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Vintage Thingie Thursday: Birds of a feather......

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........don't always flock together.....All I can say is what a week. It all started last Friday when all was right with the world, the birds were busy singing, the sun was know the days I am speaking of.... almost perfect

....until the buzzards started circling when I checked my email via my phone. I had a couple of emails from blogging and online friends saying they had received a suspicious email from me and wanted to check to see if I had actually sent it or if not, let me know my email had been HACKED........I promise at that exact moment...but birds stopped singing and fled to friendlier lands....far away.

To sum up the nightmare....

One, my email was hacked....may still be and most likely is. It is my yahoo email that I use for my blog and everything else personal. I have had that email for YEARS. Well, once they hacked into my email (How I don't know) somehow I could not longer send emails or respond to any emails at all. 

Two, I changed my password, several times. Nothing.  Spent hours on the phone with people I could not have understood had I been looking them in the face. Seriously. I shake my head to the fact there is no such thing as speaking to a IT tech anywhere in the United States.

Third, I opened up a gmail email and changed everything on my blog to that email. I have no access to my address book from the old one. So IF you get an email from me via a yahoo email....delete it. I will only be using Gmail from now on. It is a mess....I hate it. I had saved emails from special people who are no longer here and who have passed on. . I have been sick over losing some of those precious words that I have saved.

Lastly, is to take the computer in for a clean up and reinstall. Another pain in the you know what. But...I guess I need to do that. Seriously, I AM NOT THAT INTERESTING....why in the world would someone want to hack MY email??? I guess they are interested in vintage goodies, sewing stuff, recipes, and a little family gossip thrown in for good measure. All I can say is they need to get a life....and stay out of mine. 

After a stressful week, this little bird in a basket came home with me one day while I was out looking for "thingies" that I don't need....ahem.  I liked it, and it was a good buy, and a reminder that the birds will be singing again soon.....after I decide to let go of the fact of losing my personal email and all the personal things that I had saved there. I am still sick over it, but nothing can be done about it now......

....but those nasty ole email hacking, stealing buzzards better fly to other grounds...this ole crow is still mad and still has her feathers all ruffled and that is NOT a good thing !! 

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!!


  1. Who know what motivates someone to hack an account...I know there is nothing very "juicy" on mine either, but I've been hacked too! Hugs, Penny

  2. I wondered if that had happened when I got a strange email from you. Sorry for all your cyber losses. Computers can be so frustrating. Worse yet is my daughter's bank account got compromised. Luckily the bank caught it and reimbursed her the money. Whew.

  3. I am so sorry your email was hacked! That is just awful! Love your little bird in a basket, it makes me smile also!

  4. What a nightmare! I'm always afraid of something like that happening! I love your yellow bird!

  5. You did have a bad week! I hope you get everything straightened out soon. The loss of your saved email is sad. I was out shopping before Christmas and my credit card was turned down, I was so embarrassed,. I went straight to my bank and they found my card number had been stolen, hacked into through bank records. They were doing me a favor after all. The bank reissued my card with a new number.
    Thanks dear for hosting.

    The French Hutch

  6. I have gotten wierd emails the last few months from yahoo accounbts...including my daughter in law. Terrible! I have a yahoo, and I suppose I'd better close it....Love your little cute! Hang in there!

  7. Oh Suzanne, I am so sorry about your email hacking problem. I will never understand why anyone would do such a thing.

    I do love your vintage little bird find. I can never resist anything that is bird related. It is not about need is it? HA!


  8. Sorry for your troubles Suzanne! It hasn't happened to me, but to a couple of my friends, and I got those weird looking emails from them with a strange link..delete those as fast as you can! If you click on the link, you get the virus too. So sad these no-accounts don't have something positive to do! Love your sweet bird. Joining in this week. Pam

  9. I got an email that appeared from you. However, I did not open it as my security came up telling me do not open this site. I am very cautious of emails and delete most of mine.

  10. Oh Suzanne I'm so so sorry! I understand that sick feeling over losing stuff like that---my husband just had to erase everything on his computer to fix a problem and there were years of pictures stored on there! Sure hope you week gets better!

    I'm hosting my Homemaking Linkup Weekend and would love to have you join, if you'd like!

    Have a great day!
    Mrs. Sarah Coller


  11. I think the hackers do it just because they can, they are evil and like to do evil

    Glad you linky party is here for us to all enjoy

    I 'm sorry you had to experience this and I hold my breath everyday , hoping I don't have to experience it also.
    I have so enjoyed the blogging internet world but it has it's challenges

  12. Bummer - hope you get the computer issues worked out easily! It's so annoying to have to spend time on things like that! Thanks so much for the great party!

  13. I'm so sorry that happened to you Suzanne. I know it's no fun. Our bank informed us Monday that our online accounts at the bank had been "compromised"! Talk about a nightmare, today is Thursday and it still is not fixed completly! I want to jump in the river and drown right about now! And I agree, I think sometimes hackers do this just to show they can!

  14. Not good Suzanne. Stupid bad stuff happens.

    Really sorry your email was hacked.

    Thanks for hosting this week under all the extra stress.


  15. Suzanne,
    So sorry to hear about your email troubles...
    My facebook acct. was hacked once....
    Thanks so much for hosting!!


  16. I am so sorry Suzanne! What a headache. I have no idea why some folks just find it fun to hack into other's personal life. I hope things look up for you this coming weekend. Darling little bird btw.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  17. You are right...anytime a computer problem happens in a pain in the you know what. On a brighter side, your Ucagco Birdie Basket is wonderful...especially since it has such a nice foil label. Thanks for hosting VTT...there's a message for you on my post for today.

  18. Suzanne, I love birds too, and somehow over the past year have managed to collect quite a few glass birds that now sparkle in my morning windows.

  19. Those birds are great! Thanks for the fun party! I really appreciate it!

  20. I received that e mail but I am an expert at those! It seems so many of us get hacked! Aack! I just calmly deleted it because I knew it was not you! I do love this sweet share!


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