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Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Owl Plate

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A few months ago, I was out treasure hunting at my new favorite thrift store. I found this vintage painted plate and it spoke to me. Naturally, when that happens, I bring it home with me. This one had a hanger on the back and I hung it up on one of my walls in my bedroom. Now, I must warn you, if you don't believe in strange occurrences and weird things that can happen in a blink of an eye..well, you might want to stop reading now...otherwise....I am going to record this story as it happened.

 I have written before about the owls that frequent our yard in the summer time, when the days are scorching hot. As the years have gone on, we have more and more that come each and every year. However, we never had a single one, not ever until after my mother in law passed away in 2013.

My mother in law must have liked owls, as she had several owl related things in her home and in fact, when she passed away, we took a large wood carving that was done from a chain saw of an owl and placed it at our cabin in Colorado. I always say that owl is standing guard over our little place in the mountains.

I mentioned several weeks ago my husband was in ICU and was there for about four days. One night, when I got home from visiting him in the hospital, I walked down the hall to take the dogs out. Sammie always runs ahead of me and as normal, off he went down the hall. I was not paying too much attention as I was tired as could be, but before I got to my bedroom, I saw Sammie cowing down and trying to hide under the bed. He was curling himself up in a ball and whimpering and doing everything he  could to get himself under the bed skirt and out of sight. This is not normal for him and I have never seen him try to hide under the bed before, I noticed his eyes were glued to the back sliding glass door and he was not going to budge. 

As I go into our bedroom, I glanced at the patio door and there, ON THE GROUND, staring inside that door was an owl. With eyes as large as could be it just sat there as if it was wanting something. That owl had a look so intense, I paused and as I looked at that owl, I found myself speaking out loud, and said these words, "Oh, he is going to be fine...don't worry.....I will take good care of him. I promise." and then lastly, I said, "You know I am more than capable of getting him well.....I will do it, don't worry."  

That owl looked at me for about 3 seconds, then closed its eyes and gave me, I swear a look of relief and then just turned and flew away. In my mind, I heard the words my mother in law always spoke to me, which were " you do that, ya hear? " It was not a moment of fear, but a moment that just was an  extraordinary thing to happen.

Yes, it is a weird story, one that most will think I am losing my mind, maybe I am. However, I do know this, we don't see any owls until summer, and this was March, and it was cold weather at best. We don't see owls on the ground, and they certainly don't sit at my patio window looking in and frightening my dog into hiding under the bed until it is gone. And I certainly never felt an owl wanted an answer from me and was acted relieved when I stated everything was going to be ok.

Maybe the owl was a messenger, wanting to relay a message....maybe it was something else entirely.  Either way, it was an extraordinary experience and one that I took notice of and won't forget. And for the record, no other owls have made an appearance in my yard again this year, and honestly don't expect to see them until the summer months.

Surely I am not the only one that these types of things happen to? Have you experienced anything out of the ordinary as this?? Are you open to things that are unexplainable?

If you are still reading....Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!!


  1. Well I do believe that this could happen. Intriguing story.I can't recall one particular incident,but I think there has been some strange little things happen in my life. I quite often go to pick up the phone to ring my daughter just as it rings and it's her on the phone,or I email her at exactly the same time as I press send, one is coming in from her.

  2. I truly beleive in these type of things and I am sure that was your MIL's spirit in that owl. I have experienced strange things in my bedroom ever since I took my mother's bedroom set (it was bought for her at 16 years old by her parents) after she passed away. Too long a story to mention here but when we still had our dog, there were times when our dog would go crazy in the bedroom on the nights that I was not working ( never happened when just my hubby was home sleeping alone) and those nights were always near or on a birthday or anniversary of someone in the family. The dog never went crazy before when I had my other bedroom furniture..I still feel that my mother's spirit is attached to that furniture..

    Thanks so much for hosting and for sharing this wonderful story!!


  3. I definitely believe in the extraordinary happenings. I have experienced many strange things. My mom's favorite clock, a cuckoo clock stopped running at the exact hour of her death, in a hospital many miles away.The chains did NOT wind down.

    Thanks for hosting, Have a blessed day, Ginger

  4. I just told my sisters we are very connected to animals , they know whats going on with us
    This confirms it to others I already knew it

    It's like when you have 2 little dogs and one dies the other dog mourns just like we do , I experienced this when my little boy pug go run over by a neighbor (bad words) any way Sissy cried just like me & my husband
    sure hope your husband recovers quickly


  5. I am not ready to be hauled off, so I will let my experiences stay in the closet. I still think you missed your calling. Definitely should be a writer of Fiction.

  6. Very comforting. Thank you for sharing. Thanks for hosting too. Have a good week.

  7. Thanks for hosting. I live in a green belt with birds and wild life around in abundance. Why not a message shared.

  8. What an amazing story! Sometimes I do wonder if animals deliver messages from those who have crossed. I have never heard of an owl doing this, but have heard about other animals seemingly trying to convey a message. I have always walked from my house downtown to work. For several weeks there was a big black crow who would fly just ahead of me, then stop and wait until I caught up and then would repeat this action for several blocks. He would crow at me as well. He did this for a couple of years. He must have died because it did not happen again. I miss him. Thanks for a lovely visit Suzanne!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  9. I had a dear friend in California (I live in Texas) who passed away many years ago. She used to call me about 2X a month always around 5:30 p.m. For a couple of months after she was gone, my phone would ring about that time in the evening & there would be no one there. I know it was her!


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