Friday, June 3, 2011

Five Minute Friday: "Every Day......"

Today I'm linking up to Lisa-Jo aka the gypsy mama, who chooses a topic every Friday and writes for five minutes.

Only five minutes
And the rule is that whatever you write about in that five minutes is what you posts. No editing your thoughts. Today, her topic choice is "Every Day....."

Ready. Set. Go......

Every day is like turning the page, starting over, hoping for a new start. It really is something that should be fairly easy, yet it can be so hard all at the same time.

The weight of the world can be a heavy burden to carry at times, and can cloud our vision. We put our trust in people, or what people tell us and when they come out of no where and suddenly change your can be hard to move on. But each new day is a chance to change the hard things, the things that should not be hindering us, it is like a new chapter, the old turned away and the new in front of us.

We deal with so many different people in out lives, and each one can either lift you up or send you struggling just to stay on the path. Each day gives us a chance to evaluate the ones that should not be on the path we are on and each day provides us a chance to make the days ahead so much better.

We have to make the decision to move on and let the past go. Forgive the ones who have wronged us, forgive the ones who has caused so much stress and undo unrest in our hearts, forgive the ones who make irresponsible decisions that effect others without even a will meet these types of people Every Day.....but it is the promise of a new day and a new chance to make things better that is uplifting even in the darkest of times.

Every Day is a gift. Every Day is a chance to put your mark on the world. Every Day is a chance to forget and let the past go and move forward. Every many new possibilities.

Stop. Boy.....this feels like a lot of rambling....but I won't reread until I hit publish....the rules you know!!!


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  2. I totally agree with you on everything, Suzanne. Forgiveness is peace within!


  3. Whatever the issue, it is not worth letting it ruin your life. We all face daily things that are not the best. I have plenty of scars, but determined to live my life my way. And, not let something that may be out of my control ruin it. Better days are coming. Just hang in!

  4. Hi Suzanne, wow, your five minutes has so much truth in everything your wrote. A new day is a good thing and holding on to the things that set you back just is not worth the worry and stress. Great advice for all of us.

    Thank you for your visit today. We are really enjoying our time in Maine. We won't be home until July. Today I visited an antique store that was three stories of lovely antiques. Not junk and repros. I hate that. I bought something I will share on Thursday next week.

    I do have computer service here but it is soooooo slow. It makes me crazy. We are staying in our RV in a park outside of Acadia National Park. It is very nice and there are some people here staying a month like we are. Nice people and lots of dogs. Cheri' is having so much fun. She isn't around dogs very much. Of course she barks her head off. sigh!

    Hugs, Jeanne


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