Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Psssst........It's Time For The Secret Santa Soiree 2013

It's NEVER to early to start thinking about Christmas...

No, I have not lost my mind......people...organizing fun things takes a little thought and time!! So....even though we are not even to Halloween yet.....today I am gonna talk SECRET SANTA!!!!

I have decided to host the Secret Santa Soiree again this year. I hope I will keep this running as smoothly and simple as possible.

If you want to show the bloggy world you are participating and send some folks this way to join in the fun, there are some buttons to grab at the bottom of the page. It is not required, but it helps get the swap out there for other folks to know about and not miss the deadline. I have no idea how to add a code to these for the link part, so you will have to add the photo and link it back to this post. IF anyone does know how to do that and wants to help a technical challenged blogger out, let me know!! If you'd like to include the information in one of your post, that is great too. I will be strict about the cut off date this year. I can't add anyone after the 31st.

Come back Friday for all the information about how the Secret Santa Soiree swap works and the sign up list will be with that post. Below are the dates at a glance for this year swap. You might want to follow along some kind of way either by facebook, or follow widget so you don't miss any updates. I will always post updates for this event on my blog.

* Signups start Friday October 11th

* Swap closes on October 31

* Swap partners assigned by November 7th

* Shipping needs to be by December 5th, EARLIER if you have a international partner

* Secret out of the bag and partners announced before the week of Christmas (hopefully) 

Hope you come back Friday and join in this year, it is a lot of fun for so many and I hope it continues to be something I can host. 

Stay tuned for more information that will posted Friday with the signup link in that post!


  1. Yippee!! I'm ready, I'll be back on Friday for sure. Thank you!!!

  2. what kind of things do the SS exchange?? I don't have a blog....can I participate?

  3. Suzanne. you are so awesome for continuing to do all the work to keep this going!

  4. Oh, sounds interesting! Can't wait to read the details on Friday.

  5. Excited. Hope I remember to come back and sign up

  6. Excited. Hope I remember to come back and sign up

  7. put up a link on my blog .. cant help with the button thing .. also technically challenged xx lol x

  8. I have been wanting to do a swap and I can't wait. Hello from Omaha, NE - I drive to Vail to see my sister.

  9. I am really interested too but curious about just what is swapped? I remember you had one going last year too.....

  10. Thought it was about time <;) See you on Friday!

  11. I have tried this 3 times now. Knew it was about time! See you on Friday <;) Really enjoyed the past 2 years being involved in the swap.

  12. Sign me up please. I've enjoyed this the past couple of years. Thank you.


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