Friday, March 30, 2012

Finished Quilts For Shannon's Family And Baby Crew

WARNING: This is a PICTURE loaded post......lots of pictures, it may take a moment to load on your page. (to make photos larger, click on photo)

The quilts for Shannon's family and Baby Crew are finished. First and foremost, I'd like to personally thank each and every one who has donated to this project. Thank you for taking the time to make blocks and purchase fabric to send for this project.

I received blocks from thirty quilters and received a package of fabrics from another. I think you will be amazed at how these two quilts came together so cohesively with one another and how many individuals participated sent different blocks, but they seem to be a perfect match. I'd dare say it was by no accident that happened.

I know you read about Shannon's passing last week. This quilt will be mailed to her family as a remembrance quilt for them to keep.

I am including a page with each person's name who helped with this wonderful quilt and include all of your warm messages. I am sure it will be a comfort for them to know that so many strangers held their family up in prayer and prayed for their little girl.

I used different purple fabrics that I had for the corner stones and inner border, so that would match Shannon's name on the lower border.

Here are a few of the blocks up-close.


It is amazing how each is different but all seem to go so well together.

The large border fabrics is one of two fabrics that were sent to me. I used this one on the front, and the other fabrics were used on the back.

close up of the sashing and cornerstones.

Here is the back.....the white fabric is white with small stars and moons. The my little pony was the donated fabrics and I had the purple check in my stash.

Here is a close up. It was a wonderful project to work on and see the finished results. I am pleased with how this quilt turned out and hope it brings lots of comfort to Shannon's family.

I also took the gender neutral blocks that were sent to me and saved them out for the quilt for baby Crew. If you missed reading about his story, please click HERE to read about this little one.  Please be sure to add him to your prayer list and pray for his health and his family.

Here is the finished quilt for baby Crew. I love it and hope you all do too!

It is bright, and fun....lots of colors

I used varied 2 inch squares for the corner stones and a small dot for the sashings.

So many cute blocks. you see how it appears that this quilt was planned out...same as Shannon's and I can only say, I don't believe it was an accident. How could it have been?

For the small inner border, I used a scrappy border I had made for my crumb quilt a few months back and decided not to use it. I have had it hanging in my sewing room and knew once I started laying this quilt top out that this is what I had been saving it for. I love how it looks. The outer border was some left over fabric I had from a baby quilt. It is the Little Engine that Could fabric as well as the little trains by Crew's name. I used all I had left for this border, and felt it fitting for a little guy who has a lot more battles to fight in his young life. I hope it serves as a reminder...."That yes, you can!!"....just like the little engine that could.

Another close up of bottom border.

The back of Crew's Quilt. The white fabric has stars and moon's in brown, like the fabric I used in Shannon's quilt, only hers was light green. I had a piece of stripe left over from another project and it was just enough.

Here is a close up.

So....these are to be packaged along with the information I want to travel with these tops and they will be on the way to Sue to be quilted. She is such a sweetie for doing the quilting for these and when they are finished up, they will be on their way to their new homes.

I hope each family feels all the love that went into these from start to finish. And may they feel a warm hug as they wrap themselves in these quilts.

Thank you again for your support and help in making these special quilts into something that hopefully will bring a smile or two for these families. Also, thank you Anne, for allowing us to be a part of this project and seeing it to the finish.

One thing I have learned during this project and that is how lucky I have been in my life. Both my children were healthy and have grown into adults. It has served as a reminder that some families are not so lucky. I am most grateful for all I have been blessed with.


  1. These turned out spectacular! What a huge undertaking this must have been. I hope these families are blessed by others caring and generous hearts. What a great job by all!

  2. Those quilts look amazing!! It's great how all the blocks coordinate in colour! =D

  3. These are beautiful, and so is your sweet spirit to make this happen. May they be a source of comfort to these families.

  4. Hello. My name is KOKO. Anne gave me your address and told me about you.
    Those Quilts are beautiful... Just beautiful..
    I thank you and all of you who donated the quilt pieces for this project.
    I just have no word... but thank you so much.

  5. Suzanne this post touched me so much. All the contributors of the quilt squares and fabric. YOUR amazing work and how quickly you put these together. I know that both families will treasure these expressions of love. I am overwhelmed at how wonderful both quilts are. You did a wonderful job my dear friend. Thank you for your generosity of time and love. hugs, Linda

  6. Suzanne...I just have to say "AWESOME JOB!!"..both quilts
    turned out so beautifully and what a fantastic memento for these familys..I feel so blessed to have been a tiny piece of it...god bless are an angel!


  7. Hi Suzanne! I am struck by all the generosity that went into these beautiful quilts. I am so happy that you were so kind to create these pieces of beautiful artwork. Each square that each individual created and you sewed together makes such a lovely memory for Shannon's family because they will forever remember the love and kindness in their darkest hour. Crew and his family will have a beautiful quilt to wrap him in when he returns home from the hospital! My faith has been renewed so many times during this project, I was unsure if faith would sustain me in this difficult time with the loss of Shannon. But my heart is light knowing we can offer her family this gift of love. You are a unique lady and all the people who participated in this quilt project are so loved. I am overwhelmed by the kindness and the stories of these good and generous folks. May God richly bless each and everyone, May Crew return home happy and healthy with his quilt and enjoy his family. May Shannon's family find a thread of love and kindness to tug on their hearts when their days are particularly dark. Love you Suzanne and all the people who helped us out. Hugs Anne

  8. You are amazing! To take our variety of blocks, and make two works of art is amazing.

    The best part of making gifts for folks is praying for them during their creation. Each quilt has literally hundreds of prayers in it.

    Thank you and your friend for your time and efforts. It is no small thing to share part of your life with someone else.

  9. They turned out so lovely! May they bring comfort to the family during this difficult time...

  10. The quilts are stunning, just beautiful, each one. May these lovelies bring joy to see them to the families. Prayers are going for the family. Blessings to you all.

  11. Beautiful job on both quilts. So glad you incorporated my squares in Shannons quilt. My heart goes out to these families and I pray for peace for Shannons family and for healing for Crew. Thank you for caring.

  12. You did a wonderful job, Suzanne creating these quilts from all the different blocks. They are beautiful! I'm sure the families will enjoy having them. I pray they will feel the love and prayers of the quilters who are lifting them up. You are a very special lady!

  13. You have a heart as big as all of Texas.

  14. I stumbled across your blog late one night and saw the request for quilt blocks for Shannon. I made 2 and see them in the quilt! You did a fantastic job, it is amazing how the variety of blocks go together. Then I forgot the name of your blog and today I got a post from The Curious Quilter about the In The Bag Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge and I get to see my blocks used. All very fortuitous!

  15. Hi Suzanne - Thanks for putting the beautiful quilts together for Shannon's family and for Crew's family.

    I was happy to see the block I sent and am glad to have had a little part in these special quilts.

    Bless to you for putting the blocks together so perfectly and to Sue for lending her quilting skills to making these tops into quilts.


  16. I am so sorry that I am so late in getting over here to see the beautiful quilts. You truly are talented, and I cannot get over how well the fabrics compliment each other. Wow! I am an artist, and I was worried about it. Silly me! When we allow God to be in control of everything, he will happily comply!!!

    I think both quilts are amazing. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos with us!

    Ricki Jill

  17. Angels were guiding these quilters choices, I'm sure. When we're helping and giving I believe we're always inspired. lovely.

  18. Hello Suzanne,

    So sad to hear about Shannon's passing, and I'm so pleased you went forward and completed Shannon's quilt for her family. What a beautiful quilt for her family, and I'm so happy I was able to be a small part of it!

    Thank you for the lovely pictures, and sharing these with everybody. You did a wonderful job putting these two quilts together. It's amazing how these two quilts turned out, and hats off to you and Sue for allowing us to join in on this heartfelt journey!


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