Friday, September 27, 2013

Did Your Dachshund Rescue YOU???

Do you ever feel like you were rescued by our Dachshund instead of it being you who rescued them? I do most certainly feel that way about mine.

With Sophie being the first one, I wrote about that very thing HERE and absolutely believe she did in fact rescue me from a very dark place. Of course, each and every one of them hold a special place, but Sophie, was the first, and well, she really is my heart.

Sophie, Dora, Bailey and Sammie......they all rescued their momma in one way or another.

Dusty Puddles Rescue is having a fundraiser by selling these adorable shirts you see above, that any dachshund lover would love. The goal is to sell 100 which, by the way they are almost there, but I have a feeling we can do better than that and smash that goal!! I already have ordered mine, and can't wait to get it!! 

Follow the link HERE to purchase you perfect Doxie T-shirt and help a good cause while you are at it!! 

Help save the lives of more dachshunds in need of being rescued from shelters,  so their new owners can feel the love and know it was the dog who actually rescued them after all.

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  1. My little Dachshund, Rusty, definitely rescued me two yeas ago.


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