Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Dachshund on my Porch

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I have to share this little cutie! I got home today from work and there was a sack on the handle of the front door. I was not expecting anything, and the sack was not heavy and I could not imagine what or who would have left it there. 

I shamefully let my four anxiously awaiting dachshunds who were most eager to tell me about their day wait a few minutes for my undivided attention. When I opened the sack, this is what I saw with a sweet note from my good friends, Patti and Joy.

Just look how cute he is!!! He is sitting pretty just like my four who rule our house does when they want something! I do believe it is a dachshund trait, living or otherwise! I just love his blue bow tie!

Seems my friends were out shopping and having a girls day today while I had to work, and spotted this and thought of me. How incredibly sweet for them to get it for me. I sent them both a message and Joy insist that Patti spotted it and it was Joy went to get the clerk to unlock the in know....the best kind when two friends are on a mission!! I so appreciate it and the thoughts. What a bright spot in a rough couple of weeks!

I did not tell anyone what I gave up this year for lent.....but it has something to do with not going and buying any thing at my local thrift shops until after Easter. This time the treasure came to me when I have to admit, it has been very hard not to break my commitment. It certainly was a bright spot today for me. Thanks again to my sweet friends for totally making my day!!

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday everyone....remember it is often the little things that make so much of an impact!


  1. Your friends are so sweet and he is a charming little thing!

  2. What sweet friends. Thank you for hosting this week, a pleasure to join in.

  3. Thanks for hosting! Have a great week....hugs, Penny

  4. Very cute, I love it cause I collect doggie figurines. Thanks for hosting this nice party. Big hugs,

  5. Well that's just a perfect gift for you, isn't it! Hope you have a happy week.

  6. Good morning Suzanne, I love your sweet doggie gift. Our friends are so special in our daily lives. You are blessed and so are your friends.

    I sure messed up my link and I don't know how to fix it. When you click on it it works. Silly me.

    Have a happy day.
    xo, Jeanne

  7. Thanks so much for hosting!! If you haven't stopped by to enter my Giveaway, i hope you will.....


  8. Oh, love your those are great friends! Love your new treasure. Thanks for hosting Suzanne!

  9. Can't seem to link up today but I will keep trying. Love you find.

  10. What a perfect new friend for your collection! How cute! Those friends are keepers! Thanks for hosting!

  11. Love the weenie dog...adorable. My laundry room is decorated with a menagerie of vintage pups! You have a very nice friend...My sacrifice for lent is something like giving up sinful food and & sweets...hope no one drops me off a grab bag of candy! Happy Weekend. Tiffany

  12. What a sweet surprise! Don't you love it when a friend does something like that.

  13. How absolutely adorable---you are one lucky girl :P


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