Sunday, December 5, 2010

Twenty-Four Years Ago

Twenty four years ago today, I was being admitted to the hospital to have my second baby. I had no idea if it was a girl or boy, but today was the day....24 years ago. To make a long story short, due to the fact my first birth was a piece of cake...I insisted NO Anesthesia was needed the second go around. I was a rock star you see. Until reality set in....and well it was too late. In-case you forgot...I only have two children....there is a reason for that.

Today, 24 years ago, my sweet baby girl came into my world and nothing has ever been the same since. Not for me, not for her brother, not for her daddy. We went through years of crying fits....over snacks at pre-school she did not want to eat, kindergarten graduation she did not want to attend, dance lessons she decided she did not want to take, going to mothers day out, fighting with "best friends", breaking up with boyfriends, stressing and crying over grades, doctor and dentist visits....yep, we have seen it all.....and guess what? We just held her hand and made her do all of these things kicking and screaming and was good for her after all. But somewhere along the way we left the tears behind and put on new and different faces.

Ahem....did I mention my baby girl is 24 years old today??? Such a grown up face, so mature, so adult least there are no more tears....only smiles and giggles and silly faces most of the time.

Baby girl, your mean ole mommy made you do all of the things you did not want to because it was good for you. It would have been much easier to let you stay home and play and not have to make you cry when that was really what you wanted to do all along.  I'd like to think that dragging you all those years crying and pitching a fit maybe did some good after all. You have grown into a beautiful women and I am so very proud of you and love you with all my heart. Always be true to yourself because that is what is so special about you.

Happy Birthday Alisha......may this next year hold nothing but happiness for you and lots of great opportunities. You make us so very proud. ~ Love you, Mom, Dad and Jeff.

PS I don't think the contestants on Cake Boss have to worry about me stealing their spot in the new Cake Challenge to have a spot in Buddy's shop....just sayin' !!!


  1. Oh Suzanne... forgive me here...your post had me going back in time and i mean back in CONTRACTION times....I so got the whole the first one was a piece of cake bidness...lordy I sooo got it...and i cringe because i remember WELL....the 2nd and 3rd births LOL....they were not easy....oh goodness...BUT THIS ISNT ABOUT ME!!!!!

    Your sweet Beautiful Baby girl, wow Happy Birthday to Alisha! She is a proud mama be proud... =)

  2. Happy Birthday Alisha!

    And happy memories Mom!

  3. Happy Birthday to a beautiful daughter!Sorry I haven't been by in a while but I still follow you and the many other friends. Merry Christmas!

  4. Sending birthday greetings to your daughter. Daughters are indeed a special breed and sometimes it takes kid gloves when they're going through the tough times. But they sure turn out magnificiently in the end.

  5. What a beautiful daughter. No one every said being a parent was a piece of cake!! We do it because we love them and then see...they turn out just great like your girl. Happy Birthday Alisha!!

  6. Happy Birthday Alisha!!!

    Susan and Bentley

  7. Happy Birthday Alisha Girl. I have you a gift and card. Will take it to mom's and leave until you come home again. I am sure you celebrated in style, but none of the good home cooking. Take care and I think of you more than I tell you.

  8. How sweet! You keep promising it's going to be worth it. I keep waiting. Lane

  9. Haha ugh. Contractions are still very fresh in my mind. Yowch. Still! Happy Birthday Alisha! Your post reminded me of what Matt and I were talking about now that Jack has started throwing little tantrums...We have been parents for a year, but we think the 'parenting' part has just started to kick in. Up til now it was just getting them here! Haha...good job on 24 years of parenting a beautiful woman!

  10. Tell Ms. Alisha Happy Birthday, I am a little behind in my Blog Reading..... I always love the Disney story.... I know where you get saving all the stuff you do from.....

  11. Your daughter is beautiful! You have such a fun blog... and I think it's great that you "cover" so much. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your Christmas bingo game


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