Thursday, September 24, 2015

It's not just a washing's not just a house!

This week has been a busy week, and it's just too bad I had to use my vacation to work so hard at home! I just about have every thing at the house done that I wanted to do before the Realtor list the house and has an open house. Weeks of sorting through belongings and a sale will be taking place tomorrow and Saturday.....and yes, I am selling SO MANY of my beloved vintage treasures. It is bittersweet knowing I have let so much go and won't be moving it and then on the flip side, I know I am ready to free myself from so much stuff.

This week was also filled with some tears as well. My little neighbor across the street just cried when I told her we were putting out house up for sale. It broke my heart to have to even tell her, but I had to let her know before the sign went in the yard. My next door neighbor keeps trying to talk me into staying every chance he gets. My heart strings are in every fiber of this house and my sweet neighbors I have had for thirty years. I have lived here all my adult life and raised my family here and it is not easy thinking about leaving. I love my house and my yard and have loved our life here. It is a inner battle I continue to fight.

I sometimes have an attachment to things and I thought about that this week as I was sorting our belongings into piles. I was reminded of an appliance that I kept holding on to for years. When Steve and I got married, his dad bought us a washing machine. I loved that darn washing machine and after a time, it began to show signs of wear. The lid of the machine had rusted out in one spot and you seriously had to remove the lid to load it and then gently replace it to wash the clothes. I refused to get another one, as this one worked fine. Steve tried for YEARS to replace it and I refused to let him. He often would say it was just a washing machine, and we need a new one but I refused to replace it. Finally, when the machine was fast approaching 20 years old, Steve had enough and we went and purchased a new machine. We brought the new one home, I sold the old one in a garage sale for $20.00 and I discovered what a fantastic thing it was to have a new machine to wash the clothes with. I wondered why I fought so hard and refused to get a new machine for so many years. I was so surprised at how great the new one was as opposed to my old, falling apart machine.

I was reminded that the move we will be making can be compared  to that old washing machine. I am still fighting it and feeling overwhelmed at the thought of leaving here. However,  just like that new washing machine, I know we will be on to better things and happier times. I just have to keep telling myself that. Now if you can imagine how hard it was for me to let go of an old rusted out, old washing machine, you should be able to understand the emotions of leaving my house of many, many truly is more than just a house.

I am counting on when the day comes and we are settled into our new house I have those same thoughts I had over that washer......."now, why did we not do this long before now......."

Send good junkin vibes my way and that all the junkers out there who will love my treasures find their way to my sale. I hope the right people who loves vintage treasures will take my stuff home and love it as much as I have. It will be a hard couple of days for me I am sure, but I just have to keep going in the direction I want to end up and this is the first huge step!


  1. When I read this, the thought that stood out in my mind the most was "love surly has lived here" How wonderful to have lived and loved in such a home for so long. Not every one is lucky like this, it is a rare thing I think in these days. Don't worry, the love will follow you and yours and you will love your new place. Hugs for I know and can feel as you write about it, how hard this is for you.

  2. Yes, you're old memories will go with you and you will make many new ones!

  3. I hope the new house makes you feel as good as you did when you finally got a new washing machine. xo. Dianne

  4. What a heartfelt post. I know like the washing machine, your new home will be a good change. Change is always difficult and oh my heavens, leaving your home after living there so many years, I understand how your heart must feel. Remember, home is where the heart is, all of your memories will always be in your heart. Take care.

  5. I really admire what you are doing! I have an unhealthy attachment to my things. We have lived in the same house for 37 years and I have way to many memories. You are certainly on the right track and will be so happy when you move into your new house without all the clutter!

    We brought everything down from our attic and put it in our garage. As I am going through boxes, I post things on a private facebook page I created for myself and my children. They have 24 hours to respond if they want the item before it goes to Goodwill. Mostly they respond "pitch it". There has never been a fight over who gets an item. I am finding that I am really the only one who is a memory keeper. Sometimes it is hard to pack things up and get them out the door, but I always feel better when the load is lightened.

    Good luck with your clearing project! Can't wait to hear more of your adventure!

  6. selling the house was the best decision we ever made! Moving is a lot of work (still is) but from 300 boxes we are down to 26 in a month, so I call this a success!

  7. Memories will stay with you for as long as you keep them in your heart. Your new home will be a wonderful new beginning.


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