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Vintage Thingie Thursday : ....And a Oink, Oink Here.......

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Let me first off state for the record, I DO NOT collect pigs!!! Even if we all know that three or more of something does constitute a collection, I DO NOT collect pigs. It just seems I have a few that live in my house and I enjoy very much.

I have had these little salt and pepper shakers for a long time.I found them at an estate sale a few years back and think I might have paid around $3.00 for them.

This little pig pitcher was one of the first pigs I think I ever purchased. I found him in a  clearance booth at a local antique mall in Ft. Worth well over 10 years ago. I thought he was so cute.

This is a very special cookie jar to me. It belonged to a family member's mother and I was thrilled when I was the lucky recipient of this great little pig. He is very old, and full of charm.

There is lots of crazing on this cookie jar and chippy paint and some of the glaze has worn off in some places. He is VERY heavy, and I don't use him for fear of damaging him further, but I do enjoy him very much and he is a special piece.

This is another salt and pepper set that I found at an estate sale. I loved the soft pink colors on these little pigs.

These two little musical pigs were Goodwill finds. I think one of the pigs is missing his instrument, but they were cute and stamped Japan on the bottom. I knew they were old, so they came home with me for a whole 50 cents.

I honestly, can not remember where this pig came memory fails me. This little guy is a bank. A very old bank. No stopper on the bottom of this guy. My daughter has a large collection of pigs, and at first I thought this might be one of hers, but I don't think so, I must have picked this one up somewhere on my treasure hunting.

The back side has a cute little curly-Q tail and it is stamped on the bottom "made in Japan"

Hope you enjoyed my "not a collection" of pigs today. I had not idea until I started looking for something to post about today I had so many......imagine that! Have a great weekend will be a busy one here. Lots to do and not enough time to do it in....ever have one of those weekends???

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  1. Love your little piggies!!! I understand the "I don't collect them", this is MY case with bunnies. I tell people "I don't collect them, they just "Multiply"! I am joining you this week with something different... and 1947 clip from the movie "The Egg&I"... I LOVE Ma&Pa and hope it's OK...

  2. I have two of the same cookie jar. Mine are different colors though! Thanks for hosting! Sandi

  3. Hi Suzanne,
    Your darling pig cookie jar is by Shawnee, I believe. They are very collectible. We have one like him (you can see him on my right-hand sidebar) named Smiley that DH inherited from his grandma. It's supposed to be worth $300-$400 cuz he has some gold on him. But, it means more than than to my DH.
    I'll be linking up a little later tonight:)

  4. LOL! For "not a collection" of pigs, you certainly have a few. :-) It's probably just something about pigs. They're so cute, and you've got some really adorable ones.

  5. Cute pigs! I love the old salt & pepper shakers and that cookie jar is precious. So glad you don't collect them!!

  6. Well, sister may not collect them but you sure have some cute ones!! I adore the olden cookie jar especially.
    Come over to my giveaway..$70. gift card to CSN ONLINE STORES...yipee...
    xo bj

  7. I don't think you're going to convince me that you don't have a collection! The teeny musical pigs are so cute. It's great that you have the family cookie jar! Back for more vintage--Jacqueline

  8. Got it. You do not collect pigs. These few mentioned here are mighty cute. I especially like the pastel shakers. hugs♥olive

  9. So, which little piggy went to the market, anyway? Since you "don't" collect them, they must have some practical service around there, right? I mean, other than being chubby and cute and having sweet little cheeks and tiny curly tails!
    Love the uncollection. Happy VTT!

  10. Well I knew you had gone to the dogs. Did not know about you wallowing with the pigs. If "Mary" is correct. We need to talk.

  11. That definitely looks like a collection to me. My favorite is the last one that is a bank.

  12. I "don't collect" doll tea sets. I like the S&P shakers.

  13. Your pigs are adorable! It sure looks like a collection to me too! :-) I used to collect pigs when I was a girl. I am not currently adding to that collection, but I still have all of them.

  14. These are adorable. I absolutely love the cookie jar.

  15.'s your 'not a collection' collection. Love the one who just showed up!

  16. You and I both love those silly little ceramic guys. they are so fun to collect. wait til you see my post. we both have a pig. funny. great minds think alike...;)

  17. Love your cutey things. All the bright color would make for a nice cheery house for sure.

  18. Hi Suzanne,

    What cute little piggies! My grandma had a pitcher like that back in the 60's. I don't know what ever happened to it over the yrs, but I wish I had it today. Thanks for sharing, and for hosting this party for us!


  19. Quite a herd of swine you have Suzanne! "This little pig went to market...."I have a friend here in AZ who collects pigs too!

  20. What cute little piggies!! Thanks Suzanne. I look forward to VTT each week!!

    Susan and Bentley

  21. Hi Suzanne! Oh, I'd love for you to snap for me!! Of course you're a beauty!! I do hope you'll do it.
    I love your little piggies!! There is such a sweet charm about these little olden pretties!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,


  23. I just love your non-collection of adorable piggies...especially the cookie jar and the bank! Too cute!

    I don't think I have three of anything...just an eclectic bunch of stuff!

  24. Isn't it funny how even when we don't think we collect something we can end up with a collection.

    (for the record - I love Ma&Pa Kettle too)

  25. The pitcher is adorable! Thanks for sharing your little pigs!

  26. Very nice 'not a collection' collection! Love the pitcher!

  27. Well these are just adorable little tykes! Even if you don't collect pigs, these would be just too cute to pass up!
    Thanks for hosting this fun party!

  28. You have a wonderful collection even if you don't collect pigs. I love that piggy pitcher. He is just precious. ~~Sherry~~

  29. Suzanne, your "not a collection" of piggies is adorable! I like the worn patina of the cookie jar. How special that it was from a family member.

    Have a blessed weekend!

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  30. Adorable cookie jar. What wonderful memories it brings I'm sure. Love all the piggies, even though they do not constitute a "collection" Happy VTT

  31. Suzanne,
    You're so cute. I adore your non-piggy collection! :) Your cookie jar is my favorite, so charming and wonderful that it has been passed on from family to you.
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment re my family genealogy. I'm so lucky that one branch of the family was so determined and dedicated and did all of the research. The rest of my family is pretty much the opposite, a blank, a mystery to be figured out.

    Happy VTT!

  32. love the pigs! they are so cute. i don't collect pigs, either, but i might have to start.

  33. That's lookin' like a collection to me! Ha! :) Thanks for posting...not sure if I have anything at all with pigs on it but I'll have to look!

    HaPpY vInTaGe ThInGiE tHuRsDaY!


    Check out my blog for a GIVEAWAY and new linking PARTY!

  34. Hello Suzanne, You probably think I have forgotten all about you but here I am catching up at last. I came home Thursday and have been cleaning and doing laundry which is overwhelming. Now i am free to play and I choose to visit my blogging friends. I have missed you.

    Thank you for the Email about Bo. She did send me a note about Sonny and I was so sad to hear about her loss. Then I was out of town taking care of my daughter etc. I do not remember if I answered your kind email. I wrote to Bo when I returned home and she answered me. I think about her being alone and it makes me feel so bad for her. I am sending her a card Suzanne.

    Ok you do not collect pigs, but you are attracted to them, admit it. HA! I love your noncollection of pigs very much. We had pigs on our farm when I was small. Dad raised them strictly to sell and for food. The piglets were always so cute. The mama pigs would bite us if we went anywhere near them. Sigh!

    Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Jeanne


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