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This week, I want to continue showing you some of my great Goodwill treasures I found last week. Like I said before, it was almost like a little old ladies house was packed up and taken to Goodwill. Can you imagine my excitement when I discovered all of these vintage figurines on a shelf? Thrilled is an understatement.

Just look at this array of goodies. I knew these were old, but it was not until I got home that I discovered one of these is a real gem. Can you believe that there is not a chip, flea bite, or crack in any of these little sweet figurines?

I just love this adorable little Asian girl. The back of her, is open, almost like a little vase of some kind, however, I am not going to use her for a vace. I love the details of the piece, she is so delicate looking.

Here is the markings on the bottom of the cute little Asian girl figurine.

Look how sweet these two are. They are marked on the bottom, Japan. I love the little sweet girl carrying the parasol.

This is a cute little girl, I am thinking this might be a small planter, but it is really small. I was thinking more like a toothpick holder would be more like it.

Here is the underneath side of the little girl with the watering can.

This little couple is just that...small. They are about 3 inches tall, and are very sweet. They do not have a marking stamped on the bottom.....

....but this is the stamp on the back side of them.

Now, this little lady is a real deal. I picked all of these figurines up because they were marked $1.00 and I knew they were vintage. Can you imagine the price? No, me either. I did not really look under the price tags until after I got home to remove them. This little lady is about 8 inches tall, in pristine condition and a real beauty.

Look what was underneath the price tag....Made in Occupied Japan. I was super excited. I know this did not mean much in days gone by, but today, I think it makes it just a wee bit more valuable and might even increase in value just a bit in the future.

Now, many of you asked about the coupons in THIS post. Let me explain what I was talking about. It is a frequent buyers card. All Goodwill stores have these, you may have to ask for it, because they do not readily pass them out around here. For each $10.00 you spend, you get a stamp, when you fill the card, your next purchase is $10.00 off. Believe me it does not take long to fill a card if you visit as often as I do. The key is to remember to get them to stamp it at each visit, they will not stamp the card if you forget at the check-out.

One more tip about Goodwill shopping, many of you said you never find things at your stores, and I do experience that more times than not. But if you have a main store where the main distribution center is in your area, you will find better things there by far. I find lots of furniture, antiques and more things that interest me at this store than any of the newer stores. Check your Goodwill website and see if there is a store attached to the main office or distribution place in your city.

Well, that is it this week, I hope all of you have a great weekend and have a great time treasure hunting if you get the chance. Happy Vintage Thingies Thursday everyone!!


  1. All of your figurines are just beautiful! I remember my mother having something similiar to your lady. All of them are very pretty indeed.

  2. Where is Mr. Linky? He seems to be missing in action!

  3. I would have scooped all of those figurines up too! I love them all, but especially that little girl with the watering can! And the Asian girl too!
    My Goodwill is awful! I will use your tip and try to find one near a distribution center. Thanks!

  4. great figurines...cant find linky??

  5. Hey everyone, I think I have the link fixed. Mr. Linky, is not working, I tried to go back to that this week, no cigar...I inserted the link I used the past couple of weeks.

    Please be patient, I am working on the link problem and am aware of it. thanks.

  6. You are so lucky! A dollar for each
    figurine is awesome! Yep Occupied
    Japan is definitely worth a lot more
    because it was made for a shorter
    period of time! Just like my
    Germany US Zone button card! :)
    Happy VTT!

  7. My what wonderful figurines you found this time. I am just going to have to find me a Goodwill store better than the one I have been to. I never seem to find much. You do so well at this. All of them are neat, but love the Occupied lady best.

  8. Beautiful your figurines.I love them all. Hugs from Brazil

  9. Great figurines for a great deal, Suzanne! Thanks for the info on the Goodwill card, too!
    I had no problemo with Mr. Linky.

  10. what gorgeous figurines, lucky you!!..i can imagine your excitement when you spotted them..drool lol!!!..i simply adore vintage planters so i gotta say my fav is the sweet little girl with the watering can and cute little ducky :)btw i think those coupons are a great idea wish we had them here!

  11. stop by and tell me if my current post qualifies for your meme!!! if it does, I will link in!
    love the figurines!

  12. Your figurines are lovely, Suzanne. I know a lot of people collect items marked "occupied Japan". I would use that little girl as a toothpick holder too.

  13. Ooooo, I love all your sweet finds. They're so tiny and sweet. Happy VTT and have a lovely weekend.. and I am definately going to ask about the Goodwill card.I spend more than that most times when I go..

  14. first...sand off the shiny... the whole thing
    third... paint a coat or two of cream color paint
    fourth...rub the dark walnut gel stain on the cream paint. Wait about three hours
    fifth....rub on some black gel stain.. wait again
    sixth...rub on the mahogany color gel stain and wait your brains out!
    I don't have any special secrets...I just go by eye. when it looks distressed enough I stop! One stain rubs a little of the next one be careful not to rub too is an imperfect there is no way to mess it up!

  15. Hi Suzanne,

    wow, your figurines are really nice. Occupied Japan is a rare one.
    Good job!


  16. Oh My Suzanne! $1.00? I may have to come out there just to visit your GW store! These are just lovely! You make a bargain hunter very jealous! laurie

  17. You never cease to amaze me in what treasures you find! all of them are beautiful

  18. My goodness, your house must be overflowing with collectibles. Every week you have so much to show. That was quite a buy on your figurines.

  19. I find that when they get a lot of one thing, they price things cheaper.... you scored on some cute things!

  20. you did very well...what sweet little finds at a super sweet price!!
    happy vtt~

  21. Suzanne,
    Thank you so much for hosting this event each week.
    We so appreciate your time to do it.

    Blessings, and happy Thursday.

    Barbara Jean

  22. almost forgot today is VTT day!
    love your figurines.Thanks for sharing.

  23. Adorable, adorable figurines! each one cuter than the next! and lucky you, Made in Occupied Japan!

  24. You happened to be at the store at the right time. They are so cute anyone would have wanted them.

  25. A very nice collection! It seems you have found a gold mine at Goodwill!

  26. Great finds! I did not know about the discount card for Goodwill. Thanks for passing on that little tidbit!

  27. I love all your figurines! My favorite is the lady with the parasol! I have really been enjoying your vintage thingy thurs.
    Thanks for doing it!

  28. awww Suzanne.. i like your figurines too! I love all the girls.. so pretty! I have few figurines too.. and yours are so pretty.. happy VTT

  29. Great figurines.

    The oriental one reminds me of one that Dust Bunny Hostage uses to do "guest" posts on her blog.

    The last one makes me think of Little Bo Peep.

  30. Wow! Adorable little peoples you found there!

    I find that all our thrifty type stores run in "cycles." Unpredictable at best but "the hunt" is half the fun!

  31. I have a couple of those figurines. I really enjoy the sweet details they each have, thanks for hosting this lovely party. See you again soon!

  32. Lucky find! The trick with good will is to keep looking, your patience will be rewarded! Top tip on the frequent buyer card!

  33. Suzanne - love your site! My heart is in Colorado too but now I am stuck in MN but trying to get back to CO ASAP! I love thrift stores and garage sales and sometimes I find great deals and others times (like today's garage sales) nothing! I will try and remember to take some pics of vintage things and post next week! Lisa

  34. Hi Suzanne, Love your new collection from GW -- love the prices, too! The GW near us is HUGE, but not very good pickings. However, I don't go too often; probably if I went more, I'd find more!

    thanks for hosting... this is fun!

  35. I'm so behind with my blogging!
    You were very lucky to find all those wonderful figurines. I guess the trick is trying to find somewhere to keep all these vintage treasures!


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