Wednesday, October 14, 2009

VINTAGE THINGIES THURSDAY: Vintage Goodies - Laundry Room Continued

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Well, girls, I know I said I was going to show you the finished room, but when I uploaded the pictures today, I had WAY too many photos, and decided to spare you that....I will do a follow up post on Friday with the before, during and after shots....promise....for those who really want to see it!

This week I will continue with the vintage treasures that live in my newly updated laundry room.....

I am sure you remember this little lamb salt and pepper from a few weeks ago, he sits by the vintage jars that hold my homemade laundry soap and dryer sheets.

This grease tin belonged to my mom, I remember as a kid frying bacon and saving the grease in this pot. In fact, I remember she saved most all of the oils used...funny, how we do not do that now....anyone know why???

I had several of these little bird planters, but in the midst of my purging mood, I kept only three and my favorites. (three still makes a collection!) I really love the colors. The framed vintage post card is one I have had for a very long time. I purchased it somewhere with the intention of hanging it in my laundry room, once I could get in finally has a home (click to make photo larger)...I think it is so cute.

Here is just some of my favorites. The crystal vase thingy I found at Goodwill. I have several child's kitchen utensils and this holds them rather well. Vintage door knob and some little salt and pepper shakers top it off. I guess you notice 3 of the little bowl I have picked up here and there.... The framed prints, were just something I printed myself with the computer, sprayed Goodwill frames black and added embellishments of vintage buttons...I love how they turned out....and CHEAP!!

This monkey cookie jar belonged to my mom, and she had it for as far back as I can remember as a little girl. I have never seen another like it, and I just cherish it. I think he is so very cute.

I found this little adorable pin cushion at an estate sale and had to have him. He looks like my dachshund girls. Of course a few vintage linens make the grouping complete.

Thanks for stopping by today....and be sure to check on Friday if you want to see the rest of the pictures....Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Love your vintage kitchen thingy's
    think I will miss decorating a kitchen when I get on the road!

  2. I love your monkey cookie jar.

    You could form a whole collection of comic postcards with clotheslines. I have a number of them but not one like yours. I posted one on my Postcard Funnies blog last week:

  3. What a fun laundry room....I need that to get me to do the laundry :-) I loved the cookie jar...very cute and love the fact it was your mother's!! I'll be posting a little later tonight!

  4. Hey Suzanne!

    I just love your laundry room! It is way too cute! Wish I could make mine simple and easy like that. Maybe in 20 years when my youngest moves out??? lol


  5. Suzanne, you actually have a laundry room that is desirable and fun to spend time in!!! I love all of your memory, such nice things.
    Pioneer Woman needs to make her laundry room as nice as yours so she doesn't feel so bad when hers piles up!!!

  6. My mom had that same grease tin!

  7. Love your stuff! The crystal vase is awesome and I love the little pin cushion. He is a cutie. Thanks so much for hosting VTT!


  8. Hi Suzanne! You really have some cute things! This would surely make doing laundry more fun!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. What a wonderful laundry room. I love all the kitchen things..they're always a favorite of mine.
    Just like last week, I've been running about like a mad woman, and will not be able to get posted to participate in my favorite day of the week..but I shall visit about,to see all the beautiful vintage things.
    Happy VTT..

  10. Enjoyed all of your treasures. Looking forward to the next installment! Sally

  11. Your laundry room looks fantastic!
    I think you've inspired everyone to
    make nice changes to their own laundry rooms! Kudos!

  12. You have given me some ideas. My laundry room is the last room to be painted a second time since we moved here 12 years ago.I think a shelf with some old vintage items on it would be great.
    Very cute! Love the little bowls and using a cut glass vase for your collection of childrens kitchen utensils.
    I remember a grease tin on our stove too.

  13. All very nice but that little lamb is oh soooo sweeet. It's one of those little things that could be amongst a whole bunch of cute stuff but it alone stands out.

  14. Oh girl I love all your vintage things that you show today...that cookies jar is just darling and in all my travels to antiques shop I have never seen a one...I hope all is great on your side of the mountain my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  15. I wish you had a humongous laundry room because I don't want the tour to ever end! This has been such a delight!

    (Did you know that you typed "lamp" instead of "lamb"?)

  16. you've got an eclectic style just like me!..if it's vintage we LOVE it don't we hahaha!!
    i love your big glass jars i've got a few of them too..that vintage postcard is adorable [love the black frame btw], i think i might frame some of my vintage postcards, thanks for the idea!
    oh and i spy something of yours that i've got as well, that darling bird planter right in the middle..happy VTT, Suzanne :)

  17. Hi Suzanne,

    Oh what fun things you have for us today. Love your laundry room, wish I had a big one to decorate.
    I like how the kitchen utensils look in the vase. :)


  18. It gets better and better. I might not even mind doing laundry at your house. I love to see someone else enjoying the same kind of "decor" I love.

  19. This is getting better and better---I wistfully look on and try to quelch the desire to go into my "utility room" and cut loose indiscriminately with either a paint sprayer or a flame thrower.

    Yours is just charming.


  20. Being a quilter I love the pincushion-but I would want an Aussie terrier!
    Otherwise I like the funky monkey, never seen a cookie jar like that!
    Suzanne your laundry room is becoming much too fancy to be called that-you need to think of a better title!

  21. Wonderful things Suzanne,
    love your cookie-monkey!

  22. your laundry room is fun! Does it make the task at hand any more pleasant when your room is so cute? I know I am like a bear with a sore A$$ when I have too much laundry...but my laundry room is UGLY! so maybe if you said yes...that would prompt "someone" to renovate...? lol

  23. Your laundry is gorgeous! I'm all inspired to go and cute up a part of my home!

  24. Suzanne,
    Thanks so very much for hosting,and for your, as always, beautiful interesting post.

    barbara jean

  25. Your laundry room is such a sweet place with all those treasures. Be careful with the little lamb so close to the edge!

  26. You must have a huge laundry room! You some very fun vintage goodies. The dryer sheets and laundry soap look so much nicer in the old jars than they would in boxes. (Homemade laundry soap?)

  27. You have some wonderful vintage thingies...I didn't even know there was such a thing as a grease can. My mother used a coffee can--maybe because oil was too expensive??

  28. Oh you're right, my hamper would look perfect in there...gulp. It seems everyone in the world is either redoing their laundry rooms or making cute halloween table scapes and I am not doing either...and I really need to do something wtih my laundry room. But what in the world do you do if its SO small it fits nothing and is stuffed with the washer dryer water heater and hvac? and can only fit one person - unless you try and close the door - than one person doesnt fit

    um, help?

  29. Great post as always! I'm here getting caught up on blog reading, finally! Happy Thursday!

  30. You have so many lovely treasures tucked in there! I think my favorite is the pin cushion! I've been really into pin cushions lately, and that one is SO stinking adorable!

  31. Love the little doxie pincushion! You've got some great collectibles there, don't you? And purging moods? OH - don't you DARE!!! I would not purge if I had such lovely things as you do!

  32. Lovin what you did in the laundry! I love the bear cookie jar the most! I remember beans cooked with bacon grease and a handful of salt. Everybody saved all their grease and used it in other things. Don't miss that, but boy was it yummy! Lane

  33. love the bird planter, the middle one ofcourse! too cute! cute laundry room too!

  34. I just love the little lamb salt/pepper shaker and the monkey cookie jar is both precious and hilarious!

    Your laundry room is wonderful! and the postcard says it all! :)

  35. I love the bird planters! Especially the one in the middle.

  36. I love the bird planters. The colors are so wonderful.

  37. During WWII everyone saved grease and turned it in to be used in the war effort. Today you should save your grease in a disposable container and put it in the trash. Don't pour it down your sink! It will clog it up.

  38. Hi again Suzanne,
    Can I just say that your monkey cookie jar is so fun...please don't tell anyone, but he looks a little like my grandpa Otto.
    Happy VTT!

  39. Suzanne, I love it. With a pretty laundry room are you more inclined to wash now? ;) Love the post card!

    We still save bacon grease here. But not tons of it. Our new diets, I mean, lifestyle changes, have us eating less oily foods. Maybe that's why? Also, a trip to the store for a bottle of Crisco or Wesson oil i easier now than it used to be.

  40. I love that pin cushion. It is always fun to come across an item that resembles your furry family.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  41. Hi there, visiting from SSS and I love your blog! I love vintage thingys as well, so I'll be sure to return next Thursday to participate. I appreciate your realness and your JOY list, I am on a quest to find the JOY HE has promised! :-)

  42. Hey, I just commented and once I pressed published realized, that I found you from a participant of a secret santa thingy, I got a little lost in blog world for a second, forgive my mistake!! :-)

  43. Vintage goodies are just really irresistible and still very cool.


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