Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Chicken and Roosters

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Since I have been telling my stories that surround my new rooster and chicken, I decided to post this once again, it was posted right after I started my blog in 2008, but decided I would re-run it this week. Seems appropriate!

This week I have a couple of favorites of mine. The first one is a magnificent rooster that watches over my kitchen. This wonderful creation was done by my Aunt LaVoice. She made this years ago, she made one for herself and one for her sister Joyce. This is the rooster that was in my Aunt LaVoice's kitchen for years. I can remember being a little girl and walking into my aunt's kitchen, this rooster was the first thing I always saw. He hung over her kitchen table and I always was intrigued by it.

I loved the colors, the craftsmanship and the way this picture came together with beans, popcorn, and seeds. Just look at the detail. Pure talent at its best to create something so full of character. I have to Benny sorta looks like this!! Makes it even more special!!

Of all my prized possessions, this picture is high on my list. When I look at this masterpiece, I can almost smell fish frying, and fresh tomatoes sliced ready to eat when I see this picture. Oh, and I can not forget the homemade french fries. Man, I loved those homemade fries my aunt made. You see, they were not the frozen packaged fries, these were homemade, and special. Yummy.
Funny, how that is what I remember when I think about eating at my aunt's house. My Uncle Noah frying mouth watering fish and those fresh tomatoes from my aunt's little tomato garden she had in her backyard. Oh, and the fries. Now my Uncle Noah was a talented man, and there was not anything that he could not fix or repair. But nothing could top his fish frying. I always thought my Uncle Noah could fry the best darn fish in this city. Believe me when I say the meals we had at my aunt's house, although they were not frequent, they were special.

Now these are a favorite of mine as well. You see, my Aunt Joyce is the chicken queen in our family. She has a set similar this which sets on her hutch in her kitchen. I found these one day several years ago in a local antique mall and they reminded me of the set my sweet aunt has.
I had to have them. You see, they just go with my rooster picture. I always have had a fondness for chickens, they remind me of the country and a simple life. These two chicken items also remind me of two dear ladies in my life and the childhood memories I have of each one of them.
And that my friends is the very thing that turns ordinary items into family treasures.


  1. Suzanne, What a sweet post. That is so nice that you have these to remind you of your aunts and the fun you had with them. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Suzanne,
    Thanks for the party!!
    Great post!! It brought back memories for me because my Dad always made fresh homemade french fries and I have not had them since he passed away 27 years ago......


  3. A lot of water been under the bridge since this was made in the sixties. Thanks for the memories. Thank goodness I still have them.

  4. Oh I like your rooster also. I have seen those in years pass and they are so neat

  5. Lol! I love the rooster made from corn, beans and seeds. My husband made one in scouts when he was young...I wish I know what we did with it. I remember being touched how cute he was to make it for his mother. Nowhere near as detailed as yours. Thank you for the memory. =D

  6. Thanks for the party!!


  7. Your rooster pic is wonderful! I have always wanted one. I wonder if I could find all those seeds and beans easily?

  8. Wow...a true work of art that wall hanging is!!! What talent and such a marvel. I'm glad you shared this with us all.

    Truly, I am in awe.


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