Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Love on Wednesdays: Pint Size Love

This is the final installment of Love on Wednesdays for the Month of February. I would like to thank each and everyone who participated in this every week and thank everyone who visited every week to see what all the Love was about this month! I enjoyed reading every one of the post and some of them really warmed my heart. Thanks again...It was great fun.

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This week, I want to show you just how much love you will find at our house and it comes in a pint size. Don't let the size fool you...the love is abundant.

If you have been reading for a while, I told you the story last year how I acquired my first dachshund. If you missed that story, you can read the long and the short of that tale Here. Sorry...I could not resist. But to sum it up..these two little pint size dogs at our house are loved by everyone and the love they bring to our lives is so much more than that.

Alisha, my beautiful baby girl really is the cause of all the dog business around here. When she went off to college.....well, you remember the story...I was so sad....that it took a wee little pup to cheer me up. Alisha is a shining spot in my life for sure and I love her dearly. So it seems fitting that she is behind somewhat of Sophie having found us.

Shortly, Dora came along....you know how it is....one is never enough. At least that rings true around here. She originally was going to be Alisha's dog...and I suppose for all practical purposes she is...but I can assure you, she will be Alisha's dog living here with me...for always.

Now, when I say that everything revolves around what these two little dogs want or don't want around here...I really mean that. They are the center of attention.....they demand it. It would never be any other way. Remember they are the princess and the queen of the house!

Here is my wonderful son Jeff, whom I love dearly. He is the apple of my eye and has the biggest, warmest heart of any one you will every meet. He is special to me in every way. Sophie thinks so too. She would not even let him open his Christmas presents in peace....she was not giving up her spot in his lap for nothing. It takes a special person to grant this little queen her every wish....or at least a smart one!

See how much love Sophie gives my son?....you can see it in her eyes. She is such a sweetie and she loves Jeff. The funny part of this relationship between my son and Sophie is, he is the Alpha dog.....and with everyone else in the family....well, Sophie assumes that role. Maybe, we have a small problem.....

The saying we have adapted around my house is: Have dog's will travel. Here is Steve driving last summer on our way to Colorado. Luckily, these two are small and he has room for both in his lap. It might be a problem if they weighed more than 8 lbs. You know, men for the most part like large dogs...masculine dogs and Steve falls into that category of men. He does like big, bold, rough looking dogs.But he has a heart as big as gold and he loves these two little dogs as much as I do.
And to me, nothing is sexier than seeing this:

Seeing this manly man I married, walking two of the prissiest little dogs you can imagine down the street like it is nothing. I tell ya' it is a very sexy sight to see. I am so glad, Steve does not think anything of it...because we might just have a little problem if he did. This is love to me....seeing my two little dog's walking down the street with my husband.....it warms my heart like nothing else.

Here is another shot of two vacation dogs. Alisha and Matt could not even take a picture without these two hams joining in. Sophie was asking Dora if she was smiling for the camera, and I snapped the shot too soon!

Yes, Sophie and Dora are the shining lights of our household. They stand watch when someone leaves, worried they might not return, I am sure, or worried about their safety. Begging them to stay and not go. Devotion. At it's finest.

And they greet us at the door when we come home. Happy to see us, and wanting to take a peek into our grocery sacks to see what treats we brought them. See how excited Sophie is watching Steve take bags out of the car? She knows that plastic sacks means treats.

And along with the love we give and receive from these two pups, they have a unique devotion and love between the two of them. They are like sisters in every way....in fact, my husband's nick name for them is "twin girls" They might not have been born of the same litter, but the were born with each other in their hearts and are the best of friends.

Love for me....is the pitter-patter of four paws scampering across the floor, wanting belly rubs, hoping for treats, and eagerly wanting to lick my troubles away.....it just does not get any better than that. ~Good Stuff.

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  1. I so LOVED the pix!!! so awesome

  2. Sweet pups!! How do we live without them!!!

  3. Your pups make me want to get a dachshund. They are so sweet and look like they make wonderful companions.

  4. OMG Suzanne reading about Dora and Sophie is like mirror images of our 2 doxies, Kizzy and Macy. Which are also one red and one black. Aren't they just the most lovable pups? My hubby is just like yours... all mush.

  5. What precious puppies and your photos are so great. Thanks for sharing.

    Roberta Anne

  6. I loved reading about your pups and seeing the pictures! A great post that's full of love, Suzanne!

  7. Ohhh I loved this entry.
    It was almost poetic!
    The pitter pat of little paws indeed is the happiest sound, and it truly makes a doghouse a home!
    Keep on barkin'!

  8. AWWWW! What a sweet post, and what sweet pups! I love your expressions of love for your dh because he walks the dogs! How wonderful to feel so good about such a small things (the dogs of course!). And it is wonderful that he walks them. (They do look a little prissy with that big guy walking them)! Great post. laurie

  9. I can totally relate to this post. Our two dogs are such a precious part of our family. It is amazing how much joy and love dogs bring into our lives. I loved seeing the pictures of your two furbabies. And your Gorgeous daughter! Love is definitely a cold nose and 4 scampering paws!

  10. ummm just saying sophie is MINE!!! if it was not for me we would not have these two!! let them come visit their sister for the weekend!!

  11. Hi, Suzanne,
    I absolutely LOVE the pictures of your puppy dogs! They are so sweet. And, just wanted to say "thanks" for hosting Love on Wednesdays this past month. I really enjoyed doing it the last three weeks. God bless,

  12. As a person who has been owned by dachshunds, I know that you are not exaggerating one bit! They are the BEST dogs!

  13. Thank you Suzanne for hosting this all month. It was fun and we got to meet new friends. You have a great blog and you are such a thoughtful caring person to all of us. You are an inspiration. Can't wait to see your next great idea!!

  14. I have a black and tan just like yours. He has my heart too. Kathy

  15. While I am sad that this is the last Love on Wednesdays, your final post was the sweetest yet. Thanks for hosting this. :)

  16. Loved this post and the pictures are supurb! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  17. What adorable "children" you have.

    We have a golden retriever and a chocolate lab. (and two cats and two teens and a three years old)

    My post is about the three year old turning three this past Sunday. My precious little blessing born to me during the month of LOVE.

  18. Thanks for having your Love On Wednesdays! I may not have a blog but I sure enjoyed viewing all the Love Blogs!And I love "pint size" dogs too! We had one for 17 years-- Enjoy cause the time just flys!

  19. I swear you came to my house and took those pictures! What is it about big burly men and little dogs? MDH would have placed his hand on the Bible and swore that there would never be any little dogs living in his house much less sleeping with him every night five years ago. The edges of hell must have ice. Never say Never!

  20. Suzanne~
    Your doxies are ADORABLE! We have one, too, and she is a sweetheart... a spoiled one, at that!

  21. Hi Suzanne...I could just feel the love radiating from your post and I can so identify with you...your 'twin girls' are so precious & so are their daddy & mommy! ;-) Bo

  22. I have added your link to my post...go back and see if you want. It is at the end of the post.

  23. Okay - I'm boo-hooing. Seeing their sweet faces makes me miss my babies soooooooooooo much.

    I can't believe that February is almost over. I've been away from home for over a month now;(

    Please share doggie pics any time, cause I just can't get enough of them.

    PS - tour kids have such wonderful smiles!!!

  24. These two are the sweetest little dogs. I just love the post about your two little babies, they are so cheerful and bring a smile always.

  25. Your doggie post are my very favorite.


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