Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Kite and A Memory

I often wonder how a single image can transform you in an instant to another time, another place and the memories come flooding back so quickly, they catch you off guard. That happened to me this afternoon driving home from work. A simple image was all it took.

I passed an open field as I made my way home from work today and what caught my eye was the kite flying overhead. A simple kite, flying on Easter Sunday. It was a family with two small children, flying the kite. A look was all it took for a memory of an Easter Sunday long ago when I was a little girl to flood my mind.

My grandma used to purchase Easter baskets for the grand kids. They were always usually plastic or straw, filled with jelly beans and plastic toys and wrapped in shiny cellophane. My mom used to make our baskets, and while those were great, there was a certain thrill from the store bought ones my grandma gave us that was unmatched to anything else. I don't know why. One Easter I had a kite in mine and being the tomboy that I was, I thought it was cool. I still remember that kite, it was red, white and blue with big stars. It was exactly the style as this one below.......

Do you remember these paper kites? They were rolled up around the wood pieces wrapped in plastic. You could find them at the local neighborhood store for about 5 cents back then. I think at some point of my childhood, I even had this very kite. I always liked the boyish kites. But today, for a fleeting instance on my drive home, I remembered that Easter Sunday afternoon when my dad and uncle tried to get the kite up in the air, and when they did, how nervous it made me to fly it. I remember being afraid it would take off and I'd be attached to the other end holding the string. What a weird memory to have.

I had forgotten all about that kite, or any kites for that matter, a memory long lost with my age. But it came flooding back to me today, and I felt a little melancholy at the memories. Along with the thoughts of Easter baskets and kites of long ago, came an overwhelming sense of sadness. A sadness for the people and times long gone, and cherished holiday traditions never to be again.

Funny, how on the brink of a totally normal day, it took a kite to remind me of the loved ones I miss dearly, and even though I felt a sting of sadness, I also felt grateful in the same instant. Grateful for the wonderful grandparents and family I had growing up, who made happy memories and traditions for me as a child. I know they could never have known the impact they had on my life. Nor, could they have imagined how a simple object would spark a memory of precious times long ago.

How very lucky and blessed I am to have had a grandma who made holidays special for everyone, and who's family, back then, loved each other and enjoyed being together. I miss you memaw.....more than you could ever imagine......and I am so thankful you were my grandmother. Happy Easter!

Lastly, how wonderful to be reminded of a great love and wonderful memories, and finding it the simplest of things.


  1. Nice memory.

    Just stopping by to say Happy Easter - a little late, but it's sincere.


  2. How wonderful! Sometimes I see something or smell something (Juicy Fruit gum always reminds me of my mom) and the memories come flooding in.

  3. Great memories.

    I think a few strains of a melody, an aroma, even a sudden sound can do this same thing - - - suddenly you are back in a world you left long ago with folks you haven't seen in years.

  4. I've been in the midst of moving ~ packing and unpacking now. Hope you are doing well!

    Happy Easter ~

  5. Suzanne,
    I can so realte to this! I lost most of the people I really loved in my family years ago...and small thing always jog this kind of memory it seems....I am going back to the town where I was born once more the 19th of this month. Just me, no husband, and I can remember so many things about my family, do some of the things I did with them there....Literally I can feel them there with me! Every holiday is a mixture of joy and sadness for me, but I have learned that it is OK.....and yes, I remember those kites, I biffed a lot of them! :)
    Take care......

  6. I totally get this. I had the best granny in the world, my kids, not so much. My mom never made an effort to be a granny to my kids, and now that they are grown, wonders why they are not around. Go figure. Some people are thankful they have grand kids,and are wonderful, others take it for granted or just don't care. I miss mine so much at holidays, my heart hurts for days. I am glad someone experiences the feelings I have sometimes too. You really help me not feel so alone in my thoughts. Thanks for that.

  7. Suzanne,

    I too had a melancholy moment today after seeing a family running around a lawn playing tag together. That simple scene flooded me with memories of my family and the good times we shared. My dad died nearly 19 years ago and mom 2 years ago, so we haven't shared carefree moments as an intact family in years. I am also struggling with my relationship with one family member in particular, which makes me yearn for simpler, easier family times all the more.
    Hugs to you as you remember and honor your Memaw.
    Easter Blessings to you and yours!
    Your personal prayer warrior, A

  8. What great memories! Aren't those moments when the sweetness of a childhood moment washes over you just so wonderful?

    I loved reading about your grandmother, and how she made holidays special. That is the mommy I'm trying to be, and it's so encouraging to hear an adult having these sweet kinds of memories. Perhaps my kids will tell stories like this in years to come. I sure hope so!

  9. Suzanne,

    You're always showing us treasures, and these memories, so evocative of such sweet times, are the most valuable of all.

    My own Mammaw never flew I kite, I don't think, but she created a great trove of well-remembered moments for me which no one else could have created.

    Thank you for the reminder that the ones who nurtured us and took such loving care in forming us into the people we are---those are the real treasures.

    (And I can just FEEL the crinkle of putting together that Spacemaster kite, with the little splintery wands like cheap chopsticks---so little money for such rich wonderment).

  10. I could really "get into" your post today - because I saw 2 kites flying yesterday, and had many of those same thoughts as you wrote them today! My gramma had special baskets for us too - kites in them, and once we got stuffed bunnies with our candy! Always special - and warms the heart to think back on it!

  11. Wonderful memories can be sparked by the smallest things and I treasure each one that happens to me. Our youngest grandkiddos were here this weekend and I wanted to fly kites but we had so much else to do that kite flying didn't happen. Maybe next time. None the less I hope we made some memories for them.

  12. I have only flown a kite once in my life that I remember and it was so much fun. I'd love to fly one again!!!

    Happy Easter. I hope you had a great holiday!

  13. I really enjoy reading stories like this one. I agree it only takes a glimpse of something to bring it all back in recall. I remember those paper kites. Great Post.

  14. I love kites! I haven't flown one in ages. Hmmmmm...maybe soon. Thanks for the lovely reminder :)

  15. Pretty sure I used to fly my kites without a parent but I remember the paper kites. What fun! And what a beautiful rose!

  16. Great post! I remember flying kites !!
    I send you a couple emails did you get them?

  17. Great post, I remember flying kies like that one!
    I sent you a couple emails on vintage jewelry did you get them?
    thanks donna

  18. Suzanne, oh such a lovely post and one that reminds me of Easter days gone by. Time spent at my Grandmother's house and the love shared through special traditions. I'm so glad I happened upon your blog (: Not only for the wonderful words, but the cute doxie pictures!! I have two of my own and boy do they keep things lively (: Thank you for sharing your memories (:


  19. what fun to relish those treasured memories.


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