Friday, May 14, 2010

For Home, Weddings, or the Beach....Environmentally Friendly Products

This past week, there was a lot of talk here at The Coloradolady about wedding showers and decor. So I decided to share a few wonderful products with you while we are on the subject of weddings. However, be aware....not only are these perfect ideas for an upcoming wedding, but they fit so well into everyday life I promise you will be as impressed as I have been.

Wedding planning should include a lot of thought about gifts for attendants, parents, out of town guests and anyone who makes your wedding magical. This bag is a perfect example of an amazing gift for out of town guest or attendants. These Eco-friendly bags are amazing. They are lightweight, durable and I have to say, the size is impressive. Fill these bags with area maps, goodies, water or flip-flops and a beach towel if you are having a beach wedding, and your guest will be impressed. These bags could not be more perfect.

Are you a family who does a lot of outdoors activities? This is perfect for packing a lunch, beach towels, and maybe a bottle of wine and you are all set for a great picnic afternoon with everything in one bag. Simply-Bags offers all types of bags, including Beach bags that can be monogrammed, perfect for any occasion. My personal favorite is my Stylish Beach Tote, not only is it beautiful, it is functional and will be put to good use in just a few weeks for our trip to the mountains. Be sure to check them out if you are looking for bags for guest at your wedding or for yourself, you won't be disappointed in the quality, I can assure you of that.

With summer right at our back doors, there will be lots of grilling, cookouts, family reunions, weddings, and gatherings with friends and family. I myself, am always in the kitchen washing dishes from such events. If I chose to use paper plates....frankly they are just as much trouble due to the lack of durability of what the grocery store offers.

I am so excited to share with you a product that is simply amazing for someone who is environmentally concerned about paper and plastic plates in our landfills, but more so about the fantastic products I have had the pleasure to try. These are just amazing and beautiful for any occasion.

Marx Foods offers plates which are made from Palm leaves and are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They are a sustainable non-timber resource which means no trees were cut to make these, the leaves were harvested from the forest floor.

They are lightweight, yet extremely durable. No sagging plates to worry about here. I served lasagna, meatloaf, roast and mashed potatoes in these plates and they did not get soggy or sag from normal food items. I was very impressed.

These are made from discarded Adaka palm leaves that are gathered from the forest floor and washed. Then they are hand-stretched, flattened and heat pressed into shapes. Multiple shapes and sizes are cut from each leaf to reduce waste. Finally, the plates are dried in the sun and ready for use.

From a very casual setting to a formal wedding these are a wonderful product to use in place of washing dishes or buying paper products. Once your event is over, these can be gathered and composted or thrown away with a clear conscious that these will be eco-friendly in land fills. I like the idea of spending more time with guest and less time in the kitchen cleaning up, these are wonderful for any occasion.

These come in multiple styles and shapes. Dinner plates and dessert or salad plates can be mixed and matched is you prefer a less matched look. I love these plates, they are natural yet fit into any decor or setting. I myself, after trying these will never buy plastic or paper plates again. These are very moderately priced yet the quality is by far greater than anything my local market carries.

From backyard gatherings to wedding reception halls, these are a wonderful option I had no idea was available for use! I hope you too will take the time to look at these products and see for yourself how much simpler life can be with a few great environmentally friendly products which are not only functional, but beautiful.


  1. Absolutely love the palm leaf plates. Hope we don't have any weddings for a while, but I hope I remember these plates when we do!!

  2. Those palm-leaf plates are amazing! I hope people don't put them in plastic bags for putting out the trash!
    In my family we use the Solo plastic plates and make the kids rinse them and throw them in the recycling bin.

  3. What a wonderful idea for a beach wedding, thank you so much for the idea and link. My sister is getting married in Mexico and was trying to come up with an idea for her guest, this is a wonderful idea, I am forwarding your blog link to her email so she can check it out, what C-U-T-E bags!! (I want one!!!)

    The plates are neat too, but around my house, everyone thinks they can only eat out of the real!!

  4. I really like that bag...perfect for vacation! And I am all about not washing dishes, thanks for the links.

  5. Those plates are amazing and I would feel so much better using those then paper!

  6. I can't believe those are plates to be thrown away... They look so pretty! Wow..

  7. What a wonderful idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm always looking for ways to be environmentally safe with the products I use.
    I will have to check these out.

    By the way, you are one of the people I thought of when I found all those incredible buttons at the flea market. For button floozies like us it was pure heaven. LOL

    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

    ~Eight days left to enter in my awesome giveaway!

  8. Suzanne, I've not used any to these new palm leaf plates, though I've seen them. I like the idea and I also think these make an interesting table setting. It's a very organic look!


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