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Hello Everyone!! Welcome to this weeks segment of Vintage Thingies Thursday. Thursday is the day to showcase your vintage treasures and to share your special things with everyone. If you are visiting and would like to join us, please do. It is very easy!

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Believe it or not, I am still able to show you some of the wonderful Goodwill finds I found a few weeks ago. I was so excited when I spotted these little creamers. I only found three of them but I think they are a great addition to my creamer collection.

This one is my favorite I must say. I love the colors, and it has a matching little saucer with the same flower design in the middle of the little saucer.

I really have never seen one like this before, and here is the marking on the bottom.

This little green one is so sweet. It has a really delicate feel to the handle of the pitcher. If you enlarge the photo (by clicking) you should be able to see all the little air bubbles in the glass. This one reminded me of the green creamer I found at an estate sale a few months back, but the color is a bit lighter, but the delicate feel is the same.

Now, I know sometimes the photos make it hard to gauge the size of things, so I had to put ole' Abe in this photo so you can get a good idea of the unusual size of this one. This is so tiny, and sweet I was super excited to put this in my basket for .50 cents. I have not ever seen a little creamer so small, there are no markings or stamps at all on this, but the look and feel of the creamer reminds me of McCoy.....just similar in the feel and look of those types of pieces.

Well, that is it for today, I have lots to get done and hopefully, will be able to spend a few minutes enjoying blog reading and sewing today....I'll be by to visit each of you, it may be later this evening...but I'll be there. Have a great week everyone, and have a Happy Vintage Thingies Thursday.


  1. Suzanne - the red and white is definitely my favorite! I love how we can see the brush strokes! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  2. You always find such great things!
    I also like the red and white little
    creamer, just has a sweet country feel to it! :)

  3. Great little creamers. I especially like the green one with the bubbly glass.

  4. Suzanne, I adore little creamers and yours are dandies! Can remember when they used to put little creamers on the side of a cup of coffee on the saucer back in the 50's when my folks ordered it in a restaurant. was so much more interesting then!

  5. I love the tiny creamer and of course, anything with red in it catches my eye!

  6. I can't believe how tiny that creamer is, it was probably designed as an individual piece for a restaurant. Love the red, of course!

  7. I love the little creamers..all of them, so much so that I don't have a favorite. I've never seen one as small as the tiny yellow's so sweet.

  8. Since I never look for creamers, I did not know there were so many different ones. All of these are neat, but I like the tiny one.

  9. What a great idea to have a creamer collection. Very nice! Thanks for hosting VINTAGE THINGIES THURSDAY! This is my first one!

  10. I used to collect creamers :-) but they just "collected" dust so they had to go lol Very cute finds! That little creamer probably went to a childs set of toy dishes, its so tiny!

  11. Very sweet, especially that little tiny one!

  12. I love the littlest creamer best of all. Maybe from a restaurant or diner?

  13. i love creamers too!!..oooh that tiny one is ssoo sweet, it's gotta be my FAV!!

  14. That tiny one is so cute. Love the red one too.

  15. Hi Suzanne,
    Those are so sweet!!! What a cute collection you have. I just love their little size!
    I'm like a kid..waiting for "Christmas"/giveaway gifts to come in the mail...
    Take care.
    Deb :)

  16. Suzanne,
    I love pitchers,and those are very unique.

    Thanks for hosting.

    Barbara Jean

    PS Should my link show up right away?
    I'll check back to see it it is listed.

  17. I think that the red one with the saucer, the "saucer" is to hold butter pats.
    That little yellow one! How sweet!

  18. I never find treasures like all of you do at the secondhand stores!I am so bummed! I check 'em all out but nothing like what I see you find! waaaaaa!

  19. Hi Suzanne.. i like your creamers.. i think both of us have lots of things in common! i particularly love the last creamer.. super cute.. i wish we really could meet and go out thrifting.. that would be really fun! thanks for hosting this VTT.. have a great day!

  20. Such fun stuff! I love that tiny little creamer! I pretty much love anything that is tiny, actually! LOL!

  21. Hi Suzanne - OK, this is my first time participating in VTT and I'm so excited! I have to work 9-1 today so after that I'm going to visit the other blogs participating - can't wait! Thanks for hosting this and I just love the tiny little creamer. I need to have some new eyes when I go into Goodwill because people find such neat things there. Have a good day ~

  22. That tiny one in creamy yellow is the cutest thing!

  23. My fav is the tiny yellow one. I love the idea of having a personal creamer, I'm going to be on the hunt for these smaller sizes. Great finds! Thanks for sharing them.

  24. Hi Suzanne,
    Happy VTT...and thanks for being our gracious hostess!

  25. Hopped over here from Pioneer Woman. I love your creamers too. I collect glassware and have a collection of creamers also. Actually, my husband loves them more than I do. The clear green one (yours) has an "applied" handle so be careful picking it up by the handle lest it should come off. Especially if you think it is a pretty old one.

  26. I just love little creamers.That last one does look like a McCoy but I don't think that they made miniture creamers. It sure is cute though.
    As always, thanks for hosting VTT.

  27. HI Suzanne, Those are just the sweetest creamers! The tiny yellow on is precious -- how my girls would have lusted after that for their dolls' tea parties.

    Very cute! what a nice thing to collect.

  28. Love your creamers. The little one sure is cute!
    You asked me if I sell my mixers online. Sometimes I do Ebay...but your favorite is not ready for the market yet.
    An online shop would be fun, wouldn't it?
    Thank you so much for hosting Vintage Thingies Thursday! I'm hooked!

  29. Suzanne, this pitchers are so pretty. That first one looks to me like it might have been a restaurant creamer, which has become so collectable. laurie

  30. That itty bitty creamer is darling!
    Great finds!

  31. The creamers are all very nice, but the green glass one is my favourite.

  32. I love creamers, Suzanne! I'm going to venture out on a limb and say that the glass one is hand blown - which is why you can see the bubbles and the way the handle is attached - so very pretty!


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