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My Politically Incorrect Quilt - Tea & Friends Quilt

Earlier this year, my blogging friend, Anne asked me to help her with a project making a quilt block for a sick little may remember the story about Shannon and then baby Crew needed a quilt too and we were able to make two quilts and share them with the families. I pieced the quilts and Sue quilted them and with the efforts started by Anne, we were able to get them to the families.

During the process, and one of the emails back and forth to my friend Anne, she made the statement that she knew the families would treasure their quilts. She also said that she had a quilt from Walmart (help us all) that she used to snuggle with and she knew someone put time and effort into making it special too. Sorry....Anne... but I just don't buy that! So I started brainstorming and trying to find a pattern that I could make Anne a quilt. Not a quilt like you would buy from... ahem...Walmart but a quilt made with love and one she would think it to be special when she received it.

                                                        (Click photos to enlarge)  

One day while out thrifting, I found this book, and honestly did not even know if I could make the blocks in the book or not.Nonetheless, I purchased the book and thumbed through it. I soon found it had a tea cup block and was thrilled to discover it had a tea pot block too! The last photo in the collage picture shows the books diagram of how to make the blocks work together.

Now, it just so happens that Anne collects tea pots and tea cups and loves all things tea! So the plan was formed and I decided to try and make the blocks.

The blocks turned out to be rather easy and I was proud of the fact I was able to make them. One day, I posted the pictures online in a flicker group and stated I was making a quilt for my friend who was a collector of tea cups and tea pots. (This is where my politically incorrect statement comes in)

Shortly after posting pictures of my blocks, I received an email from a lady who rather abruptly told me that if my friend was indeed a collector of all things tea, then she would surely notice that these are not "Tea cups" but more like plain ole MUGS. Seriously, I see tea cups and saucers, she saw MUGS, but then again I am not a collector. She also told me the blocks were politically incorrect and any collector would know the difference. Okay...well, Thanks.

Wow. wow. wow. I was really disappointed in my efforts as I started doubting myself.  First I questioned the blocks and was sorry they did not look more like dainty English tea cups. Then, as there was no plan or pattern for the quilt, I had to make everything work....and a math wizard I am it was lay it all out and MAKE IT WORK for me! I really was worried from that point on about my abilities to finish and it be "correct" if not Politically anyway.

 I responded to that lady, who was not very nice with a simple email that said my friend would love her quilt and further friend was not very worried about anything being politically correct, least of all the tea cups on this quilt. Then I hit send and hoped I was right in my efforts and thinking.

I finished the top, and sent it off to Sue to do the quilting. She agreed to do the quilting for Anne's quilt and it really for me added an extra touch of specialness to the quilt that I was hoping for. I felt it fitting since we worked together on Anne's projects together earlier in the year with the other quilts.

The quilting is so pretty on this quilt, it is so hard to get it to show up in these photographs.

I used nothing but scraps for this quilt and thought it turned out great. I represents for me the blogging world and how we are all so different, but when we decide to do something together, it all turns out beautiful. And sometimes, you just have to ignore the ones who want to rain on your parade!! Best just pour yourself a cup of tea and shake it off!

Once the binding and the label was on the quilt with the label, I mailed it off to Anne in Colorado last week. A quilt made by two of Anne's Texas friends to warm her heart and to keep her warm this winter!!

When Anne received her quilt she emailed me and was thrilled!! And guess what....she never mentioned the fact the these tea cups looked like mugs....thank goodness!!

Tea and friends are a great combination......and I am glad Anne now has a quilt that was not made specifically by an unknown working for a company that supplies Walmart!! This quilt was made by special blogging friends who wanted to surprise their friend, and did it in a big way.

                                               Anne, my Aunt Lavoice, and Me

This photo was taken when we met Anne for the first time last fall! That was a special and very unforgettable day!! We had such a good time!!

This quilt is now at its new home in Colorado with Anne, and hopefully warms not only the body this winter, but the heart as well every time it is used!! Surprising others is what makes my heart sing!!! Thank you Sue for all your hard work in helping to make this come together!! It turned out beautiful, just like our blogging friend, Anne.


  1. On some travels I visited a mall where there was a store that featured Russian made things. I bought a labeled "tea" set of cups and saucers; they looked very much like the cups in your quilt. Not every culture uses dainty cups it seems! Just thought you'd like to know...... Beautiful quilt!

  2. I don't know why some people are so hateful! I think it looks like teacups and teapots!
    I love it and I know your friend loves it!

  3. I love your quilt and looking at it, before reading, I thought they were tea cups!

  4. Haha you have got to be kidding me with the mug thing. Absolutely ridiculous!! It is an adorable quilt!! What a sweet friend she has in you!!

  5. All the mugs I've ever seen had straight sides, not the indented bottom these have, and mugs don't have saucers. These are definitely cups and saucers. Besides, I drink hot tea out of a mug! Don't let people like that steal your joy. She's got a problem that has nothing to do with you, sweet Suzanne. This was a labor of love, and you should feel very good about it. It was a lovely gesture. She's full of beans!

  6. Politically incorrect or not , it is a fantastic quilt and I know your friend will cherish it! So sad that some people have such a hard time enjoying life that they have to be petty! Good for you for not letting it get to you!

    bee blessed

  7. O Dear Lord. "Politically incorrect"? Who made her the quilt police anyway? She's crazier than three loons and needs to find something to do with her life that's constructive and positive.
    Frankly, I'm sick and tired of politically incorrectness which is just another way of saying, "If you don't agree with me you're intolerant and politically incorrect."
    Kiss my grits.
    And, while I'm tottering up here on my soap box, I'm also tired of those Passive Aggressive bloggers who leave their "opinions"...stated as God's own fact...and then get their panties twisted when they are called down.
    If you can't run with the big dogs, stay under the porch, as someone funny used to say.

    1. I am so with you...if you are on facebook it is 100 times worse!! I just shake my head!! My Aunt used to say Kiss my grits all the time...and that made me smile! And I agree!! Have a great day!!

  8. It's beautiful. Somewhere a bridge is missing its troll, and that woman is it. What a sweet labor of love! :O)

  9. I love all quilts. As always, you did a super job on this one. Anne will be a happy friend receiving this. I gave up trying to figure out what makes folks tick a long time ago. As the old saying goes, "Sticks and Stones, may brake my bones, but words will never hurt me".

  10. Suzanne and Sue you two are so special!! I love that you did this for our amazing friend Anne! I think it looks like tea cups and tea pots and lots of LOVE!
    hugs, Linda

  11. Um, as one who collects MUGS, why would you put a mug on a saucer and on a quilt with teapots? Sounds more to me like either a) I wish I could quilt or b) no one's ever made anything that special for me. The quilt is beautiful and SO special!

  12. Um, I love tea and I love quilts and it seems to me you have a heart of gold for doing this project. Don't listen to the nasty one who said these look like mugs. I drink tea and I think they look like tea cups. I also have mugs because I drink coffee too ;-) Beautiful quilt!

  13. Sounds like a grumpy Halloweener thats been eating too much sugar already! I drink tea out of cups, mugs, glasses and bottles. They looked like tea cups to me too. The quilt looks great. That was a kind task of friendship

  14. I wrote this long comment and then Blogger ate it up.

    Anyway, that woman was awful and needs a cup of sugar poured over her head. The CUP quilt is lovely and was sweet of you to make.

    Visiting from Blue Monday a day late. Let's hope this posts.!

  15. Your quilt is beautiful. And the care, love and collaboration that went into it makes it that more special.

  16. I LOVE YOUR QUILT! My grandmother collected cups and saucers, and yes those look like CUPS and SAUCERS, they are easier to see than the classic pattern, that I am using to make mine.

  17. What a wonderful story!! And I just love your 'Teapots and T-cups' and I'm `English'! Your quilt is a delight!! Hugs xxx Jacquie xxx


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