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Vintage Thingies Thursday: " Vintage Drain Boards"

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~ ~ ~ This week, I have some "vintage thingies" to show you. This past weekend,on Saturday, my family went to Canton Trade Days or better known as First Monday Trade Days. You never know what you will find there as the place is a huge flea market. Several years ago, you could find more antiques and vintage items, today however, there are lots and lots of vendors, but most of the items are new and not to my liking all that much. However, I still like to go and walk around.

Let me show you my finds!

These are my new "thingies". I just love them. The one on the left is a combination of finds. The granite drain board I found a few months back at a home sale. I paid $10.00 for this hard to find item, and have been looking for a vintage drying rack to go with it. I found this off white one at Canton Trade Days, paid $5.00 for it. I really wanted a green or a black one to go with my granite drain board, but this one was in good shape and will do until I happen upon what I am really looking for.

Now this red jewel is just to die for...well, to die for if you like odd things and they just so happen to be red! On Sunday morning, Steve, Jeff and I went to a local flea market in Ft. Worth and oh, what fun that was. I had no idea that there were so many treasures to be had under one, they were having to drag me out of that place.

I spotted this rack in a ladies booth. She was preoccupied trying to sell a man a painting for a $200.00 sticker price. He was offering $150.00 and they just kept haggling back and forth. I stood there at least a good 10 minutes, because I wanted this rack and wanted to know the price. Steve and Jeff had long walked off, saying they would meet me in the truck and to hurry up....can you imagine...hurry up???

The lady saw me, but was so sure she was going to sell that ridiculous painting, she ignored me. Now, most times I would have just walked off and said I would just keep my money, but not this time, I WANTED THIS.

Finally, she looked up at me rather annoyed, and I was able to ask how much the rack was....She answered in a rather huffy voice, "A Buck." I know she just wanted to get rid of me, so she could try and con this man out of his money and sell that dumb painting. Anyway, I am here to tell you I could not get my dollar out of my purse fast enough.

When I walked off, I just chuckled to myself, because to be honest, I was going to pay up to $20.00 for this red rack, because I wanted it so much. Maybe she should have paid me a bit more attention...and I am willing to bet she packed up that old ugly painting and hauled it back home.

This is why I wanted that cute little red rack so much....perfect for displaying my vintage platters and plates.

Don't you think these look so cute on this rack? I purchased this restaurant ware cup for $1.00 the same day. I love the red flowers, I am thinking about turning this into a cute pincushion for my sewing room. What do you think?

I purchased this great looking platter the same day too. I paid $4.00 for this one and I just love the blue flowers. I love that fact that the edges are a little rough and spotted, that tells me at one time this was well loved.....just adds charm to the platter.

Now this little gem is a beautiful restaurant ware plate made by Shenango China. It was in the bottom of a box marked .50 cents. I grabbed this right up and had Steve pay the lady quick before she changed her mind.

Let me tell you about a lesson learned on this day....when we arrived at the flea and the very first booth I ventured in had a set of 4 divided restaurant ware plates. These were just beautiful and so different from any I had ever seen before. They had green flowers in the design and I fell in love with these plates. Now, like all restaurant ware dishes, these were heavy. I asked the lady how much they were and she said $10.00 for all of them. I told her I would be back in a bit, I did not want to carry the heavy plates around as I had just got there. Well in less than an hour, would you believe someone had purchased the plates and when I got ready to leave, they were gone....I was just sick....and I can assure you I will NEVER not buy something again even if it is too heavy to carry around. In fact, I am still sick over it...let's just not talk about my misfortune with the plates, OK? Just forget I even mentioned it.

Here is another look at my mismatched drain board and dryer rack.

They may not match perfectly, but I do love the way they display the dishes. I have plans for these racks just as soon as I finish reorganizing and de-cluttering some areas of my home. I can not wait to get to that point......hopefully, by the end of the summer!

That is my recap of my vintage treasure hunting last weekend. Not only did I find a great new way to display my vintage dishes, but I learned a hard lesson on waiting to buy something you really want. Oh...and Fitty....I so thought about you while I was there.

One man was selling SETS of vintage china....and I wanted one set so much....$35.00 for the entire complete set of pink rose dishes....I let my husband talk me out of it...."like I really needed those!", he said. Well, I have had that in my mind all week, and I am sure on Saturday, bright and early...I will find myself back at the local flea looking for more dishes my family says I don't need.

I wonder if there is a help group for people like me.....VDA....Vintage Dishes Anonymous....I can just hear myself now...."Hello, My name is Suzanne and I am addicted to Vintage Dishes." AND "I don't want your help to overcome that addiction!" Ha Ha.

Have a great week!!


  1. Love that drain board! Your dish rack is just like one we had when I was a kid, my brother and I had to "do" the dishes..I remember we alway fooled around doing them and one time we used a pairing knife and cut chunks out of the drain were in trouble but it didnt get us out dishes..

  2. That red rack is perfect for displaying some of your dishes.

    Too bad they don't make dish racks like that now. They seemed to work better than most of the newer ones. Actually, the one I got at Target a couple of years ago is pretty good. It is a combination of chrome and red.

  3. I think I MIGHT have learned my lesson, as far as procrastinating on something! I've let alot of things get away too. I've never seen a drain board like that before. I had been looking for a vintage red dish rack for a long time, but I finally gave up and bought one at WalMart! Love all your plates!

  4. Great the dishes and they do look good on your red dish rack!

  5. hello Suzanne, looks like you have quite a "harvest" at the flea market!

  6. Lord knows you are going to have to stay away from flea markets, garage, estate sales, etc. or get a bigger place. However, you tend to find a lot of neat things. If it makes you happy, go far it.

  7. oh my! we had a dish rack when I was growing up too - great find!

  8. Woohoo. Way to score on the dish racks! I have a post where I tried to show mine. We have a similar taste!

  9. I agree with you about the red rack being perfect for displaying your vintage dishes. I have seen similar racks like that in antique stores and that is how they are displaying some of their dishes in their stores.

    I need to take some pictures of some vintage things around my house so I can do a vintage thingies Thursday again!

    BYW I learned the hard way also that you don't wait to get something that you want because it might not be there when you get back. Also, if there is something large and you want to buy it either flag a person down to come to you or take the price tag off of it. I went to an antique store and I wanted this table, I went inside to ask the lady how to buy it and when I came out another lady had it and she was the one who got to buy it!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!

    God Bless!

  10. Lucky Girl, we went flea marketing too but I only got some jewelry and Hubby's fathers day present, which I will post after fathers day. Go check out my blog this week, this time Vintage Thingie Thursday is VERY SPECIAL TO ME. :)

  11. We had a drain rack just like that white one. Brings back some good old memories. Mom always made my sister and I do the dishes. I would wash and Sis would dry. Every week we would switch. I washed better and I liked to wash dishes. I know. Crazy!!

    I have an old metal one now that I use for magazines. You can use them for books too.
    They are also great for pan lids.

    Good buys girl!

  12. How pretty is that blue and white platter?

    Thanks for sharing! And for hosting VTT! :)

  13. I do remember those dish racks...never did like doing dishes though. Are you talking about the flea over in the Amon Carter horse barn area? I haven't been there in a long time.

  14. I love all your pretty finds...that blue and white platter is wonderful, and oh how I remember those dish drainers. Who would have thought back then..that someday they would be collectables. :). Happy VTT... thanks so much for hosting us all. This has become my favorite day of the week.

  15. @Sara, yes, indeed that is the one. I had not been in years...YEARS! I am thinking more people would be there on Sat. Most of the booths were closed when we went....but there were LOTS of goodies as it was.

  16. Well, gee, I think you should have posted the red rack and mug yesterday at REDnesday! LOL! I like your story and your stick-to-it-iveness!

  17. I love your "Red Rack" story and it
    is so true about sellers selling at
    a good price when they are busy!!!
    Also when you see things at a sale
    or flea market that you love, get it,
    because there are many other thifty
    shoppers looking for the same wonderful treasures you are.... learned that lesson many times.
    Lovely dishes, wonderful advice!

  18. Love your story--whatever it takes to get a great deal...hope the man got the painting for $150 too.
    Have a good week!

  19. Hi Suzanne, here we are in Yellowstone National Park and loving it. We will be meeting Bo on the 12th in Cripple Creek. We have the package and all is well. We can't wait to get to your adorable cabin. We will take very good care of it.

    I loved reading your post tonight. It is 2 hours earlier here. I too love everything vintage. Your finds are terrific. I have also made the mistake of saying I'll come back for something and it was sold. Next time pay for it and ask the seller to hold it for you. Just don't forget to pick it up. I have done that too. LOL. I used to collect plates but have long since quit buying them as I didn't have anymore room to show them. I still drool over a pretty plate. Your racks are very nice and your purchase stories are so much fun to read.

    We played so hard today in the park I must get some rest. come see the great wildlife pics we took in today's post. I am not posting tomorrow I am so tired. My outdoor post will still be up.

    Until next time.


  20. Oh, Suzanne, I am so sorry you missed those plates. When I go to flea markets, I carry a fabric shopping bag for my finds. You can also ask the vendor if they will hold the items you have bought until you are ready to leave.

    I have never seen a drain board like that. And that red dish rack is awesome! Good finds!

  21. I remember my mom have a dishrack like that. But I never thought about using them to display and store things as well. Hmmm....I will have to think on that one. Don't have a VTT post ready to do this time. Maybe next week. I still have a couple of things I can do a VTT post about around here.

  22. You'd be such fun to shop with, Suzanne!!..i love the drainboard & both racks & I especially love the blue floral platter!!
    It's ssoo great to be back & join in VTT again :)

  23. I never see cool stuff like that at St. Vinnies-I don't need to shop the flea markets or I'd have to build an addition on this house,LOL I think the flower cup will make a terrific pin cushion, what a grand idea for an orphan cup.

  24. The restaurant plate with green leaves was my favourite. I don't have any memories of dish racks like yours, because we use a drain cupboard above the sink. It is a Finnish invention. Our water is so soft we don't need to dry the dishes, so they can be left in the cupboard to dry out of sight.

  25. OOO! I love that restaurant ware cup!

  26. Suzanne,
    thanks for hosting.

    Blessing on your week,
    Barbara jean

    ps love that red dish drainer.

  27. WHat a cute story! I can just see you flinging the buck at her and rushing off with this jewel of a rack!

  28. Awww Suzanne.. I would love to join you at the flea market and you are so sweet to think of me.. but now I envy you! I love love love your dish rack.. and the plates & platters that goes on display! especially with flowers on it!.. LOVELY!.. and the red rack gosh.. another great find! too bad you didn't get the restaurant dishes.. maybe in the next visit, you find them again with better price and quality.. but seriously, I love your white dish rack and it goes well with the drain board..

    oh btw, I am currently compiling another vintage made in china dinnerware with pink roses on the rim.. once I got the place to display it, I share with you.. hehehehe.. I'm waiting for the teacups and bowls to arrive.. and I tell you, I got more plates, bowls, tureen and platters coming my way!.. hehehehe I am mad i guess! a big hoarder too! hehehehe

    Happy VTT Suzanne and have a great day & great weekend too!

  29. That rack is a perfect grandstand for those plates! I can see why you put up with that rude lady with the hideous painting.

    And I know about the "I'll be back". Far too many times has paradise slipped through my fingers. Never again.

  30. OMG! I remember that flea market! Do you live that close to Canton? Did I tell you I'm from Dallas? We used to call that First Monday
    I *wish* I could go there too- I used to pick up computer parts : )

    Anyway, I do *love* your new found treasures- beautiful!

  31. Love the all the vintage treasures you found this week. I don't have any to share today but hopefully I will be fully stocked and ready for next week. Visit my blog when you get time...I'd love to "see" ya!

  32. Suzanne, that last paragraph really got me! VDA! ROFL!! Great post. That tip about buying when you see it is a good one. Been there,done that to my sorrow. Great racks and dishes. Really must get some pictures so I can join VTT more often.

  33. I LOVE that red rack! It is fabulous and so worth the wait! LOL! Your dishes are wonderful! Such treasures!

  34. I had never thought of a drain board as a desired treasure before! You have a way of posting things that could make a bird perch seem like something so unique! Loveya!

  35. LOL, If you find that group..sign me husband will drive us both! ;-)
    I love the ugly painting/dish rack story..and the rack..great idea !!

  36. Another comment:

    I sigh with disappointment whenever I read the last post on the VTT list each week - I want more!!!

  37. @ Sue...I agree....I always hope for a few more post....they are so fun and so different, each and every one!!

  38. Oh it all, that little $4 plate is my favorite, great post!! All the best,Chrissy

  39. I accidentally submitted last month's link the first time -- I'm sorry :D!

    Lovely dishes, I love collecting vintage plates, they make dinner so much more fun!

  40. I am going back to add my link to participate. Thanks for hosting. I l love the rack. xo Joan

  41. you have some wonderful vintage plates!!! and i love the red rack.
    have a delightful day.
    {did you get your goodies yet?}

  42. Well, plates and platters never looked so good and what a story to go with the rack! You can only hope that grumpy lady reads blogs! Heehee! ~Kelly

  43. That red dish rack is fabulous (and wow! $1.00!) Could you spray paint your other dish rack? You got some great deals. My name is Laurie, and I am a vpa too!! laurie

  44. I'm glad you got your red dish holder so cheaply.

  45. I've beem out of town and am catching up on blogs--love that red rack! I went to Canton Trade days a few years ago and have wanted to go back every since! LOve the cup--it would make a great pincushion!


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