "Blue Seam" my suggestion.

  10. Betty Blue...
    What a great find!
    I wanted to say thank you again for the sweet flip calendar you included in my Secret Santa blesses me every day and I say a little "Thank you, Lord" for you! Blessings!

  11. I just told Bonnie Hunter, I'm going to have to find a blue or green machine! All my machines are black or beige or white. I'm starting to crave me some color! LShe is beautiful! Lane


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