Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Reasons Amaze Me Sometimes

I have an Aunt who always says, "the weirdest things always seem to happen to me". Honestly, she is always right....I don't know why that is, but it is true. Some of the most bizarre things do happen to me.

I debated on whether to share this with my online friends, but there is a message in this tale, so I wanted to share it with you. I mean after all, we really don't have any real secrets do we??

Last week, I told you about the bridal shower for my friends daughter, and I know you are by now tired of this tale. However, this is really amazing. I explained that I had found these sorta vintage bird candle holders at Goodwill right before the shower and I felt they would go well with the decor and add a bit of whimsy to the space, so I purchased them.

When I checked out, the lady who was running the register asked me what I was going to do with these birds. I told her they were for a shower and we continued to talk. I may have mentioned before that the people at the Goodwill I frequent know me and most of the women know I have a online blog. The manager has my blog address and I know she reads it because she always says I take the best pictures of my Goodwill finds. I know you are wondering where this is going.....

....Friday, I got an email from someone who read my blog.......I was speechless....I was angry......I was SO GLAD that I like to talk a lot...I was shocked.........here is a portion of the email.

........I know you do not know me, and I know you may not even believe me. I left the Goodwill store by my house yesterday looking for something that was important to me. I asked several employees if they had seen any white and pink doves come thru the donation drop off. One lady said she remembered them, and said she knew who purchased them, she said she had not seen you in several days. The manager gave me your blog address and said maybe there was contact information on your site.

My mother made me 6 white and pink doves for my wedding because I was the sixth child. Her initials are on the bottom of the doves (JB) I am certain that the doves you have on your page are the doves my mother made for me. They were really important to me, and my soon to be ex husband wanted to hurt me and took some of my most prized possessions to Goodwill. My mother made these for me for my wedding and she passed away 5 months later. Would you check to see if the initials are on the bottom of these doves and if they are the ones I had, can I please buy them back from you at what ever you want for them.

I felt like a brick had hit my chest when I saw these on your page. I am not a weirdo, I just am trying to get some of my things back, and hope these are mine and you don't mind giving them up.........

I have told you before, I don't believe in coincidences, things happen for a reason.

There was a reason
I purchased those birds when I almost left them sitting there.

There is a reason
I talk too much and tell too much to total strangers about my online habit...my blog.

There is a reason
I was there that day shopping and someone asked what I was going to do with them.

There is a reason the lady was able to find me, because these without a doubt are her doves.

There is a reason that her soon to be ex husband did not succeed in losing her things that her mother made for her. ~Can you imagine?

There was a reason....I may not know it, but someone important does.

Honestly, those birds had grown on me, and if I am being honest here, I really thought I'd use them again sometime, that however was before I received that email. I will say this, she has her doves back and all it cost her was the gas to drive to her local Goodwill to pick them up from me. She only had to wait a couple of days for me to be able to make it back out to the store. And my Aunt can once again say the strangest things happen to me and that makes me smile.

That is the reason my heart sings today.....good things do happen to people sometimes and when you unexpectedly get to be a small part of that, well....it just is over the top greatness!!!


  1. Suzanne. Thanks for sharing this amazing story. I love it that you were able to help this woman retrieve something that was obviously very important to her. Sophie obviously never learned the sharing lesson in kindergarten. Girl you crack me up sometimes :)

  2. That touched my heart. How awesome! I hope she finds her other things.

  3. Suzanne, God does indeed work in mysterious ways. I am so glad that everything happened just the way it did, and so happy it was you who bought them, you are a dear and sweet person. You might be surprised to know there are folks out there that would have said, "sorry your lose my gain".
    It really makes me angry to know her louse of a soon to be Ex could do something so cruel.
    Thanks for sharing with us and for just being who you are.

  4. Wow Suzanne, that story is amazing! A real feel-good tale. Thank you so much for sharing it with us :-) Sam xox

  5. Wow this made me cry. Im glad the strangest things happen to you. Would you believe that I gained back my mothers sewing box years later in another state down to the acorns I used to collect for her being in the contents? God is good.

  6. Serendipity. What an amazing story. I agree, there is always a reason.
    You just added a bit of balance to the world today :) Well done!!

  7. That is quite a touching story. It made me cry. It made me cry because we're all part of God's masterplan. And everything we do has repercussion somewhere.

    I'm glad the doves were reunited with their owner.

    Have the BEST day!

  8. Wow-that made me teary eyed. It makes you realize that it is a small world -I'm glad you bought the doves!

  9. Your story certainly touched my heart this morning. NOTHING is a coincidence, GOD has it all worked out way ahead of time. You just the obedient servant. HE had you in Goodwill at the right time-if someone else would have purchased these precious little birds they would have never gotten back to the original owner. God Bless.

  10. Suzanne, I am in awe over this story. What a wonderful reunion. I am so glad it worked out for this sweet lady who is probably going through a very difficult time. Thanks for being there to help someone out.


  11. what a great tale! thanks for sharing--and sharing again.
    i thought the doves were wonderful, too. so glad to know their story, aren't you?

  12. That, Suzanne, is a wonderful story! How fortunate for her that you were the one to pick them up. What a great story to add to your list of "odd things that happened to me"!

  13. I'm glad you "talk too much." Thanks for sharing such a good reminder of how God looks after us in ways big and small. What an honor to be used by him to bless this young woman.

  14. Hi Suzanne~Yes, I too believe that everything happens for a reason. I am glad that the lady was able to find her doves and glad that they were in such good hands.
    The Tattered Tassel

  15. What an interesting thing to happen! It sure brightens up a day when you can help someone out like that - a coincidence? There's no such thing as 'coincidences'!!!

  16. This would make a perfect segment on "Believe It or Not". Most people would not. I have known all along you were not normal, and this proves my point. Something this weird just does not happen to normal people. Each of you should read the definition of weird in the dictionary. It seems to fit the situation.

  17. Oh, Suzanne!!

    What a wonderful story---almost a Fairy Tale ending, and you the Fairy Godmother who made things come out well. (Now, if that wicked Prince Meanie could just get a dose of nine million angry ladies sending Karma thoughts his way).

    And I've found several things with Best Wishes on your Wedding written on them---once two lovely hand-painted boxes, with love from Mom. I bought them because they were beautiful, and I was sad for what it must have taken for someone to just get rid of them like that---perhaps things didn't go well, and the boxes only added to the unhappy memories.

    But I never once thought that someone might have done that for spite. I'd gladly part with any of them (one a FABULOUS painting by a well-known local artist, inscribed on the back to the B&G) if the original owners asked.

    You're a Hero today!

  18. I truly believe things always happen for a reason even if we don't recognize the reason at the time it's happening. This wonderful, wonderful story is just more proof of that. I had tears in my eyes as I read it.

  19. I totally agree with you Suzanne, that it ALL happened for a reason! I love this post so much, and I had no doubt that you would make sure that her treasures would make their way back to her. You truly have a heart of gold. Rotten ex-husbands!

  20. what a beautiful story!!! yes...there is a reason you do all that you do! that woman is fortunate that her hubby (idiot) did not throw them in a dumpster somewhere!!! and that someone as wonderful as you found them!

  21. Suzanne,

    This story gave me goosebumps....we are all so connected if only by a thread...but sometimes that one thread is soooo important! I am so glad she got her Mom's sweet little doves back! This was meant to happen... :)

  22. Wow. Simply wow.
    What a horrible man that ex-husband is.
    What a wonderful end to the story though!

    Betcha she would let you borrow those pretty birds if you needed 'em.

    I just can't believe the serendipity here.

  23. What a truly beautiful story. I am so touched. Thanks for sharing it, I think it will really speak to a lot of people.

  24. How great that you helped this woman out! Wonderful story! Thank you!

  25. Well, she is a very lucky lady that the doves landed in the hands of such a caring and empathetic person as yourself:) That was really, really kind of you to give them back.

  26. Oh, that poor woman... And the heart of a man who could do something like that angers me beyond recognition. I can only pray he finds his way back to center.

    You're right, friend. There are no mistakes. God knew your good heart was the one who would help this woman restore hers.

  27. God works in mysterious ways...His wonders to perform. I don't believe in coincidence or accidents ~ He has the major plan for all of us. :-) Thanks so much for sharing this story. YOU are the perfect person to be His tool for the lady getting her beloved doves back.


  28. This gives me goosebumps to know you were able to give her back these doves that mean so much to her! It also again amazes me how cruel people can be to each other. That is such a spiteful thing to do! So yes you are right those were meant to be at the shower, on your blog and you talking to the Goodwill ladies! God is amazing in the way he uses us! Thanks for this post!

  29. Oh Suzanne, what a lovely story and it must feel wonderful to be the cause of a "Happy Ending" and those doves were so sweet, I would have bought them too, as I am sure many would have. Have a great rest of the week>

  30. Suzanne! Right now I have so much to say, that I need to condense.

    First, this post touches me so much! It epitomizes one of the reasons why we blog. That our posts touch people. And yes I always so believe in things happen for a reason and I will NEVER forget this post! I am so happy she found these doves from you that meant so much to her in regards to her mother. Sometimes, we have so little really meaningful tangible things that connect us from our mothers that we find comfort in those time of missing our mother so much and I know who she feels.

    Also, why this comment might get long also, let alone more that I want to write about your above post and her and you connecting in this divine way, I'll just say it touches my heart tremendously. But I JUST found your blog by way of Yvonne's StoneGableblog to her Faithfull farm button and then a post on there to you! And I opened up your blog and fell in love instantly. I went "Oh wow!" Okay, first the connection for me was your dogs first, I grew up with a doxie and lost a later doxie "Stretch' a chocolate mini and he looks like the one in your 'let not forget'blog button. But your artistry and how you blog is so beyond beautiful and special and I just had to comment about how I feel about your blog.

    Sorry this is long.:}

  31. I had a former husband that did exactly what that lady's husband did...I lost everything from my mother,my grandmother, some elder ladies that had made quilt tops for me...you name it..I lost it all, from a hateful,jealous,ugly,mean vindictive ex husband...and the things I valued and treasured so much, could never be replaced. I never got any of my things back...and to this day, it hurts my heart so terribly. I am so proud that she was able to get her treasures back..and thank you Suzanne, for helping her. She will love and remember you forever..you are such a sweet,caring,giving loving lady..and it's a pleasure to know you.. xxxx CC

  32. That is such an amazing story, Suzanne!

  33. This is a wonderful story, one that shows just how much good there is in this world today. It also shows how much petty meaness there is. I know ex-es can do so many mean things, but it is hard to imagine someone so dirty as to give away things a person's mother made.

  34. Awwww what a wonderful story. I found your blog through the link on the BlogHer ads on my own blog. I love this story. What a complete jerk her ex is...why do people do mean and hateful things like that?!? I can't imagine being so filled with hate and wanting to hurt someone else so badly that you'd use the intimate knowledge you have of someone that is aquired during a marriage to hurt them at the very core of their being. There is a special kind of hell for people like that. I'm just sure of it.

    Thanks and I'll be back. :)

  35. That is amazing!! That amazing thing happened to you because you are the type of person who would make it happen! Good for you :)



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