Monday, December 7, 2015

In Three Days........

If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you all know how I have a passion for vintage things. The old functional things in a home always hold a special charm as opposed to new and improved, at least that is the way it is for me. One of the older things in our home that has been a favorite since the day I came to live here was the main bathroom's bathtub. Now I am sure some of you are rolling your eyes, but hold on....hear me out!

We have done several remodels to our home and it is up to date on every thing we have in our home and it is in wonderful shape for the new owners. The one and only thing I NEVER touched was the 1940's cast iron bathtub in the main bath. I love the tiered design on the front of the tub, it has a lot of character when compared to a plain tub you see in most homes today. Below is a picture of a tub that is exactly like the one we have. You can giggle if you want, but I will miss that tub, probably more than I should admit!

The tub itself is over sized by today's size tubs and after Steve and I were first married, it was the perfect size for two....ahem..... was perfect for kids, dogs and blankets and pillows when storms were coming and tornado alarms were going off....My kids spent more times in that tub waiting for storms to pass while holding a little Yorkie than I care to admit. Out of all the places in my home, I knew that that tub would withstand most any thing and my precious kids and animals would be piled in there if I thought a tornado was possible in the area. My poor kids..what a memory!

I'll miss the big ole bubble baths after a hard day or when I needed a little time to myself and relax...oh, yes, I can do all of those things in my new beautiful tub at the new house, but there is something to be said about an old cast iron tub that holds special memories in your heart. I will miss that large tub....and if I was a little honest with myself, if I could take that with me, I certainly would.

Today was a long, tiring day and some sad news left me feeling a little worse for wear, but I came home, filled the tub with bubble bath and hot water and sunk down into the most relaxing reviving hot bath that the old bathtub could give.....and I totally feel better. I have made a plan to do that every night I have left and soak up all that relaxing the ole cast iron tub has to give.

I sure hope the new owners appreciate the value of older things.....but for now, for the next three days...that ole tub is still mine and I intend to enjoy it enough to last a long time!


  1. Oh, Suze, I so wish you were able to take it with you! Maybe the good Lord will have one for you to buy when you move. <3

  2. You are taking the memories with you! I can remember huddled in my hallway with 5 kids and blankets and having a telemarketer call. No I can't talk - we have a tornado warning! He was like Wow, cool . . .


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