Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage 1920's Print ~ Estate Sale Find

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I have an affection for vintage prints and always try and keep an eye out for any at estate sales or thrift shops. I have not come across any in a long time. I have a great print that my aunt gave me and it is a mountain scene with a black bear. I love it as well. I talked about it HERE.

However, a couple of weeks ago, I was at an estate sale on half price day. I spotted this fantastic 1920's print and had to have it. I love the landscape prints like this. This was a super bargain for $8.00.

I was disappointed when I went to pay to notice a man in front of me with another great print that I had not seen beforehand. I guess it was not meant to come home with me. This one however, did.

The areas in the print itself seem to be raised a little instead of laying flat. It really is a beautiful piece of art.

This small print is one I picked up at the same estate sale. I truly think this is an old Christmas card which was framed. I have not taken it apart to see, but it looks like that is what it is in the frame. No matter, I liked it and at $ just can't beat that!

Hope you have a great week!! And happy  Vintage Thingie Thursday to you all!


  1. There are some memories so embedded in my memory bank that not even the "old timers disease: will erase. This was definitely one of them. Thanks for letting me enjoy it once again. Wonder if my "boyfriend" is still there? He caused me to leave that card.

  2. Thanks Suzanne for Vintage Thingie Thursday. I added one of the framed prints I picked up last month. LV reminded me to come on over. Have a great week.

  3. Thank you for hosting Suzanne. I added my Mom's wedding dress which I have on one of my dress forms. Weddings (mine) are on my mind right now and October is getting closer.

  4. Hi Suzanne. I love your prints! And I have a few fav Christmas cards in frames around as well. Cute! Thanks so much for hosting and have a great wek.

  5. Hello dear Suzanne! Beautiful prints and for less tan 'bargains', wow! Thank you so much for hosting and have a wonderful half of the week!

  6. it does look like a Christmas card x someone must have loved it or the person who sent it very much to go to the trouble to frame it x

  7. I love landscapes, and yours are lovely. I esp like the one with the deer, aawwww! Thanks for hosting! -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  8. Those are such good finds and especially the post card framed, I had a sweet one once and gave it away ! I want it back LOL

  9. What a beautiful painting! I see them from time to time but just don't have the wall space for them. I'm so happy that you found something that you love at such a great price!



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