Friday, July 4, 2014

Garage Sale Saturday: DESTASH and QUILTY THINGS

It is time for Garage Sale Saturday. I have been hosting this for Bonnie Hunter for a few months. If it is going on for the month, it is the first Saturday of the Month.

Get your blog post up and link in below this post and sell some of your quilty things that you are not going to use!

All of my post are put in my Etsy Shop. I work on Saturdays, and it is just easy for me to do that. Don't have paypal? That is fine, click the check/money order option at check out. I combine all shipping to save you cost. If the shipping is less than what is stated at check out, I will refund the difference. I will be available to answer any questions tonight, or Saturday evening!

When linking in, you set the rules for what you have to sell! Clear it out....and maybe pick up some things you can't live without too!

My first group is backing fabrics, I have several in my shop, but these are all newly listed for Garage Sale Saturday.

Click the name to take you to the link.

 red plaid,  nest,  blue/yellow,  green plaid

This is a yardage lot.....mixed lots of various sizes

blue/purple stripe,  mixed cubes,  cowgirl prints lot,  Halloween,  floral/blueturtles,  birds in trees, floral/white, blue large floral stripe

Precuts : Honeybun   and Triangle Charms

scrap bundles :   De-boned mens shirt box                    strings and crumbs


Dinosaur halloween costume,   bambi       peacock       sewing room  
Cinderella,           butterfly             Christmas             quilting panel          flanel panel and fabric lot

Vintage Sheet fat quarter bundles:     orange           blue

There are lots of vintage sheets you can add to these bundles. Check my other listings.


Hope you enjoy GARAGE SALE SATURDAY....and hope to see lots of listings this time!!


  1. It's hard for me to visualize how much shirt fabric would be in a large flat-rate box. Any idea?

  2. Wow! I wish I had great sewing skills! I need someone who can take my favorite dress and recreate it for me. You know when you find something comfy? Sigh! Plus it is an oldie and I just love it and the style. So simple. One day I want to buy a sewing machine and atetmpt to sew like I did years and years ago. I always had my favorite aunt at my side! She was amazing. My mom also had a friend who worked in Hollywood when she was a young gal. Sewed for the stars. She could look at something and recreate it. She made me many beautiful dresses when I was younger. Sigh. You made me think of lots of good memories. Hugs, Anne


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