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VINTAGE THINGIES THURSDAY: Vintage Ironstone and More

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This week, I have a few goodies to sh0w you. But first, I want you all to know that part of this post is all Keetha's fault. You see, a couple of weeks ago, Keetha showed us her Bone Dishes in her post. Well, the set she showed for an example really got my attention. I wanted a set for myself. For what you ask? I have no idea. Just one of those things that I decided I had to now...I do. It's a sickness, I swear.

First, however, I want to talk about this wonderful platter. My son went shopping for my birthday in March to the local flea market. He knows his mom pretty well, and when he decides on what he wants to buy for gifts, he will search until he finds the right thing. He does not settle on the first thing he sees, he is patient, and searches. He is a real treasure in my life and I am glad he takes after me in some ways.... My friends, I was beyond thrilled with this platter. THRILLED.

This is a white ironstone platter. (I know the photo looks pink, I have no idea why) But I wanted you to see the character in this piece. This is super heavy, as ironstone is, and it is just a wonderful old platter.

Oh, how I wish this platter could tell stories of its past. I wish it would tell us what foods were presented to tables under its care. I wish we knew the families and their traditions. Were they like our family, or much different?

This Ironstone platter is made by H. Meakin. Now upon research when I first got this in March, I was able to find more information on the maker than I could find this week. I don't know what happened to the original links, but I did find most of the information I had seen in the past. I am reluctant to say, there really is not too much information out there.

What I did learn, was the H. Meakin is the stamp used at the Abby Pottery in Cobridge from 1873 - 1879. Only six years of production bears this stamp. Can you just imagine that this platter is well over 130 years old, maybe older. I wonder where it has been for all of these many years.

Here are my Bone Dishes, which are similar to the ones Keetha showed us. They have much crazing, and staining, but you know me, that only adds to the charm. I purchased four in this set. My son asked what in the heck these were for. When I explained to him how they were used, he politely said,"just what you need, more dishes to wash." "Would a napkin not do just as well?" How sweet, he was worried about me having too many dishes to wash up after cooking a big meal. HA!

Here is the stamp on the back of the Bone Dishes. It is a Meakin stamp too, only a newer stamp than the one on my platter.

I love the green leaves and small flowers. I thought they were very delicate looking. My husband seemed to think they would make great condiment serving dishes. We will see....right now they are sitting on my buffet so I can just look at them and enjoy them.

Keetha, it took your post to break me out of my "not seeking" mode every week on Vintage Thingies Thursday as I visit all the, I may just be in trouble.

Since I had my pretty vintage white rose tablecloth out for the pictures today, I thought I would show you these plates. I think they match rather well with my tablecloth. My neighbor a few years ago was selling everything that was left in his house that belonged to his grandparents. I walked over, and he had these plates, a set of four. I think I paid $2.00 for the four plates. They are made by Taylor Swift Taylor.

I love the white roses. But I really love these plates because they belonged to his grandmother. She was such a sweet lady, and such a good neighbor for years. I am glad I have these and think of her every time I look at them. For the life of me, I can not understand how people can just sell their loved ones things like they meant nothing.

Have a great week, I hope you enjoyed my Ironstone today, and all of my must have treasures. Happy Treasure Hunting....get out of the house, hit a few yard sales, estate sales or flea never know what wonderful things you will find lurking in and among the junk!

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  1. Beautiful ironstone! I especially like the white roses.

  2. Great china...Great son!!
    I love to look over old bone dishes don't know why they are just pretty to hold old bones lol.

  3. Wonderful old ironstone serving plate. I would bet it has seen many a table setting. Nice gift from your son.
    The bone dishes are beautiful. I wonder if all patterns of good china had these dishes in the sets. This makes me want to find out more...
    Very interesting.

  4. You are lucky that your neighbor's stuff was being sold instead of being thrown in a dumpster.

  5. You never cease to amaze me Suzanne lol!!!..another amazing collection of gorgeous dishes :)

  6. Bone dishes??? How amazing! It sure beats the baskets we get at Sam's Joint when we order their Ribs specialty dinner! How delightfully tasteful! I learned my 'new thing' for the day! Thanks!!!

  7. How blessed to have a treasure, a son, who knows your heart...

  8. I want to see pictures of your warehouse. What? you don't have a warehouse? Well, then, where on earth do you keep all of these goodies?

  9. Love the ironstone platter! (I'm a dish nut though.) I have a small collection (12?) of bone dishes. They are packed away somewhere in my "treasure garage". A dear lady in TX gave them to me. She had no children and her family didn't want them. She also gave me bells, two matching 8X10 hooked rugs, etc. and a deep love for all things old!

  10. Oh, your son is a good one! 130 year old platter! WOW!

    Love the bone dishes!

    BTW, I'm having a 100th post mini quilt/pillow giveaway :)

  11. I just can't believe people give up their family's treasures like this! They're all so beautiful. And things with history are so much more special than what we buy at a department store from China or somewhere. A son who "really" thinks about his mother's gift. Now that's a treasure in itself!

  12. I do the same thing with the really old pieces like your platter. I wonder who owned it and how they used it. Was it used every day? Was it kept in the cupboard or the china cabinet. With really old things I imagine that they washed it in a tub with water that may've been carried in even. Yes, I do have a lot of time on my hands. I like it that way.

  13. what a sweetie your son is. beautiful vintage treasures!


  14. I love the green transferware, too. But, no red this week?

  15. Great Stuff, I wish I had a place to showcase my vintage dishes :( My kitchen is way too small to showcase anything but dirty dishes. LOL. Thanks for sharing.

  16. YOU GOT BONE DISHES!!!!! I'm soooo excited. It's the FIRST thing I saw as I scrolled down your post. You know what - - - as much as I LOVE my fishy bone dishes, now I WANT a more traditional set like yours.

    They ROCK.

    I don't have my post quite ready yet - - - I hope people will WAIT FOR ME to have some fun!!!!


  17. Oh, that Keetha! Stirring up trouble! I love your platter, and your son has a wonderful sense of humor--why not napkins! I especially love the rose plates. I am looking for something beautiful like that for my dining room walls!

  18. I really like ironstone too. The platter looks pretty in pink. lol My parents gave us dishes with a pink rose in the middle similar to yours for our wedding in 1958. I'm going to participate in V.T.T. again one of these days.

  19. My link is up - - - LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!

    Whooooo to the Hoooooo - - - I see my NAME in your post TWICE!!!! I think I've arrived.

  20. The green leafy pattern on the bones dishes is so pretty.

  21. Suzanne,
    Thanks fro hosting.

    I love the stoneware, especially those first pics of the flower ones.

    Barbara jean

  22. Thank you for hosting and for your nice comment! How fun to have a Mickey Mouse set that was your father's! I find that as I get older things like that just mean so much to me. Hopefully I will have more to share in the future.

  23. Now I need to find out what ironstone is - this is truly a plce of learning new things about old things! You have raised your son very well;-).
    The roses in the newer plates are very beautiful.

  24. Hi Suzanne...I am amazed at the OLD mark on your wonderful platter.
    It is a miracle it has survived these many years...and it would be so interesting to know where & to whom it once belonged... ;-) Bo

  25. i have a terrible weakness for white ironstone! thanks for sharing your collection today.
    pink ironstone would be lovely too.
    :) too bad they didn't really make any.

  26. I'm still on the lookout for bone dishes! I love to washes dishes too:)

  27. You have certainly raised a gem of a son over there! How very sweet of him.
    I'm like you Suzanne, when I see things that were obviously someones well loved treasures in the store, it breaks my heart. How could they just toss aside a piece of someones life?

  28. Sometimes our kids do fool us. Never would think of Jeff out looking for platters, but he did a great job. Since you are taking over Alisha's room for sewing, where are you putting all your platters. All kidding aside, you do have a nice collecion of platters.

  29. I have a piece by J&G Meakin, but am not sure how to find out how old it is, sources I've found in the internet are a bit vague about this particular marking. Where do you research your things?

  30. Here from a link on mub (#27's) blog.

    The pink cast on the photo that should be white is probably (and I'm just guessing after looking at the properties saved in the photo) the camera's auto white balance getting it wrong in artificial light.

    The rest of this is just me trying to be helpful - I have no idea of your level of skill, but it could be helpful if you didn't know this already :)

    You can change the white balance setting yourself (in the ok menu) in the camera to create a truer effect. You can try the "custom" or one touch setting where you point the camera at something white or grey (eg a blank white sheet of paper) and set the white balance. As you're using forced flash the camera should hopefully take the flash into consideration, but not every camera I've used has done so and if not you'll quickly see it doesn't help at all.

    Just don't forget to change white balance back to auto after you're done or future photos under different lighting will have coloured casts...

    Lastly, white balance isn't available in auto mode if you use it (and possibly scene modes?), but P mode is pretty much the same with the menus available.

  31. How pretty! And how sweet that your son takes the time to search out the perfect gift for you :)

  32. Love the green in the bone dishes! Thanks for explaining what they are used for--I never knew! Thanks again for hosting another VTT!!! ALways fun!

  33. I have a 'thing' about vintage platters and plates! don't even get me started! a brown/white pattern made in england, of which I onlyhave two pieces (bowls) is currently my favorite. I love this blog! thanks for sharing these things.

  34. Lovely, your son is so thoughtful.
    I love that you were able to save a couple of dishes from your neighbor, my post is similar, except my neighbor's children were going to through the dishes away!

  35. What a great son you have, isn't it great to have a son after your own heart. I love the platter and also the bone dihes, but ohhhhhhhhh, I want those Rose dihes...they are so beautiful...
    Hope you have a great Thurs and sorry I'm so late posting.

  36. Maybe I will try one day - I have a few photo to show. MB

  37. I liked the bone dishes,although ironstone is great. But then if I'm honest there are very few vintage dishes I can't find something I like about them!

  38. Suzanne what wonderful plates, and your ironstone platter is fabulous! You lucky lady. laurie

  39. Yes, I enjoyed reading about your ironstone. I had never come across the H. Meakin mark, though I do have both Alfred Meakin and JG Meakin pieces.
    The rose tablecloth and dishes are wonderful.

  40. I want some bone dishes. I am adding them to my list of things to be on the look-out for. And I did not know Meakin as well as I do now too.

  41. WOW! Will you look at how many posts there are this week?! That is the one thing about VTT - I see other things people have and I am on a mad hunt until I find it. Great finds your bone dishes. What a great son to know just what mama likes...

  42. Hi Suzanne and all...
    I'm having technical difficulties trying to sign onto the list for today's VTT. I have posted about today's junk on my blog...hope you can link over.

  43. my dear twin dishes sister.. I envy you so much now.. coz I love your bone dishes.. I have only one piece in my cupboard but now after seeing how pretty is yours, I need to get some too :P hehehehehe.. and the Meakin platter is awesome! don't you just love Meakin.. Meakin came in so many colours, patterns & design.. I got few Meakins too.. but never an ironstone..

    We got to meet.. and do some thrifting together.. no worries, I am bring few old school bags, empty for the new treasures! hehehehe..

    Happy VTT Suzanne and Have a great day!

  44. Those TST rose plates! And that rose tablecloth! I have never seen one with the like that...swoon! Have a great weekend.
    P.S. Does anyone have trouble accessing your blog? I have to get to it through a email copy of a comment you have left for me. Otherwise, if I link through my blog, I get shutdown!?! I wish I was technical.

  45. Jeff did good on the platter--I'm impressed----and don't you dare get rid of all my sweet little snowmen when I die.--ha!


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