Sunday, February 17, 2013

Barrister Sow Along - JUBILEE Quilt one of two finished

Last year, I joined Randy over at Barristers Blog for her Sow along of these Farmer's Wife blocks. When I decided in April to participate, I decided that this would serve as my Jubilee quilt for the year I turned fifty. I also decided one was not enough, and set out to make two of them.

I finished the first top today, after much deliberation on what I would do with making borders. I have always said when I talk about my quilting that my favorite part of the process is making the individual blocks and deciding on the finished lay out. I lose interest when it is actually time to SEW all the blocks together to make the top. I first had to decided on the sashings. I liked the layout I chose, as I have done it before on this quilt. However, I was not crazy about the using the same cornerstones for this particular quilt. I finally decided on small square in a square blocks and I like how that turned out. Once, that was decided and it was time to construct the top, I struggled for a couple of weeks trying to get the top put together and that was with limited amount of time for sewing.

Once the sew a long blocks were together, once again it was deciding on a border design. I tried several things, but finally just went with the scrappy border and large square in a square blocks in the corner. I like it and think it really frames the quilt well.

I did have to reorder the Riley Blake Divinity pink floral fabric as I ran out, and it seemed that overnight, that fabric was sold out all across the internet. I finally found it and ordered several yards to have on hand. The fabric is pale pink with tone on tone pink flowers in the print.

Of course, when we were trying to photograph this 90 X 98 quilt, it was windy as could be and well, my quilt holders were rather impatient......did not really want to stand on step ladders with hands raised in the air for more than a few seconds....hence all the fingers in the photos.

It feels so GOOD to have this one finished. I need to decide on a back and get this one off to be quilted.  I have the other set of blocks on my design wall, and these are the same blocks but they are in Christmas fabrics. Totally different lay out for these, and I can not wait to get a little farther along in getting this one finished. I have until my Birthday which is next month to finish the top for this one as well. If I stay focused, I should be able to make that goal.

Once I have both of these quilted, I will take better photos and try and photograph them side by side. I am so glad I joined in with Randy and the others last year for the Barrister Sow Along.....I think I have a great quilt from a year long worth of work.....Thanks again Randy!!

I found by working on a couple of blocks at a time that I could get them done and look forward to the new ones. I did not get so stressed out and feel so far behind. I am thinking about doing another one of these that started the last of December and just catch up and keep up the rest of the year. The Scrappy Appleyard is hosting this for 2013.  I can tell by the photos that some of the blocks may be the same, but I see some of them are different. I think by the fabric selections and color choice, it would not really matter if it was similar, once complete they will look like different quilts anyway.  I guess I should decide before I am so behind, it will be hard to catch up. 

What about you?? Do you participate in online sew a longs? This was my first, and I was pleased I kept up and finished. 

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  1. Your quilt is looking great, I love the border!

  2. Wow - your quilt looks really great and the border is just perfect. Can't believe you made a second one too! I have all my blocks made, but have not figured out how to put it all together yet. I want to set it with tiny 9 patch corner stones - but that will take forever!

  3. That is BEAUTIFUL!! I love all the different designs and colors. Just gorgeous...

  4. WOW! That's all I can say,they are gorgeous! The details and colors, just beautiful!

  5. What a fun quilt. Love all the happy colors.

  6. What a lot of work! Splendid quilt! Bet you're proud.

  7. You did a great job on your quilt. Isn't it a good feeling to finish up something so big and that you've worked on for a long time?

  8. I had heard of people making themselves a jubilee quilt. Ir didn't dawn on me to make one as I turned 50 last year. I might have to piok one and go for it!

  9. Your quilt is absolutely amazing. Such patience and perseverance to get it completed. I admire that. The scrappy border looks great and ties it all together nicely. Now I can't believe you made a second quilt. Now I am really in awe.

  10. Your quilt looks great. Love the happy colors.

  11. Suzanne you know I love your quilts! You are such a gem!


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