Friday, August 13, 2010

A Recap Of A Busy Week....

To recap this week, I decided to do a post about what has been going on around here so when things do slow down, I'll be able to look back and remember what fun I have been having this summer......while I sip sweet tea and catch up on a movie or two.

Somewhere in the midst of everything there has been lots of packing....and boxing things up....not my treasures mind you, my daughters.....and guess what??? The son's stuff will be transferred into boxes next......

I won't mention how I feel about any of is really best that I don't.

I totally scored with this FREE bar stool from Craigslist........wait till you see what it looks like now......

Score again....this $5.00 end table from Goodwill......wait till you see what it looks like now.......

This was the slam dunk for sure.....$45.00 from Goodwill. Had the mirror too, but the re-do did not involve the mirror. WAIT till you see what this looks like now...........

I may or may not have inadvertently inhaled way too many of these fumes along the way this week......remember, always use in well ventilated areas......cans should warn that in 100 plus degree temperatures in the back yard with no breeze is really not a well ventilated area.....just sayin'

This Van Gogh print was another Goodwill find. It had a great wooden gold frame, (old lady gold) and it soon met with a can of spray paint and sealer. Beautiful print in a much more updated frame for only $8.00. I wonder what Van Gogh would have thought about covering up the (old lady gold) frame with black least it fits more in the decor of a super urban chic girl.

In the midst of all the goings on, I may or may not have had to trail behind the smallest members of our household when they took it upon themselves to break open the dog food sacks and help themselves. Notice Sophie licking her lips....ahem......and no, they were not hungry....they are very well fed. Sophie would eat until she popped....literally.

She even had the nerve to try and haul away the evidence..........

This sweet girl had no part of those shenanigans....she ran as fast as her little legs could go to warn me of the naughtiness going on in the back yard......and if you believe that one....well, you will also believe all these projects were completed without a little mishap along the week.....I'll show you the results and the process of each of these transformations.

Have a great weekend....we will be headed southbound I35 to Austin on Saturday......our second job kicks in...."Mom and Pop Moving Company" you know the ones with the slogan....."we haul and carry heavy stuff for free"  and in case you are wondering....we need good strong help, apply in the comments section!


  1. Dogs are a laugh a minute aren't they!! Just when you are having a bad day--they do something cute and the day seems to get a little brighter.
    I love your furniture finds and am eagerly awaiting your transformation pics.
    Happy moving and NO I am not applying for a job--I have served my time as a member of the Mom and Pop Moving Company.LOL

  2. Cute! Very cute post! Reads like a thriller or maybe a comedy!!:) I totally understand the well fed but always hungry group. I have some of those too.
    Way too hot to be painting but I see you had no choice. Good luck on the move. No help here!

  3. Sounds like you have had a productive summer. Ours has been packing and moving! Still lots to do.


  4. I'm so looking forward to the pictures of all the makeovers!

  5. How do you ever manage to get anything posted, let alone manage VTT and all the other irons in your fire?

    Have a happy, safe weekend---drink lots of beverages, rest your back, and stay in out of that Texas Sun!!

  6. I can not wait to see what you did with these pieces....I know if they are anything like all you do...they will be super!

    and I am not applying for the you get NO takers on that one!

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Good Luck on the Moving the children....been there done that. Now I'm too old and they have to help me!! LOL! My cat Charlie does the same thing to the cat food bag if I don't put it up! He has dry food in his bowl but what's in the bad must be better!!! Silly Boy! Can't wait to see all you remakes! Yes this hot weather has been brutal!

  8. Haha, we are doing the same. We say we are "moving a mountain" when we move CC into her dorm as it requires two full Jeeps. After that we will rest up. You do the same! hugs♥olive

  9. You are so creative. And I can't wait to see what all those things look like now. :)

  10. Cant wait to see what you did with all your finds! What beautiful and interesting pieces.

  11. Good luck with all the moving! I don't look forward to that day at my house. And meanwhile, I can't wait to see the results of all the makeovers! I love me some Goodwill!
    ~Angela :-)

  12. Suzanne, your finds are fabulous, and I can't wait to see your spray paint results! Your dogs are soooo cute! I used to have a dog who would get into the dog food and eat it (and eat the other dog's food too) if given the chance. Over-eating is probably what did her in! I had to keep the bags up where she couldn't reach them. She was too overweight to jump very high! Love the picture of "trying to hide the evidence"! Fun post. laurie

  13. Ohhh, your precious dauchunds! I'm in love :D The things parents do for their kids-and kids expect it of them!


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