Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mid Century Headboard Meets Chalk Paint

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you guys already know I am always after a bargain....always after what I need at a cheap or little to nothing price. I always see the glass half full when looking for things that can be transformed into something I want or need. 

My husband Steve, however, does not see things the same way. In fact, a few Saturdays ago, my brother and my husband went with me on a shopping "hunt" for some pieces I needed to find for my daughter. It was like a double whammy, but my brother was able to keep his opinions to himself better than my husband. 

If I tell you my husband was "negative Neil" ( I won't call him Nellie) the whole day, that would be an understatement. First stop was a hotel liquidators store....that story will be coming in a few days, because we were there over THREE hours, and my husband wanted to leave after walking in the door...... but the second stop was at a new thrift store I have mentioned here on my blog. 

I had spotted a king headboard earlier in the week and wanted to go back and get it. My husband tried to tell me it would be gone when we got to the store, but I knew better. He kept trying to tell me that if it was any good at all, it was already sold. I just told him to keep driving.

Want to know why I knew it would still be there?? (wish I had taken a better picture) You see that green arrow??? The headboard I wanted was laying on the floor on the BOTTOM of a huge pile of headboards. There were wicker headboards, wooden ones and a cloth covered one. Mine was at the bottom of the pile and I knew it was a king size, just what I needed. I also knew in my heart, it was being overlooked. My diamond was laying under a pile of junk and no one was paying it any attention.

The headboard was marked $30.00 and I was happy to pay that for it. It is a super mid century wooden headboard and I sorta felt guilty knowing I was going to paint all that gorgeousness. If you are a mid century fanatic, please accept my humble apologies. I know some of you are swooning. I mentioned, my brother was with us and he just did not think this hunk of junk was worth more than $20.00 and like my brothers true nature, he got them down to $20.00. BINGO. Amidst all the grumbling from Steve, I was so excited as I saw what this could be and felt sure it was going to turn out stunning.

This is the first project I have used chalk paint on. I won't go into the details on how this is made or works, because I am sure by now you all know the procedure. I found the recipe online and made my own chalk paint. I knew I needed to purchase the finishing wax and both of these mediums were new to me. That did not deter me any and I forged ahead with my plans.

The headboard needed a light sanding, just to smooth out some of the imperfections and I just wiped it off with a very lightly damp cloth. Next, I taped off where I wanted to keep different colors separate and began painting. I used three different color gray paints to sorta give a nod to the ombre technique. The very lightest was in the middle and graduated out to the darkest, which was the main color of the headboard. As you can see, I started out working on this as an outside project, but it moved indoors as the weather did not cooperate like I needed it to.

I used two coats of the chalk paint, and that was all I needed. Once the paint was dry, I applied the finishing wax, left it on for about twenty minutes and buffed it out with a clean, soft cloth. I was amazed at how the finishing wax really made a huge difference. It really turned out like I pictured it would in my mind.

Simple, clean lines with a freshly new lease on life. This forgotten headboard went from straight off the floor of a thrift store to a new bedroom makeover. I think it is a really nice updated look and it looks super fantastic in my daughters room.

Total cost of this transformation:

headboard $20.00
paint and supplies for this piece $9.00
elbow grease by mom $0.00

Total: $29.00

See that little glimpse of the wall art over the bed?? I can not wait to show you that piece and how to make it. It sets off the whole room, very romantic and fun. I will have that post up this week along with the rest of the apartment transformation for my daughter!

What do you think about this project? Have you used chalk paint yourself? If not, I have to say it works like a dream. No sanding (really not needed) no stripping, no prep with a solid finish. I love how this turned out and how easy it was to achieve the look I was after.


  1. I love it. It's fantastic that you can "upcycle" something like that in such an impressive way. Did you use chalkboard paint vs. regular paint because it would adhere better to the old finish?

    1. Tammy, it is not chalkboard paint, it is chalk paint, these two are totally different. I used an eggshell finish regular paint and added the plaster of paris and water and mixed well. There are recipes online as the ratio of each. Definitely not chalkboard paint. and yes, I have read that it adheres well to furniture, and it does, with hardly any brush strokes to be seen.

  2. Your headboard turned out great.
    Your daughter must love her new headboard.
    I wish I had a brother who would get prices down for me.
    Have a lovely week.


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