Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Favorite: Not Your Ordinary Potato Soup

This is not your ordinary potato soup, but with the cooler fall days ahead, it is perfect for a yummy meal and just add some cornbread on the side... and well...there you go. It is really one of the best potato soup recipes I have ever made. Several years ago, I worked at my daughters elementary school, and once a month when we had a teacher work day, the teachers took turns providing lunch. This was one of the dishes we had during the fall months, and I have enjoyed it very much ever since. I know you will too.

Recipe List:

6-8 medium potatoes
enough water to cover potatoes in pot
4 chicken bullion cubes
small onion chopped
4-5 carrots diced
broccoli chopped fine - (in a pinch I have used frozen chopped broccoli and it works fine too.)
2 Tablespoons parsley
Dash garlic salt and pepper
Ham cubes (optional)
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup milk with 1 Tablespoon flour

The How to:

Boil potatoes, water, chicken bullion and carrots until almost tender. Add parsley, onions and broccoli and boil until broccoli is almost tender. Add milk with flour and continue to boil until thick, about 4-5 minutes, tops. Add cheese and ham and boil until cheese is melted. If you are not going to add the ham, just add cheese and melt. Garnish with shredded cheese.

* I have used left over mashed potatoes with the milk and flour to thicken the soup up just a bit. It works well, and my husband likes a thicker, more heartier soup, so this option works well. I usually just mix, and not measure.

This is as wonderful as it looks!!

I hope you enjoy this recipe, it is very good and great for a nice fall day. Like I said, it is not your usual potato soup, but it is just as wonderful and full of flavor.


  1. Sounds like a winner. I'll have to try it.

  2. YES PLEASE!!!! It is the perfect season to get all these awesome soup recipes out and give them all a try - I'm pretty sure this will be first! I'm desperately searching for a potato soup recipe so I may have just found it. Thanks girl ~ ♥

  3. This recipe looks divine, Suzanne and it is a perfect day here in Chicsgo for it!!

    I will survive winter, I will survive winter... keep repeating...


  4. Looks yummy, Suzanne! Will definitely try this one!!! Love soup in the fall and the leftover feature as well!! Beautiful sunny day here so Happy Fall to you!

  5. Thanks for a great idea! I also like the encouragement that you can just "do" whatever instead of measuring and worrying over it. :)

  6. Your recipe is very similar to mine. I use basically the same ingredients but I puree the veggies to make a creamy soup. Looking at yours (great pictures) makes me want to make a pot real soon!

  7. This recipe sounds wonderful. Potato soup is my favorite. Every Monday, hubby and I go out to Home Town Buffet to have their potato soup. I know yours being homemade is probably oodles better.


  8. The soup looks wonderful and sounds so easy. I'll have to try it since potato soup is a favorite since childhood. Thank you for posting the recipe..

  9. That looks so good! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  10. That looked so good that I printed out your recipe and went straight up to the kitchen and made it! I cooked the potatoes and carrots on the stove, then dumped them, with the rest of the ingredients, into the Crockpot. So it's up there simmering now... and smelling mighty tasty, I must say. I'm looking forward to eating it! Thanks for sharing!

  11. My favorite soup. I can be there in a minute.

  12. I am so wanting to try this!!! when I was a little girl, my Omie (grammie in german) would make potato soup just for me. I was the oldest and favorite grandchild...and I was just wild about her potato soup. I have not had it in years...oh the memories...and now the craving!!! ugh...lol

  13. Looks delicious...I love potato soup

  14. HI,
    I stopped over from Karla's since I read your comment about the crock pot. Naturally, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to check out this recipe. It looks wonderful and I'll have to give it a try. I am in North Texas as well (Denton) and let's face it, we'll make soup or have a fire in the fireplace if it just gets down to 50 degrees around here! Ha Ha!

    I read your "About Me" section and likewise, we are mountain lovers. We're looking to build a cabin in Montana when we retire in *6 years, Lord willing. We lived in Trinidad, Colorado before the BNSF Railway transferred my HUB to Ft Worth 16 years ago.

    My blog is by invitation only (long story) but if you are interested in stopping by you can e-mail me at:
    and I will send you an invite. Can I use Karla as a reference? ha Ha!


  15. Mmmmm......tis the season. Soup season that is! Once the cooler weather comes I try to make one or two big pots of soup a week. I'll have to give yours a try.

  16. Oh, PLEASE may I come over for dinner?

  17. This sounds so delish Suzanne!!!

  18. That looks VERY good! I just told my husband about it and we may be trying this out over the weekend. Thanks for sharing it!

  19. this is (similar to) one of the recipes my grandmother taught me...I LOVE IT! I havent made it in a while -- and now I definately NEED to make it! Yum!

  20. Oh! yumm! Love potato soup! Will need to try this recipe out next time.

    Thanks for sharing :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (oh , please send me an email when you can...I have your dachshunds started, but am waiting to hear from you to complete it :o)

    I know that your schedule is busy!

  21. mmm... now all i need is to find someone to cook it for me :)


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