Thursday, February 14, 2013

No Flowers For My Man!

Last week, I walked into the room at my work where we were going to have a meeting. One of my coworkers blurted out (in front of everyone there) and asked me the most ridiculous question I have been asked in a long time. He asked me rather loudly, "Suzanne, are you buying your husband flowers for Valentines day?"

My reply....without putting any thought into the answer and how I said it was.....

"That would be a NO........he would not think too much of a gift like that....."  

Do you think ANYONE in that room commented in any room was as quiet as a tomb and most of the men were looking at their shoes.  I wondered what the heck I had just walked into at that very moment...must have been an argument of some sort and I happened to walk in and the answer was thrown my way as if I was going to confirm this ridiculous idea one way or the other...I have a feeling it must not have been the outcome someone was looking for.... shrugs shoulders here. Don't ask me a  question if you don't want the truth. Truth.

No one asked me what KIND of gift my husband might appreciate. Not A Single Person. Nope, just a room of  mind blowing silence.  Oh, well, my manly man would much rather have something a lot more beer, beef jersey and chocolate....and not in that order.

I saw something similar at one of our grocery stores in town this week. They had taken beer and placed it with some snacks in a bucket. Cute idea, six pack of beer, beer nuts, jerky, and a bow and for the bargain of a price too, $35.00 and $45.00......woah....are you kidding! I mean, he might be worth it, but my thrifty self could not pay it.

What to do??? Well, I made my own. Purchased the beer at the grocery store along with some snacks, Pretzels shaped as hearts, beef jerky, chocolate bar, little box of chocolates. The filling and stickers and decorations came from Dollar Tree. .I tied a large red ribbon around the whole thing, printed out my little message and put it all together. I will add a card to it right before he gets home.  Simple. Easy.....and when I say easy...folks, I did not even get the glue gun out. Tape. shhhh.....I said tape!

How perfect for this gift.....Heartzels!!! Love!!!

I also made one more, this one has a BIG can of beer and lots more chocolate and snacks. Gathered it all up and found a camo red little bucket to put it all in. The person this one is for happens to love chocolate and beer....and maybe not in that order. 

Just a few minutes, a few stickers and do-dads and a little creative is my real Man's Valentine Gift.... Total cost for both of these baskets....around $14.00. Not bad and ANYONE can do something like this. Just personalize it for your loved one. Genius? No. Easy? Yes. And trust me, it will be appreciated.


  1. I like your gift much more than flowers for a man!

  2. perfect gifts. love the presentation and the little hearts you added in.

  3. Very clever. Your man will like it I am sure. I know mine would. I got him a card. Since we have a trip planned soon, we will celebrate with a couple nice dinners.

  4. Awesome gift. I packed heartzels in my husband's lunch today. I'm sure he would have liked the beer...not sure the elementary school would approve?? I'm remembering this gift for next year.

  5. That's a great idea! My husband wouldn't like flowers! Have a nice Valentines day! :o)

  6. I will be making one of these for the guy (kindergarten teacher's hubby) that is taking care of my John Deere lawn mower for me!! Thanks for the great idea!! Even if I leave off the Valentine part, since you know I'm reading this later in the day and I'm done for the day!♥♫

  7. Adorable! Once, over 25 years ago, I sent my husband an ivy to his work. His reaction was, well, let's just say I knew never to do THAT again! This is a really great idea....I know he would prefer beer any day!

  8. My husband's not a beer drinker but I think that's a great gift idea. Maybe I'll figure out how a catchy phrase that goes with "Diet Dr. Pepper" for next year. Ha!


  9. Great gift Suzanne! My former co worker once spent $75 on a fruit basket for Edible Arrangements for her hubby for Valentine's! I think that is a sad waste of money. It is a great gift, fresh fruit and little touches of chocolate but the price was absolutely ridiculous to me! I use to like to take a large Princess House pasta bowl and fill it with goodies like a DVD and some movie house candies and bags of popcorn. It was reasonable too and always appreciated. This Christmas I drew Noelle;s name in our Secret Santa and bought her an electric tea kettle with her favorite tea Darjeeling and good quality Colorado honey! I added a wicker picnic basket from PH too and she loved her gift! I always like to add local grown gifts to my gift baskets! Nick would love that basket filled with root beer and hot Cheetos! HaHa! Good to see you here. My hubby and I have been under the weather! SO I am catching up! Have a good Sunday!


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