Friday, March 29, 2013

Anything Goes Easter Swap ~ My Goodies Arrived!

I signed up for Sue's Easter Swap this year and was super excited. This is the first swap that "you make something" to swap that I have participated in. I was a bit nervous, but decided to join in on the fun.

My swap partner was Astrid from Fab and Thirty Something.....Astrid lives all the way in Canada!! I mailed her swap package the day after she mailed mine and well, I don't think she has gotten hers yet. Oh, I get so frustrated with Customs sometimes. The post office said 10 days...and today has been over 10 days....I am crossing my fingers it makes it tomorrow.

This is what was waiting for me on Thursday...what a cute package!!

And this is how my package looked when I opened the box. Astrid really out did herself....the contents and packaging really out shined my attempt!

My package  had the cutest little bunny pin cushion...oh, so darling.

I also received this wonderful vintage hanky with the most delicate details and flowers, and stickers and trim. The card is as cute as can be!!

The only thing I had on display for Easter at my house this year was that little white bunny, so he needed company with my new goodies!! That chocolate bunny is sewn from fabric as well as those adorable and super creative carrots. Astrid also included some chocolates in shapes of bunnies, lambs and chicks, but as you can see, those did not make it in the photo shoot!

The Easter tag that was with my basket is just adorable, and this looks so cute sitting in my living room.

Thank you Astrid, for being such a fantastic swap partner and for all my very special goodies. I needed a festive touch for Easter and everything you sent fit that bill perfectly!! I am crossing my fingers your package makes it on Saturday! Happy Easter my friend, and a special thanks to Sue for hosting such a fun swap!!


  1. Thanks for visiting me at Zetta's today. I'm always glad to see a comment from someone new. Welcome! I am adding you to my follow list! =D

  2. You really did get a nice package from Astrid! I'm in Canada too, I signed up for the two Easter swaps, I received one package quickly but still waiting for the other one to arrive, where are those packages???

  3. Hi there, you got some very pretty goodies in your swap. I love that egg cup pin cushion and that chocolate bunny is adorable!
    Happy Easter,
    Dorothy and Ms.Wilma

  4. So glad you are enjoying all your Easter goodies! I enjoyed making them for you.
    Mailing packages across the border can be so unpredictable! I'll let you when yours arrive!
    Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter,


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