Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sammie.....slowed down but not for long!

I am sure you remember a few months ago, when we brought Sammie home to live with us. He was not so many wonderful surprises seem to be!

He has settled in rather well here with us.....he is full of energy!!

He has filled back out from being too thin and looks so much better! No more ear mites....has all his shots and was heart worm negative and now on medication to keep him that way!! He is a fireball to say the least!

He loves toys...especially Santa Claus related toys!!! He has an internal alarm clock and gets us up by 5:45am each and every day.....even weekends. I have not felt like this since my kids were babies!!! You remember that tired feeling when you wanted to sleep late but could not!! However, just like those babies were, he is so much fun....full of energy....but that came crashing to a halt on Friday.

Poor little man went for a little snip-snip and well lets just say, this is not fun and games.

Bailey was just as distraught as he was....her running buddy and game  playing buddy is all of a sudden looking like something out of a space movie......and he does not want to run and chase.

It has been a couple of days of this....laying around.......

But like the ole sayin' can't keep a good man down!!!  Space helmet or no space helmet!!!  Now....I have to figure out how to try and calm this wild boy for the next few days!! As you can see.... we have our hands full!!!


  1. He is such a lucky pup to of found a home with you! They are such a source of enjoyment and laughter!

  2. So glad he has settled in and gotten healthier. As for the snip-snip, our Hunter had a really bad three days(thanks to the cheap vet giving us allergy med's not pain med's)but after that was pretty good. Your Sammie will be as good as new really soon.
    Happy Day, Noreen & Hunter

  3. he is lovelly xx he will soon be happy again xx

  4. He is so cute! (I guess he will be taking up residence on your sidebar with the rest of the gang?)

  5. Hi Suzanne, I'm going to be different and say how fortunate you are to have this little cutie to keep you on your toes all day! He needed someone to love and care for him and now...he's showered with it! He's sooo cute! I just know he's going to be up and atta' 'em soon!
    Have a fab evening!

  6. Too cute! I love the last picture! :)

  7. Haa! So cute that he loves Santa toys! My Noel loves her snowman toy the best! I'm so happy that you were able to offer Sammie so much love and his forever home!
    Erica :)

  8. I'm glad he is bouncing back! I need to get Lula in to schedule her spaying. It will be nice to have her with a little downtime. She is just as playful until she drops to nap! lol

  9. Oh Lynn,
    he is adorable!!!!!! My next dog is going to be a doxie, or a doxie mix....but I hope to have my Maya a good long time yet, she is only 10....

  10. He is a doll and so energetic! Love the space helmet! So funny! hugs, Linda

  11. Oh I laughed out loud when i saw the last picture of him running with his "cone"....what a sweet boy!

  12. Great pictures of your new little dog. He's adorable. I love the one where he's running!

  13. Yay Sammie. He is so cute.

  14. He's cute is Sammie, but rather you than me. :)

  15. Ah, the old snip-snip. I've had so many dogs and I worry about every one when they go in for surgery. But, it makes things so much better in the long run. The pic of him running in the cone is priceless. Lane

  16. Suzanne, He looks MARVELOUS!!! As a Dachshund breeder, I know he is in great shape now, and I'm soooooo excited that y'all added him to your family. I can see he is a happy dog (before the snip snip...), and he's well on his way to being in top form now!!!
    Give him an ear scratch for me, and I'm delighted to see his progress. Yes, they are blessings whatever time it is!!!
    Blessings to you!

  17. Oh Suzanne, Sammie is so adorable! You cracked me up with the space helmet. We refer to it as the Cone of Shame over here (I think that's from the movie "Up"???). ;) Love that he's not letting it get him down - hope that he and his pal Bailey are having fun again!

  18. he is such a cutie, poor little guy! thanks so much for hosting the thursday party, too. i liked this post, so i wanted to comment here.


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