Friday, September 4, 2009

Beginner Quilting Class: FINISHED QUILT

Well, it is finished....I got my first quilt back from the quilter and I now, have the binding sewn on. I have to say...I was very pleased with the lady who quilted this for me.

I was so terrified at sewing the binding on, I was worried I would mess it up. But with the help of a friend, and my mom who does not sew anymore, along with the internet and online tutorials, I was able to get the binding done. Can we effort!!!

I stitched the binding to the quilt by machine, and hand stitched the back. And being the rebel I am, I did not follow some wise advice to go light with the binding. I went sorta draw the yellow from the center of the quilt. I like it....really like the fabric I used. I hope you guys out there who are avid quilters don't think it is too bright...because it is on there to stay...that was a job.

The best decision I made was following the advice of all you who told me NOT to try and quilt this myself...boy were you correct. I could have fell over when I got the bill for this quilting........

Quilting: $50.00
Batting: $35.00
Ironing: $5.00

Total: $90.00

Can you say HAPPY DANCE!!!!! Totally a bargain to my way of thinking.!!!! Remember this is a HUGE, king size quilt. 104X 108.

Here are some of the close up shots of the quilt after it has been quilted.

It is amazing how different it looks once it has been quilted by a professional.

This is the outer borders, and quilting.

I went with bleached muslin on the back, since the front is so busy. I like the white....I don't think Leo from the quilt shop would be too happy, as he instructed me NOT to put muslin on the back of this I said....I'm a rebel...and I really like it, as it is so soft looking compared to the front.

More quilting shots.

I really like the flower design in the middle of the friendship stars. I was really not expecting the quilting to be this detailed....I was pleasantly surprised.

I am still entering this in the local quilt show in a couple of weeks. I know I am out of my league here, and have no plans to win a thing...this is really just for fun and maybe some constructive criticism on how to improve. I will report back with lots of pictures of the quilt show. This will be the first show I have attended and am really looking forward to it.

Thank you guys for all your suggestions, help and following this process over the summer. I enjoyed writing about the whole thing from start to, I can't wait to share the first time experience of the quilt show....I know...I can almost feel some of you rolling your eyes at the computer....I'm a dork.


  1. Oh Suzanne your quilt is just beautiful!

  2. Hey Suzanne!

    Your quilt turned out just Beautiful!!! I love it! I was wondering how much someone would charge to do that for you and then you answered my question right there in the post. I don't think it was that much, in a sense. I suppose it depends on how much time it took to do it and things.

    Congratulations on your finished quilt! May it keep you warm this Winter!


  3. great job suzanne!!
    it is so beautiful and cheery~

    have a WONDERFUL weekend!


  4. LOVE IT! can't believe this is your first quilt. the quilting on it is perfect. I love the yellow binding, who said it had to be a light colour? crazy.
    Great job hope you enjoy making many more!

  5. Hi Suzanne... Your quilt is just gorgeous... I love the reproduction fabric and I love the binding. It all works so well together. Congratulations on finishing your first quilt...mow on to the quilt show..and then on to next quilt. :).
    Have a great weekend......

  6. Gorgeous! You did a beautiful job! Love the fabrics, and yes the quilting!

  7. It is gorgeous. Gorgeous.

    I'm beyond impressed with your patience in sticking with it.

    The quilting stitches are wonderful.

  8. It's gorgeous Suzanne, love the colors and the fabrics you chose! The binding looks very well done! Good job!

  9. Suzanne, I LOVE it!!! The colors are so vibrant. I love the orange binding. That is the part of my quilts that show the most wear and dinginess so you won't have that problem.

    How wonderful that you had such a great experience. Your excitement was almost popping out of my computer screen!! lol!!

    I wish you many, many more quilts, my friend!! :-)


  10. Fantastic job on your very first quilt!! I love the yellow binding! Makes it all POP!

  11. Hi Suzanne..
    I have an award for you over on my blog. The award is for being so sweet and kind....and for always leaving sweet comments when you visit. Hopy you have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Can we say absolutely beautiful?
    You did yourself proud. I know you are about to bust your buttons with pride, I would be. And even though I'm not a quilter and don't know any of the do's and don'ts...I agree with you I love the's perfect to me.

  13. Wow Suzanne, you should be doing a happy dance. It would have cost about $200 to have a king size quilt done in my area. It is so expensive to have quilting done here. You did a super job on that quilt. I am pretty new to your blog, but not new to quilting. Why were you told not to use muslin for backing? I've used muslin for years with no problems. I've got a quilting blog at


  14. I think I might be as proud of you as you are of yourself, Suzanne! The quilting lady did a great job; does she use a long-arm machine?

  15. OOOHHHH WOW your quilt looks FABULOUS, Suzanne!!!..the 'no stress' quilting finishes it off perfectly & ssoo cheap too..aren't you glad you took our advice LOL!!..i think the yellow binding works beautifully and i love your label!!..for a 1st time quilt maker i reckon you'll do well in the quilt show..i look forward to hearing all about it!! xx

  16. You did a terrific job and I love the yellow binding and the white backing and the quilting and especially the fabric! Way to go!

  17. Suzanne that's beautiful!!!!! Congrats! Getting caught up on my blog reading. Happy Saturday!

  18. Great job on the quilt! Quite an accomplishment!

  19. The quilt is lovely with the professional quilting and the bright binding. Good luck with it in the exhibition!

  20. Suzanne, it is a beautiful quilt. So vibrant & colourful, congratulations on creating a future family heirloom.

  21. It's beautiful. I could never start a project like this. I like that you went with what you liked..not what other people said...but you did take advice when you needed it. You should be proud, and good luck at the quilt show.

  22. Suzanne, Love your beautiful quilt! I have a number of quilts "in progress!" So, I am so impressed that you have yours completed! Sooo awesome :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (also, my hubby pulled your name as one of the winners of a gift certificate to be used towards a Personalized Sketch of ANY subject & drawn in ANY name you choose....I've done some "quilt-related" drawings :o)

    please leave a comment on my latest post with your email info

  23. Job well done! I like the name you gave it. Very appropriate.

  24. What a sense of accomplishment you must be experiencing. It really turned out nice. Now, make something small and learn to hand quilt. It's difficult at first, but with practice hand quilting can bring such joy. Sally

  25. Good job Suzanne, it's your quilt & you choose the colors, no quilt police allowed, & anyway there are no hard & fast rules as to binding & backing it is the maker's choice.
    Oh, & don't forget to give credit to the longarmer when you fill out the show entry!
    Good luck & keep on quilting!

  26. Your quilt is beautiful. I love the colors and as someone who does machine quilting I can say the person that did your quilting did a lovely job. And what fun to enter it in a Quilt contest...hoping for a blue ribbon for your efforts.

    P.S. There are not rules in quilting, it is ART!!!

    The Raggedy Girl

  27. It's is gorgeous!!! Just so lovely! You should be so proud to have finished such a big undertaking for your first quilt! And the quilting is lovely and such a steal!! That quilter is a keeper!! :)

    Way to go!

  28. I had no idea that it cost that much to finish! Add up the material and ... WOW! No wonder quilts are so precious!

  29. Suzanne, your quilt is wonderful! Love the quilting-I noticed the friendship star! and the log cabin too...very nice that your quilter individualized the quilting like that!

    Its great that you used the white on the back-you can sometimes turn it over and have an all white quilt-which probably shows up the quilting more.

    I love the bright binding-when I started quilting (back in the day!!) the style was to use the same fabric for the binding as the border...I remember my excitement the first time I used a contrasting fabric!

  30. Your quilt is beautiful, Suzanne. I think $90 was a bargain. You inspired me to take the leap. Saturday, I took a beginning quilting class. It was a simple nine patch lap quilt done in 1930's repro fabric. I love it. It may be twin size by the time I get done as I am thinking of adding a border. Watch my blog as I am hoping to post a pic tomorrow. Again, beautiful work.

  31. It looks great! Just wonderful.

  32. Oh, Suzanne, it came out wonderful. She did a really nice job of the quilting and you did a wonderful job on the binding. Glad you're still entering it! Lane

  33. Beautiful job on the quilt! It turned out awesome. And Suzanne, you are NOT a dork!

  34. Hey your quilt is really did a great job and the colors of the fabrics are delicious. I don't have a Blog yet but hopefully will soon.



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