Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Telephone Timer

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Here is a real blast from the past...and I can't even believe I am saying that!! This is what our phone looked like in "the olden days" or for a more accurate date...the early 1980's. 

We had a phone just like this at a desk that was in our kitchen. The only difference was, it had one of those super long phone cords. Do you remember those?? The ones that would stretch so long that when you finally walked back to the phone it would get all tangled and curled up??  Oh, we had it rough!

Anyway, my mom had two of these little timers that she kept on that desk. In case you are too young to remember these, I think they were three minute timers. The sand would fall to the lower chamber and that was when time was up....or in my case....just flip it over and hope I could flip it again without getting caught by my mom.

I have no idea where my mom got hers, but she had one with yellow sand and one with beige sand. Yes, I remember them well, and with very vivid detail of how they looked. I don't have any idea what happened to the ones my mom had, but I feel sure she does not have them anymore.

I found this one at that fantastic estate sale I went to a couple of weeks ago and had to have it. I did not need it, but it was more of  a memory of fond times years ago. It evoked memories of hours spent on the phone with my friends, trying to solve the problems of the school and all the kids that went there.

I am sure the kids today, especially young ones would have no clue what this was or what the telephone itself was. For one thing, it does not look like a cell phone of today and that is all most young kids know. In fact, this old home phone so it is so outdated, we are getting to the point that the younger generation  coming up have never seen  these types of phones! 

Talk about feeling old.....this is now considered an "olden days" I used every. single. day. of my youth. I honestly don't know how we made it without cell phones, caller ID, or call waiting.....I guess I should consider myself lucky we never had a party line. ;-)

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!! Have a great week!


  1. What a fun little trip down memory lane for you! Thanks for hosting!


  2. That vintage telephone is awesome! I'm sure younger generations never saw one of these. Thanks for sharing and for hosting this fun party.

  3. Love your telephone timer! So cute! Thanks for hosting!

  4. Some things back in the good old days, were not all bad. Knowing sister, figured she still had it.

  5. How cute Suzanne! I've never seen one of those timers, but sure remember the phone. Joining in with midcentury figurines this week. Thanks for hosting.

  6. We didn't have a timer but I remember the long cords! We had the rotary dial phones! My grandson asked me how they worked! :-)

  7. Happy First Day of Spring Suzanne. Retro phones, one in a house, long curly cords, memories. Thanks for hosting Vintage Thingie Thursday.

  8. I have that same phone tucked away on a shelf downstairs LOL

  9. We were using an almost identical phone until about ten years ago. I can't remember why we finally retired it -- I think the ringer finally stopped ringing. These days, we've got the modern equivalent because I got sick of unplugging the cordless phone and digging for a "real" one every time the power went out.

    There's an old rotary phone sitting on top of our TV. I keep thinking I should plug it in and show the kids how those work, just because it's kind of neat.

    Love your timer! I'd never seen one of those.


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