Thursday, April 24, 2014

Vintage Thingie Thursday ~ Vintage Framed Art

Welcome everyone to Vintage Thingies Thursday

If you have a love for vintage things, have come to the right place. We have a really good time each and every week!!!
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As a rule, I have never paid much attention to vintage framed art when I am out and about looking at estate sales or thrift stores. For some reason, these types of things have been catching my eye lately.

I purchased a beautiful vintage piece at an estate sale in March, and then a few weeks ago, I found this piece at a thrift store.

Actually, there were two of these. One measures around a 11X14 and this smaller one is exactly like the larger one. I bought them both, as they were a set and the price was only $8.00 for both. I think the print is just as sweet as it can be. I have not taken the backs off of these yet, but when you look closely at both, the print really looks like it was printed on linen fabric. I have no idea how old these are, but they are certainly not modern day art by any means. I think they are cute!

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday......sorry I am late at getting the link up....this week is flying by and I forgot it was Wednesday..... :-)


  1. thanks for hosting Suzanne! Your vintage picture was my Mom's favorite and always makes me think of her when I see it. She had it in her living room. She has since moved to assisted living, so it makes me a little sad to see it, but my Sister now has the picture, so that is a good thing.

    Joining in with a variety of things today.

  2. A friend of mine had had this picture for years 11 x 14 of the liitle girl and bird it is so sweet

  3. I love the vintage prints! I need to take some photos of some of the vintage items I am finding while at my Mom's house!
    hugs, Linda

  4. I too love vintage prints. I have a couple from vintage Goodhousekeeping magazines in my laundry room.
    Thank you for the fun party and have a great weekend ahead.

  5. Hi! I have this print, too. It was done by the German artist, Simon Glucklich and is titled, "Spring Song." It is believed that the artist painted the little girl in the likeness of his own daughter, who was blind. Some prints show her eyes open, whereas others, show her eyes closed. I love it! Have a great day.

  6. Yo made a good choice in this one.

  7. Hi Suzanne. My mom & I each found this print at estate sales years ago and have them hanging in our homes. I love this sweet print. Thank you for hosting!

  8. I am always so thrilled to see charming vintage prints like yours. Great find. Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  9. I use to buy a lot of Home Interior framed art. They were always so sweet and homey. I love this one too. My grandmother had a large gilded framed mirror. She said a photo of the Last Supper was underneath it. My brother sold it at a yard sale when my mom passed away. Really made me sad.


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