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This week, I have found some amazing finds at Goodwill. It was not like I needed any of the treasures I came across, but most definitely I needed them just because. Please tell me you get that!!

I swear it was almost like someone cleaned a little ole' ladies house out, boxed it all up and sent it to Goodwill. Once at Goodwill, the treasures were waiting patiently for someone to love them again. Well...there was just no problem with that...go figure.

Consequently, I was there two days this week loading my cart up. Literally. Once again, time constraints this week has caused me to do a quick post, and I will have to save the real goodies for another week. *sigh*

I don't usually buy glasses, but when I saw these two juice glasses, I snatched them off the counter. They do not have a scratch on them. I don't collect anything Snoopy, but he sure is cute and so are the glasses.

Best part, is the date.....1958. They are in excellent condition, just like they had been sitting in grandma's cabinet and never used. I may not use them either, I would hate to break one or scratch it up considering its age. I paid $1.75 for the pair of these juice glasses.

Look at this little gem. I remember as a kid,in the 60's, these cups being at McDonald's. My mom has always been a coffee drinker, and I am sure she used a cup like this long ago before everything turned to paper and cardboard. I have not seen or thought about them in years. It is in excellent condition, no scratches or dings at all. This was tagged at .65 cents.

Here is the bottom of the cup, is a Fire King. Love this. I did find some of these on EBAY and the price ranged from low to extremely expensive. So who really knows what it is worth, I just like it.

I am not sure what exactly this is. I am pretty sure it is made out of milk glass. It is a glass tray of some kind, but I don't really think it was used for cooking.

Here is the back side, it has a grain look in the glass and I really thought that was pink swirls in the glass, but after looking at the pictures on the computer, it may just need to be cleaned better.

I really love this little dish. I am going to put it in my sewing room and maybe hold sewing tools or something in it. I love the scalloped edge and the feel of the glass. There was no stamp or marking of any kind on this piece. I paid $1.00 for it.

And if you noticed the yummy tablecloth in my photos today, that is one of my favorites. I found this on eBay a few years back, and I just love the soft colors.

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Have a great week everyone!


  1. Well, I goofed up big time. Did not know what to do except delete and try again. All I can say is, you need to stay out of Goodwill. However, you did find some neat things. The glasses are my favorite.

  2. Love all the neat milkglass! Lucky you!

  3. Great shopping! The glasses and mug are things I remember but hadn't thought about for years. Could the white dish be some sort of dresser tray? It will be nice to have to use in any number of ways! Have a great week. Sally

  4. I love Peanuts anything! Snoopy was
    my favorite along with Woodstock!
    It rare for me to find things at
    Goodwill so you must of shopped on
    the day when they put out the good
    stuff! Great finds!

  5. 1958! that's the year i was born!
    love the snoopy glasses.

  6. I haven't had much luck at thrift stores in a long time. I used to find glasses many years ago.

    I may have some things like the McDonald's mug and one Snoopy glass. I used to have a lot of glasses but got rid of a lot of stuff when I moved. I have a box in my storeroom marked "glasses collection" that hasn't been opened since I moved in 1993.

    I think the "1958" date is on all the Snoopy stuff I have seen, even stuff made much later.

  7. Snoopy is one of my all time favorite heroes! Great finds today!

  8. I love your glassware, Suzanne, especially the McD's mug. My dad is a HUGE McD premium and toy collector, and all of the glasses in my parents' cabinet are either premiums or from jelly!

  9. Those sure are some great finds! I've never seen anything good at our local Goodwill but then again it has been awhile since I've been there. I do take things there when I can and have them though but I usually just drop them off and don't go inside. Looks like I need to take the time to go inside the next time I'm in the area.

    Happy VTT!!!

  10. i GET IT, Suzanne LOL!!!!..those snoopy glasses are the BEST!!! certainly bagged yourself some FAB bargains :)

  11. I had a love affair with Snoopy and Charlie Brown back in the 60's...nice juice glasses. And the McDonald's mug I remember too. That white milk glass I thought of jello served from it would be lovely but your use for it will be very nice.

  12. Hi Suzanne,
    Cute glasses and the square white dish is my favorite...along with your tablecloth!
    Nice job on the nightstand...and at a great price!
    Tomorrow is garage sale day... :)
    Deb :)

  13. oooo Suzanne, you found some great things. And yes, I get it. sometimes we just don't need anything more, but some things just NEED to come with us..Just Because. I love all your great finds..I think the milk glass tray is my favorite..Happy VTT, have a lovely weekend..
    P.S. I want to go shopping at your Goodwill and thrift stores.. :)

  14. yay for your adorable juice glasses!
    i am really into these at the moment...i was thrilled to see your snoopy glasses :) and what a great price!
    have a terrific day

  15. Great treasures... I think I just bought that very same table cloth recently~

  16. Oh my what bargains, my favorite is the scalloped edge dish, maybe it will inspire you to quilt more,lol!

  17. McD Coffee mug--it's my favorite! Looks like your Goodwill was full of good will for you!

  18. Suzanne,
    Thanks for hosting. You are the greatest!!

    I have some of those old things around somewhere. Need to dig through my cupboards.

    blessings and have a great weeks end.

    Barbara jean

  19. Hi Suzanne.. I remember at one time, Snoopy and Charlie were famous.. and everyone try to have at least a piece of Charlie & Snoopy at school.. either the tumbler, glass, tupperware.. anything.. but welp, those were the days.. and the best find you got that I really like is the milkglass and the dish.. just lovely with the scallop edge..

    Happy VTT and have a great weekend!

  20. The milk glass dish looks lovely with the pretty edge!

  21. Jackpot! Very cool things, love the McDonalds mug. My dear hubby refuses to stop by Goodwill anymore, obviously he thinks I can't control myself.

  22. That McDonald's cup is so cute. I'd use that thing every day - it's just so... so... happy! I must be too young to remember those. Maybe the white dish was some sort of refrigerator ware?

  23. Hi Suzanne, is it me or is anyone else having dramas with leaving comments over the last few weeks??..also some blogs won't let me leave a comment i get the 'aborted' sign, what's that all about??..this week every time i go to leave a comment on the other VTT blogs i'm not automatically linked back to your blog, [ssoo annoying] & i have to log onto your blog [anew]each time i want to visit the other VTT players..please HELP if you can LOL!!! cheers, Marian

  24. hello Coloradolady. I have more pics of a scrapbook I shared several weeks ago.

  25. "What comes around, goes around" the old saying goes. The blue color on your tablecloth is one of the "newest" colors!

  26. Oh my gosh, I think we had a set of those Mcdonalds coffee mugs,have not thought about those for years....all the best,Chrissy

  27. I love those Snoopy glasses. My son learned how to drink out of a glass with the apple one way before sippy cups! It was his favorite.

  28. Love the snoopy glasses! Sigh...I MUST need some MORE coffee(in a Mc Mug would be extra wonderful) because I can not get my VTT vintage bear to come out of my camera....
    Perhaps it is just my VINTAGE brain! Happy VTT!!!!

  29. love the milk glass dish. would look lovely in a hall with a cloth napkin in it to hold keys etc. My sister collects milk glass, but i haven't seen anything like this before. good find.

  30. Love the McDonald's cup! Great milk glass- with that lovely stand, I'm thinking napkin holder!

    You have to have the best Goodwill in the whole country!

  31. Hello Suzanne! I'm new to your blog via Anything Goes Here. Hope it's okay that I tag along your Treasure party! Thank you for hosting it!


  32. Me again! I forgot to comment about your very cool glasses! I've always had a fondness for Snoopy.

    I'd love for you to join me for an "Heirloom Party" over at my blog on July 31st. Stop on by for details!


  33. Those Snoopy juice glasses are just great, and the McDonald's coffee cup - hard to believe they really used those at McDonald's! You got some really cool treasures. laurie


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