Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Bunnies

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Everyone loves a bunny....I happened to find a few really cute ones here recently. Thought I'd share them today.

This little retro bunny was made in the early 1980's, at least that is what it says on the bottom! 

 I thought he was so sweet.

This is a sweet dreams keepsake plate from Avon. Dated 1982.....the year my son was born! This is very sweet and in perfect condition. I love it!!

 This little guy has lots of crazing but he is just so sweet!!

This is another Avon collectible. This little bunny bell is dated 1984. Hard to believe that these are considered vintage...but technically they are!!

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!! Have a great week!


  1. Your bunnies are very sweet. I especially love your bunny bell. I'm so ready to start pulling out my Easter decor.

  2. Hi Suzanne! Adorable bunnies! Like Kim, my favorite is the bunny bell. Very cute.
    Thanks for hosting.

    Susan and Bentley

  3. All the bunnies are cute, but the first one is my favorite. Like the expression his face.

  4. Sweet Bunnies.........thanks for hosting Vintage Thursdays.....I just found you today!

    1. well....I was already following you but just found the Vintage Page today..........

  5. Very sweet bunnies! All ready in time for Easter.

    Jocelyn @

  6. The bunnies are so cute. Thanks for hosting.

  7. Cute collection!
    Thanks for hosting :)

    Greetings from Australia♥

  8. Cute bunnies,especially the plate. It is that time of year to get them out and let them hop around!

  9. I love your bunnies! I have a Thumper from when I was a child...I'll have to find it! Haven't thought about it in years!

  10. I love them. Perfect to give your home a vintage Easter look.

    Madison xxx

  11. Hi Suzanne! I'm back. Does dirt count for vintage? It's so 'springy' here all I'm thinking about is gardening. Hope all is well, thanks for hosting.

  12. I love the bunnies, I never find anything like that - all the Easter in the thrifts is dollar store stuff - sad......

  13. Thanks for hosting, Suzanne! Love your bunnies... especially the "crazed" one!!!

  14. My baby girl was born in 1982 so I guess she is vintage also? LOL...funny. I have a few of those Avon bunnies. I am away on a trip with Mr ALC but heading home today. I will post later and join in the party! Hugs, Linda

  15. Hi Suzanne, I'm back. I love your Avon treasures. The plate is my fave but the bunnies are cute too. I too have some Avon collectables but they are packed somewhere. Sigh!

    Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  16. Oh I love your sweet bunnies! I hope I can find the 2 I have stashed away before Easter :-)

    Joining in today also. Thanks for hosting Suzanne!

  17. Those bunnies are so sweet! I love that little brown 80's bunny...but it makes me a bit sad to know that thingies from the 80's are considered retro and vintage. I was a teenager in the 80's...does this mean I'M vintage too? :) Thanks for hosting, it's fun to be back!

  18. It's a completely sweet collection and I love that brown bunny!

    But I agree with Kellie - are we all vintage??? What is the actual cut-off for something to be considered vintage? (I usually just go "older than me" is vintage)

    Thanks for sharing the bunnies and hosting VTT!!

  19. I'm not adding to this today but I guess I'm the vintage so I really could put my picture here. :-)

    Just wanted to say hello!

  20. I have some little Avon bunnies like that last picture. Always thought that line was so cute!

  21. Happy to stop by for the very first time. Pure fun, and joy wrapped into one. Interesting blog, gotta come back and visit more for sure!
    Once Upon a Fairyland


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