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This week, I want to share some of my Goodwill finds from a few weeks ago, I tell ya' that day, I hit the mother lode.

I found this set of 3 atomic mid century bowls. They are small, maybe for custard or a small bowl of soup. They are wonderful vintage bowls and depict that time period fabulously.

I have learned from a little research, this type of china,or anything with an atomic feel has burst and become very popular again. I just love these bowls. But do you think I'd want to sell them....well, not really. I really like them and think they are very unusual.

You know, I don't know why I have a knack for finding 3 or 5 of things...very seldom will I find 4 or 6 of anything. I got these for $1.50 for all three, and was really happy. The bottoms of these are marked,
Syracuse China, 6-1, USA
Don't you just think they scream mid century America?

On this same day, I found this lovely cup and saucer. This is also marked Syracuse China, USA. Look at the lovely details on the saucer.

This looks like it was never used. I am thinking it is part of restaurant ware, as it has the fell of that type of china. I think it is rather charming...and as usual, only one was found. Not bad for .75 cents.

Alas, my luck must have ran out that day, as this is about all I have found worthy of mentioning in a few weeks. This week, I did find a couple of things, and an amazing find (I think) at a Thrift Store for .25 cents. I will save these for another day.....

I have some really great things to share next week, Steve and Jeff have been in Colorado this week, and well...when I say I have missed some rather RARE occurrences, well, that is an understatement. I am hoping between the two of them, they have some pictures of the events that unfolded this week high in the Rockies and I will be able to share these unique experiences with you....told by the two of them.

Have a great Vintage Thingie Thursday everyone, and a blessed rest of your week.


  1. Those bowls are cute. I think they are probably restaurant soup cups (soup is much more popular than custard).

  2. I bet you find the odd numbers because your inner decorating guru knows that things should be grouped in odd numbers! These bowls look really little, almost like ramekins. Love 'em!

  3. those bowls are verry sweet & verry retro :)

  4. Love the bowls! I bet the "Jetsons" had those bowls. I'm guessing that your family saw the tornado that touched down in that area yesterday. Am I right? We had a terrible storm, but no tornado here. Thank goodness. Hope everyone is safe. Sally

  5. You know, I usually don't like mid century, but those are so darn cute!

    I wish that I could get my hands on some Syracuse. I just don't find it here, even at antique stores.

  6. Love Mid-century modern, those were
    the years of wonderful creativity
    in home goods! These bowls are wonderful finds, people scoop this
    era up ASAP because of great resale

  7. I collect old ironstone too. My white ironstone of choice is Buffalo Ware,but Syracuse china was very popular when I was growing up in the 50's and 60's.
    My favorite is the cup and saucer. It's just beautiful. Wish I had a whole set of it.

  8. Love the pretty blue and white cup. I had railroad china that looked very much like this.

  9. Man-oh-man, your thrift stores rock! Great finds!!!

  10. You always find the coolest lucky,lucky girl. I love the little bowls and cup with little saucer. They're all really pretty.
    Happy VTT..have a wonderful weekend..and thanks so much for hosting us all.

  11. Those bowls are cool and the cup is pretty. You always find neat stuff!

  12. I have never seen those type of bowls before. I guess I am not in the know regarding some of these types of things. Have not participated in VTT for awhile. Happy to be here this time!


  13. I like the bowls, I had some dishes with those colors.

    Happy Thursday.

  14. Very nice vintage dishes! I also only seem to find odd number of dishes. What's up with that?

  15. A lot of people really love that retro look. Reminds me of the Jetsons cartoon! How fun!Thanks for hosting once again.

  16. The little bowls are really nice! I think you find 3 or 5 because the owners want to get rid of them because the one of the set is broken and they need 4 or 6!

  17. You always find the neatest things! Those are very 50s and I know they'd fit perfectly in my neighbors home across the street). The home is original in every sense of the word (built 1954) and is in perfect condition. Right down to the original fixtures and bathrooms/kitchen. Walking into that home is like stepping back in time. She even has her dishes from her wedding day more then 60 years ago.

  18. Hi Suzanne, the bowls are super cute being small in size, maybe they are meant for dessert or chinese tea perhaps? hehehe.. but your cup & saucer really got me.. for .75cents.. that a great find! thanks for sharing this & happy VTt.. have a great weekend!

  19. Hi Suzanne, I haven't joined you on Thursdays in a while. Good to be here today.
    Those bowls are so 50ish!
    You always have the best stuff!

  20. How is it that I never find things at the second hand stores like all of you? Those bowls are so cute!Oh and you daughter is adorable!

  21. How cute! I discovered an Atomic Warehouse nearby that I am DIEING to get into to.
    You sure do have the knack!

  22. Wow, I've never seen these--very cool!

  23. Love your bowls and the restaurant china! That royal blue is my favorite color!

  24. Oh, my goodness! I am officially driving to Colorado just to steal those bowls from you! HA! I TOTALLY ADORE THEM!!!! What a fantastic find!!!

  25. love the restaurant begs to be used for morning coffee!
    have a wonderful day~

  26. Suzanne,
    I'm always learning something knew. First time I've heard about atomic bowls. So retro looking!

  27. All your finds are vintage items. I do not understand it, I can go to these places and never find a thing. You must have some kind of vintage sense for these stores. I like them all, but the little blue trimmed cup is my favorite.

  28. I just discovered your and hope you'll come for a visit. I will grab your button and post to this.
    I have a new party as well.

    Its So Very Cheri

  29. The atomic motif bowls and the blue and white cup and saucer are great finds. The designs are very pleasing.

  30. Those really are great finds! I love the atomic theme, and this is one I haven't seen before. I had to cut back on thrift shopping because I'm rapidly running out of space to store and display everything I'd like to bring home with me!

  31. Hi Suzanne, your bowls are very different and I think you are right about them. The cup and saucer probably was from a business. Great finds. Enjoy them.


  32. Hi Suzanne! I wonder where "Restaurant Antoine" was located? It had lovely china, wherever it was.

    Those little custard cups are darling. I'll bet they held their share of Junket in their day.

    I think people are more likely to donate odd sets of items, but you can also console yourself with "the rule of 3" -- things look better that way! Look at your pile of cups -- it wouldn't be as visually pleasing with 4 of them!


  33. Coming late to the party today! But I just love the fun pattern on your cups, makes me want to watch the Brady Bunch....

  34. Thanks for hosting my favorite day of the week. Enjoyed your post. I like the restaurant cup and saucer best but I love all dishes with a touch of aqua!

  35. I think all these pieces look very "restauranty" - - - you know, the heavy weight of the china. Brings back memories - - -

  36. they are in great shape!!! never seen any like them...but they are definitely neat!!!

  37. You have a talent for getting the goodies!

  38. Great finds! I'm going down the list of Thursday posts. Such fun! I've been going to join in for a month now but got busy in the gardens and going to the hospital off and on to see my Father who is sick.
    Hopefully this Thursday will be my first. Oops forgot my cousin and I are making lunch for my parents but I can do it the day before and post it early in the morning.

  39. Great bowls, but I love the cup and saucer from the restaurant! laurie


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