Friday, July 17, 2009

Beginner Quilting Class: A Sneak Peak

Would anyone like to take a guess at what I have been doing since class on Wednesday? If you look at the picture below, you might think it a rat's nest...but is not.....

I know the quilters out there know or at least have a guess as to what I have been doing....and if I tell you I am tired, shoulders are sore and I am eager to finish this task, well, that is an understatement.

To be honest, if I did not know myself and had just happened upon this photo, I would have guessed a rat's nest...just saying.

I have been taking each and every block that I have sewn together over the past 5 weeks and trimming each and everyone up to the perfect 6 1/2 size. Well, at least they are supposed to be perfectly that size, lets just say, a few of mine are not. Oh well.

I wish we could have been taught to do this as we went along, because I tell you one thing, this is a job to have to trim all of the blocks at one time. I know on my next quilt, how I will do this I go.

Once I have all of the trimming done I will start sewing the rows together and sewing the quilt top together. We were instructed to cut the small inner border, and the larger outer border. Leo was nice enough to change the size of both borders at the end of class this week, making them a bit larger. No problem, lets just buy a bit more fabric shall we? Oh, well....maybe sales have been slow at the shop this week! LOL!

Since I have so many extra quilt squares and would really like to make my quilt larger, I am going to add two rows on each of the sides. I may add one row to the top and the bottom as well. Basically, I will be mostly using the rail fence, a couple of friendship stars and a few flying geese. Boy do I have a lot of blocks left over, I bet I have almost another whole quilt top worth of blocks. I am sure I will find something to do with them!

TAA-DAA!!!!! This is because I could not wait to sew this together and had to lay this out on the floor to see what it was going to look like. Here is the almost finished product. Nothing is sewn together in this photo, just laid out on the floor.

We are pretty much left on our own to sew the finished blocks and put the quilt together. We did cut the outer and inner borders in class, and if we enlarge the quilt, like I want to do, then we have to make the adjustments to the outer borders. By ourselves!

I am trying to decide if I could add a block to each corner to finish the outer border off and make it fit the extra rows. I don't know what I am going to do. The quilt is a full size and if I add the extra rows, it will fit our bed perfectly, so that is really what I would like to do.

Leo pitched a new class he wants to teach after we finish this class. I really would like to take the class, but I am not really impressed with the technique he is going to teach. The best way I can describe it is this.....he is teaching the more difficult blocks, such as the wedding ring quilt blocks. However, these are really not pieced, they are sewn in a way to make the eye think they are pieced. I think I am going to pass on this class, I could be making more quilts on my own, and not having to listen about you know...buying a machine!

The last class will be the "Show and Tell" class, everyone will bring the finished quilt top to class and show them off! Thank goodness we have two weeks before we go back to class.I feel like I have so much to do, so much to sew, and so much to figure out on my own, my head is spinning. Believe me when I say, my cup is running over!

Oh, and don't worry, you guys will see the preview "Show and Tell" first, before I go to class with the quilt top......but first, I have to finish the darn thing!

UPDATE: This just happened, I swear, I could not make this stuff up if I wanted to, my mind does not work that way.....maybe you will laugh, I was scared to death at first.

Since I have been taking this quilting class, I have used my iron and ironing board more than I have used it in years. I really hate to iron. But the quilt blocks all have to be ironed, as this is a very important step, according to Leo. Now, it has been really hot here in Texas, and of late, when I am ironing blocks for my quilt, and I'm the only one here at the house, I have been wearing only a t-shirt and my is cooler that way.

Well, I just got an email from someone I did not know....I almost was not going to open it....when I did this is all it said.......

"Iron in your jeans"

Oh My Goodness......I just about died thinking someone had seen me ironing in my unmentionables.....I spent several minutes scrambling to see who in the world would send an email like this, and who had seen me in my living room ironing like a sexy desperate housewife...HA!! I was mortified. It took a minute to realize this was just a spam email....but can you believe that? That is it for me, no more ironing without at least shorts on....I may not wear jeans, but you can bet that is it for ironing in just the unmentionables.


  1. it is gorgeous!!!
    thanks for the linky tip!!! I am using it. I paid mister linky ....and this is not a good thing!!!

  2. My Lord, I just lost a mouth full of popcorn over this post, my cats are having a ball eating it off the desk and floor. You are one funny lady!

    The quilt is going to be stunning. I can not wait to see it finished.

    Best tip of the week: Iron in your jeans! Cracks me up!

  3. OMGosh Suzanne, to say i'm impressed is an understatement!!..the photo of your blocks on the floor is STUNNING!!..30s fabrics were a FAB choice, it's ssoo VIBRANT!!..i can't believe that email, how FUNNY but a bit scary too LOL!! :)

  4. Your quilt looks gorgeous!

    After burning my stomach and legs countless times while ironing my clothes in my unmentionables, I now stay dressed to iron... even if it's hotter *L*

  5. Sigh...I really want to learn to quilt for real! I just have made crazy quilts...but then again...well those that know me would expect that! regards to iron your jeans.....I thought that perhaps only I ...well...perhaps that may be to much INFO to share....giggle...giggle....
    But Suzanne...I really would like the recipe for the beautiful bowl of spaghetti you have showed us in your post today! Hugs!

  6. You are too funny!! The quilt will be gorgeous!!

  7. Your quilt looks lovely. You can do the calculations for the borders once you finish adding on the blocks. Its really not hard to do, you just need to measure, but when you do that, dont do your measurements right at the edge of the fabric, you will measure across the middle, in a couple of places across and down. Then take those measurements, if they are not exactly the same (they rarely are) and calculate the average. Use that to cut your borders and then make the quilt and border peices fit together. That way your edges stay smooth and the quilt will lay nicely. You have done a great job-your finished wuilt will be wonderful.

  8. That is going to be lovely when its all completed!!! The scraps could be donated to a local rat rescue (seriously!) because ratties would love to play in that pile of nesting materials!! You should link up to my blog today - to show off all you are getting done - would love to have you join in. Did you see my project for the day?? Turned out cute, if I do say so myself! Have a great day! (and no more ironing in your skivvies!)

  9. How bizarre that you got that crazy email!

    The quilt is looking great! Don't forget to remember the seam allowance that is taken in when you sew it. That can make a difference on the overall size in having it fit on your bed. I love the layout as you have it. Can't wait to see it finished. I am proud of you for taking the class and following through with it. Go Girl!!

  10. LOL, that is too funny about the e-mail! Your quilt is going to turn out great!

  11. I am sure you are a sight to be hold standing there ironing in that fashion. Strange things to happen. Perhaps there is a message in your getting that email at the right time. What will you do next!

  12. It is a beautiful quilt and if you can add just one row and make it fit your bed, you'll be glad of it. I agree that it's too hot to iron in TX, but ironing is an important step in all quilting. We iron the fabrics, then we iron the blocks, then we iron the top before we can quilt it. Whew! Now, that cup of strips. If you take your rotary cutter and just slice the heck out of those strips into little tiny pieces (1/2"x1/8" or so) and stuff them into a glass cmas ball, they make terrific gifts! Good luck. Lane

  13. Your quilt is wonderful! I love the colors!

    If you have any questions about enlarging the quilt and what to cut the borders, e-mail me and I'll help you with the how-to.

    Here's a not in your unmentionables ironing tip: sew your blocks together in horizontal rows. Press the seam allowances in row 1 to the left, row 2 to the right, etc. ODD numbered rows LEFT,
    EVEN numbered rows RIGHT and no, I'm not shouting at you :)

  14. How have I not found your blog before!!??? Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL and the colors are sooo pretty! OK, ironing and sewing in your underwear - I actually laughed out loud. You go girl! And you live in Texas but you're called Coloradolady? OK, that's good. :) Can't wait to do Vintage Thingies Thursday next week (now I have to remember!). Take care ~

  15. hahaha oh no!!! Thats awesome!! the quilt looks great!

  16. the quilt is coming along wonderfully. I love the colours. You will be hooked on quilting now. The first quilt is always a steep learning curve, but one we all have to go through.

  17. Love how the quilt looks all laid out and looking forward to seeing the finished product. Thanks for sharing this 1st quilt journey with us.

  18. Hi Suzanne

    Lovely quilt and how about making a scrap ball with the pieces. Then you could have the balls sitting around your home...or maybe sell them?!

    Too funny about ironing in your jeans!!!

    Good price on your canister set.

    Have a good weekend!
    Deb :)

  19. You quilt is gorgeous...and the ironing story resulted in Pepsi up my nose laughing. That was too funny..and I would have scampered quickly about making sure I was unable to be seen. :).
    hope you have a lovely weekend..

  20. LOL You dress the same way I do!

    I've always said that I hate to iron; in fact, it's against my religion!

    And... If God wanted us to iron, why did He make polyester!

  21. PS Your quilt is looking sooo good. Good job!

  22. Ohhh! Your quilt is beautiful!

    Your spam email was too funny! Hubs had to ask what I was laughing at...

  23. Way to go, Suzanne. That is a great looking first quilt. Are you going to try hand quilting, machine quilting it yourself, or send it out for quilting? Can't wait to see it with the borders. Sally

  24. Love how you made art out of your trimmings and I square up my blocks as I go along or after I've made a few. And the iron is our best friend but if the heat is on well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...even in her ummentionables.

  25. Oh and your quilt is the colors.
    :) Susan

  26. Your quilt is beautiful! And you are soooo funny!! I am laughing out loud about thinking you'd be caught ironing in your
    "unmentionables"! Fun neee! laurie

  27. I love it...Just blog hopping tonight and found yours. I have enjoyed reading it.. I love seeing all the different blog designs. Have a Happy Sunday!

  28. Hi Suzanne, whoa, thats alot of work! I had to laugh about the email about ironing in your jeans....are you sure no one saw you???

  29. If that is your first quilt top, it is so impressive. Looks fabulous.
    that's a great email! I say just close the curtains.


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