Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Not Old Enough or Too Old?

Seriously, we are not out of February YET and guess what came today in the mail? How very thoughtful of AARP to make sure I was aware that this next Birthday is THE BIG ONE!! Yep, they sure don't want a senior left behind. Seriously??? I am OLD enough for AARP ?!?!?

And wouldn't you know it.....someone else wanted to make sure they got their birthday greetings in early too.

Seriously, what are the chances that AARP application and a gift card from Victoria's Secret came on the same day??

I wonder if VS knew of this, if they would have saved the postage and not mailed the card thinking I was too old..... How appropriately timely of VS to sooth the rather red whelp left on my wrinkled cheek by AARP today.

I am not going to tell Victoria's Secret that at my age....no amount of gift cards could help me look like that model on the brochure.....that will just be my little secret!!
I do however, appreciate the fact they still want my money!

I think Maxine has the right idea......just sayin'

Take that AARP......see ya next month!!! Wonder what could be next??? Coupons for Depends???? Good Grief!! 

In celebration of ONE EXTRA day in February, come by tomorrow....one day only, a giveaway and links to lots of giveaways going on for Leap Day!!


  1. Life begins at fifty...hold on it can be a wild ride!

  2. I use those $10 off coupons to get free perfume and makeup there.

  3. AARP is relentless. It makes you crazy... until one day when you think, if only I had a network of people who would make my opinion matter and the next thing you know, you're signing that card.

  4. I think 50 is a little young to receive information from AARP, personally I would throw the AARP application in the trash and run out to Victoria Secrets. You are only as old as you feel and I know you don't feel 50-----you go girl.

  5. You made me giggle.;-) I received my card last year. Similar to you I also received my Victoria Secret birthday certificate. cracked me up. Hugs P.S. I'm your newest linky follower :-)

  6. The AARP card gives you great discounts! You can get a discount on a fantasy suite and find an appropriate VS look for the occasion at $10 off. You only lack the feathers to get that VS look and depending on where you go for a fantasy suite... hehehe

    I've never been to the Poconos, but they have 2-level suites with hot tubs that are giant champagne glasses. I've been to the less expensive and closer to home theme suites, a "cave" in Kentucky with a hot tub, so fun. Both offer an AARP discount.

    Don't look at it as old, but an opportunity to get the discounts while you're still young!

  7. I have been getting the AARP stuff for years and I was depressed. Now I am getting mail from Medicare. Care to guess how old I am not? I like Meri's comment. Go for it.

  8. Suzanne it started from me last year when I turned 50 too. I can't believe all the Senior Citizen stuff that comes in the mail since then!

  9. You and Maxine making me smile! You will be a nifty fifty! You are such a beautiful lady! I do belong to AARP but recently a patient at my office told me he could not belong to AARP as they are anti gun and he owned guns! I don't want to be part of anything that takes my rights away from me! And I do not even like guns!
    You are wonderful Suzanne! Tell your sweet mom hi for me!

  10. You (and Maxine) crack me up. My older sister couldn't wait to join AARP because of all the discounts. I plan to look into it. The VS gift card is awesome.

  11. Ha ha, I remember the first time I received an application for AARP in the mail and my first thought was it was put into the wrong mail slot.Just this past fall I discovered I also qualified for senior citizen discounts at the local Fred Meyers. Boy, when did this happen?

    Hey, a discount helps though since I am actually old enough to qualify, but still....

  12. those abbreviations I don't understand,being from Australia,but it sounds like our Seniors card.
    50 sounds young to me,life begins at 40 they say,I say 50
    enjoy.xx jeanetteann

  13. This post made me grin! You are way too young for AARP but not too old for VS!

  14. Well, if you can't beat em, join em, I always say!!!


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