Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Moment When You Want To Kick Yourself......

Do you ever have those moments......moments you want to kick yourself for doing something crazy.......well, if not....good for you!! I have them frequently and I am wondering about that very thing and how to correct it.

In April, I participated in Bonnie Hunters Yard Sale on the first Saturday. I sold the vintage quilt blocks below as I had them for a while and really felt I was not going to ever put them to good use. Funny thing about that is a lady kept emailing me she wanted the blocks for about a month before I listed them for the  yard sale. That particular lady never followed through and so they were sold right away to Joan.

I received an email from Joan, who purchased the blocks and she wanted me to see what she had done with them. Not many people take the time to follow up on things they purchase and I so appreciate her taking the time to send me a note and these photos of the blocks she purchased. But tell me you blame me for wanting to kick myself to ever thinking I would not have the time to make a quilt out of those blocks thus deciding to sell them?

Here is the note from Joan along with the pictures she sent:
Thought you might like to see what I made from the vintage blocks I bought from you at Bonnie Hunter's yard sale. I have a friend expecting her 4th baby (a girl) on my birthday in August. I thought she deserved a very special quilt. The mom loves vintage everything.
          I cut all the blocks down to 6-1/2". Lost a few points, but who will notice?
The quilt ended up being 51" by 60".


Yep....I felt like an idiot for selling those blocks at first, but then I decided that yes, indeed Joan's friend deserved a special quilt for the baby she is expecting and this certainly (in my eyes) turn out to be one special quilt. I simply love what she did with these blocks and truth be told, I don't think I ever would have been able to take the time to actually turn them into a quilt. I hope this treasure is much loved and enjoyed!! I really feel that these blocks did not sell to the first lady, as they were meant for this quilt all along.

 Great job Joan, and thank you so much for sharing it with me!! I hope you don't mind I shared it here for all to admire your amazing work!!


  1. amazing indeed. I myself would be sick that I sold them, but like you so glad they are going to be loved for years and years. Great job Joan and what an amazing talent!

  2. Looks beautiful!! Glad she let you see it and share it...

  3. What a beautiful quilt it turned out to be. See, it is better than sitting not being don't kick yourself too hard!

  4. Sweet quilt, the blocks look great all trimmed down. I would have never thought of doing that.

  5. Beautiful! I agree it was meant for Joan to put them together for her friend! You should stop kicking hurts! LOL.....hope you are doing OK Suzanne...I've had you on my mind lately! hugs, Linda

  6. The blocks were beautiful even before being made into a quilt. I don't quilt but love seeing other's beautiful work. What a lucky little girl to receive such a beautiful gift.

  7. That is a beautiful quilt. I would want to kick myself, too. Did I tell you I am going to attempt to make a yoyo quilt this summer? We'll see how that turns out! :) I do things all the time that I want to kick myself for later. I totally understand!

  8. don't kick yourself, it looks as if they found the right home and you helped them get there : )

  9. Hello Suzanne! I loved reading your blog about the quilt. I ambled upon your "One Fine Blessing" too. I love that idea. I make greeting cards and would love to be a part of your birthday greeting group. My F-I-L just had his 84th birthday and I know what it meant to him that we had a nice little party for him. Please add me to your group and let me know how to go about getting names, etc. My e-mail is n l h 1 0 1 8 at y a h o o dot com.

  10. That's so awesome that she bought them and made a quilt from them to give as a gift.
    Such a shame you wanted to kick yourself for selling them, but hey either way a great quilt was made =D

  11. Well now...yes Suzanne, it is a kicker that you sold those pieces, BUT...I LOVE how she made them into a baby quilt!~! It's just gorgeous!! I'm so glad she let you see the finished product. Now we can all ooohhhh and aaahhhhh over it!!

  12. Wow that is beautiful!!! yup... I would want to kick myself:)))

  13. OMG, she turned the beautiful blocks into a vintage work of art.

  14. I am holding on to so many things like that (actually a few boxes of quilt blocks). I will never get around to finishing the projects started one, two or three generations ago. One box is half finished twin size quilts my great grandmother started for my mother and her sister when they were small. My aunt would be 80 now and my mother, too. Will I even finish them for my grandchildren.

    First, I applaud you letting go. Second, you sent them to the perfect home. Third, the receipent will greatly value and appreciate the blocks and how lovely that you have the photo as a rememberance!

  15. She made a lovely baby quilt with them!

  16. I have been a quilter for years. Sadly, I haven't done any sewing for a long time. I made a quilt for a friend's little girl just like this one with that pinwheel block. I think it's great that you passed the blocks on to someone else. The quilt finally got made. I like to think it was meant to be.


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