Friday, September 25, 2009

The Final Beginners Quilting Class Post....

Last weekend was the quilt show...the show I entered my quilt was an experience to say the least....but a good one....definitely a learning one....did not win a thing...but got constructive feedback on my quilt and that is what I really wanted.

Here is the label that was displayed on the quilt....made my heart smile and feel so proud to have set a goal and over the summer finished what I started out to do.

And here is my entry hanging at the show....I think it looks rather well. My quilt was entered in the largest category....I think there were over 65 quilts entered in the "machine pieced, large quilts" category........I did not win a thing...but I had no aspirations to do so. The comments from the judges were as polite as they could be...but let me say this....the only thing that was checked as "good" was the color I guess Leo knew what he was doing when he picked out the colors. Ha Ha. It was a real eye opener....

The binding was not as they wanted...and honestly, I was so proud of that part of the quilt for searching online for tutorials and figuring that part out myself...I think it looked great but evidently, the batting and fabric did not fill up the whole binding and well....lets just say the judges did not like that! It's OK...Hey, it's my quilt...and I doubt very seriously I will live another hundred years and it will serve me for my lifetime..what ever happens after that, I don't much think I will worry about it...that said, I know what to work on for the next quilt......

This is the quilt that won THE QUILT SHOW....the photo does not do it justice believe is called "Bunnies running amok" It was beautiful...the quilting was as I had not seen and nothing like anything else in the show...very pretty... Be sure to click on the photo to make it larger to see the detail.....

Now, I have to share this typical of me and my doings...when I dropped the quilt off for the show, I did not know exactly where to go...a lady wearing a quilting guild shirt said she would take the quilt to the front...gave her the quilt...done. Went to the show...saw the quilt.....went to pick up my quilt on Sunday....AND I DID NOT HAVE A CLAIM TICKET TO PICK THE QUILT UP.....seems the lady was supposed to give me one did not and well...can't pick the quilt up without it....WHAT?!?!?

Well, let me say daughter was asking for the keys to the truck as she was sure there was going to be a scene and did not want to be witness to it...and quite frankly...I am a patient person, but this was wearing thin. The lady did not want to give me my quilt, had to show ID...said I did not turn it in at the right place...asked if it was it displayed at the show?...on and on and on....informed me how um....more or less dumb I was to just hand it over...could have been stolen....on and on and I said before...I had no idea it was this SERIOUS......really. Finally, she gave me back my quilt. Good grief, what an ordeal....yep definitely a learning experience.....

I will say this....all the quilts I saw were taken to the show in PILLOW CASES......ugly pillow cases I might add....I may have a long way to go with my quilting skills bag was the cutest one I saw....and for that...I was excited.....

Thanks for all your support in this quilting journey... I appreciate you following this adventure and all the mishaps along the has really been a lot of fun for me and hopefully a bit entertaining for you as well......if by chance you missed the beginning of this story...just click QUILTING on my side bar if you would like to catch up on the story from the beginning.....or not!


  1. Suzanne, I LOVE your quilt. Taking on such a large project as your very first one - Wow! I'm so glad I found your blog and could follow along with your process. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ribbon or not...I love your quilt!!! As long as it brought you joy making it and brings you joy to own it that's all that matters!

  3. Your quilt looks so lovely hanging there with all of the other quilts! Like you said, it was a learning experience all the way around, so I bet your next quilt will be a real contender!

  4. What a beautiful quilt, Suzanne! You should be very proud. And what an experience you've had. I love the pillowcase and I didn't know that's how you transport the quilts! Kudos to you for doing your own research and learning how to do the binding on your own! Congrats on achieving your is quite an accomplishment.

  5. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous, Suzanne! You should have won top prize!

  6. Oh, Suzanne..Your quilt is just beautiful...those ole judges can just go suck an egg!!
    Now, the one that won...Great Balls of Fire!! That IS one beautiful quilt..I've never, in my loooong life seen anything like it. She deserved to win.
    I totally am in love with your darling quilt..
    xo bj

  7. Quite a story! Luckily they gave you the quilt back. You should have won the bag category!

  8. Your quilt is gorgeous! How proud you must be to have put it in a show. I'm sure some family member will love to have it someday.

  9. I love your quilt! I think it is beautiful. You should be so proud.


  10. Suzanne - I am so excited for you that you first of all made that amazing quilt (LOVE the colors), but also that you had the guts to enter it and get your feet wet in the competition department. YOU GO GIRL! Did those dumb judges not realize how cute your carrying bag was??? And I'm glad to hear you're not a quilt stealer - that's just too funny (although I'm sure it wasn't at the time!). Have a great weekend ~ ♥

  11. One thing for sure, if they had a category for the bags, you would have won top prize. Super job all way around. You made the quilt for yourself, not the judges.

  12. The quilt that won was amazing it's true, but I have to say that in my book, and I have made some quilts in my day, yours was awesome. Sounds like they were a bit snobbish but who cares. You set a goal and carried it out. I bet yours will keep you warm and it makes you and yours feel good that you made it so kudos to you!

  13. Just having your quilt in the show was such a great thing! It looks so good to me! What an accomplishment! You should be so proud of yourself! I have wanted to do a quilt for years and just haven't applied myself to the task. You did it!!!!!

  14. I really admire that you started something and finished it too and then entered in a show besides. It looks great hanging there. Guess I better check out more about doing the binding before I put them on the ones I am making right now.

    The quilt that won is amazing. I cannot believe all the detail in the quilting. Wow! I wonder how long it took to do all that quilting.

    Looking back your story about picking up the quilt is kind of funny, but it is a lesson. I have heard of quilts disappearing from shows before, so they have to be careful with that. Since it was your first show you didn't know that. But the lady who took it from you, should have known that. The fault lays with her in not providing you with a claim ticket.

    All's well that end's well as we say. Whew!

    Have a good weekend!!

  15. I would have never guessed that it was your first quilt. It is really beautiful. I think it should have won the grand prize.
    Your pillow case it really pretty. They should have at least given you first prize for the pillow case.

    I am glad they finally gave you your quilt. Do you think you will enter another quilt show again?


  16. i think your quilt is lovely....
    and i'm glad you got it back!!!

    have a wonderful day~


  17. Your quilt is quite lovely and I am sure the quilt show standards are such that few meet them. Who could possibly compete with the Bunnie one. You are right the quilting is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    The Raggedy Girl

  18. I admire your quilting and the fact that you achieved your goal and finished. Your quilt is awesome and the fabric is wonderful. I posted quilts from a show in our area this week and last week on my blog that you may enjoy along with a link to see more at Sue's.

  19. Oh Suzanne, you had me laughing!
    I think quilt show judges always say that the binding isn't filled enough! and yes, any old pillowcase is used (the idea is at least it isn't a plastic garbage bag!) Your bag is lovely and now you can use for other shows for other quilts! BTW there is a whole world of "dos and don'ts" for quilt shows-you've just scratched the surface with your adventures! :)

    Your quilt is gorgeous-and not just the color. I love how you enlarged it-the nine-patch blocks in the corners are wonderful!

  20. eh its not about the prize..its about the fact that YOU DID IT!!! You made a quilt! and in my completely uneducated, no knowledge of quilting whatsoever little mind...I think it looks awesome! And since I dont really know what binding is I think that looks great too!

    Haha! Congrats on learning to quilt!

  21. Ah sorry you didn't win, but I do love your quilt!! I love the colors!!

  22. Oh wow - I have to say yours is a fabulous quilt and speaking from someone who can't quilt and will never quilt - just doing one is terrific! Better than terrific!

  23. Suzanne, I've got an award I'd like to give you! It's the Attitude of Gratitude award, and I think that you are very deserving of it!
    Have a great day!

  24. WOW your quilt displays beautifully, your colour amazing 'first' quilt!!..i've enjoyed your quilting journey immensely x

  25. I think your quilt is just gorgeous. An heirloom to pass down through your family. And you don't need a judge to tell you that.

  26. Doesn't it just burn you up when they comment on the binding- of all things! They are all beautiful, crafty gal!

  27. Your quilt was absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on taking on such and huge project, finishing it and entering it in a quilting contest....very impressive!!!
    Thank you so much for the link to the vintage door ideas...that was very thoughtful of you and very much appreciated!! I will head on over there.
    Thanks again,

  28. Heaven forbids that you would carry your first quilt in an ugly pillow case! It's a beautiful way to present it. First time I ever entered a quilt in a show the judge said something similar about my binding & ever since my bindings are full & tight!
    i think you did very well & from a distance what I see is a very pretty quilt!
    Congrats, the most important part of entering a juried show is to get notes on how to improve your work & you did that.

  29. Suzanne, congratulations on this quilt. I think it is a huge accomplishment. The quilt is beautiful. I know you must be extremely proud of yourself. Making a quilt is no small undertaking. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  30. Oh! Suzanne, your quilt is beautiful! I do so admire your talent and accomplishment! It takes a lot of time!
    and yes, I think the quilt bag that you put your quilt in looks wonderful.

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (also, I hope you dont mind that I am mentioning this here... I dont know if you have gotten my most recent emails regarding your drawing. Agh! Our internet server acts up and sometimes I wonder! haha

    Any ways, please email me when you can, I know that you are very busy! Sincerely, Maria)

  31. Ohhh... meant to also say...

    Thank goodness she finally handed over your quilt!

    Blessings & Aloha!


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