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Vintage Thingie Thursday: Vintage Ads 1956

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This week, I have some ads that are dated back to 1956. I love vintage ads and enjoy looking at them. Sometimes, I just shake my head at the advertising tactics, but none the less they are entertaining.

This one is for a Singer sewing machine. You should see what I look like when I am sewing. I wonder back then, if ladies really dressed up to sew in their sewing rooms??? I can hardly believe that they did, but if they dressed just to sew...they are better than I am that is for sure.

This ad for Breck hairspray brings back lots of memories for me. My grandma always seemed to have Breck or Hairnet hairspray in her bathroom. I remember this can well.

Slimness and Pepsi.....boy that sure is a concept now isn't it????? Wonder why it is not working for me???

Love this ad for the General Electric washer and dryer. Love the color and all the promises they make to the housewife who purchasing these appliances. I had to do just that here recently. My old washer died and well, it cost as much nearly as a new one to fix it, so we opted to buy a new one. I tend to get attached to my appliances and don't really care for new ones at all. This was no different this time.....

I thought I HAD to have this front loader.....could not live without it!! Well, about now, I wish I had the OLD one back.....I can not get used to the new one. Let me tell you a few things I have learned.....1. once you put the laundry soap in the machine, don't open the door.....unless you want to be cleaning up soap all in the front of the machine and floor. 2. You just don't add a stray sock or pair of your husband's underwear you find after you start the load......unless you want water on the floor. 3. and don't think you are going to wash a QUICK takes way longer than I thought to wash a load of laundry in this machine......

I guess I have some getting used to this one before I deem it wonderful and enjoy it. It takes me a to get used to the new and improved first!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!! Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday~


  1. Those old ads are so much fun to look at...Thanks for sharing and thanks for hosting the party every week!!!

  2. Oh I love the old magazines and adds! OK I will keep my old washer.

  3. It took time to get used the front loader. I'm addicted now. I swear the clothes are cleaner. Beautiful ads. Can't wait to check out the link party!!

  4. Love your old adds. I too remember that BRECK Hairspray(I can even smell it just looking at that add). Why is it we ALL hear you about adding hubby's sock to that front washer!
    Thank you for all this fun!
    Have a wonderful week,

  5. Boy do those old ads bring back memories!! Gosh Breck used to be IT ! LOL*hugs*deb

  6. I do not know what I would do if they stop making top loading washing machines. I never want one of the front loading kind.

  7. Hi Suzanne, Those really are fun ads to look back on.

    I'm pretty sure our front load washers are the same. I've had mine five years and still don't love it. :( I would gladly go back to the old fashioned top loader. Let me give you a hint....there is a lint trap in the FRONT of machine that no one (including the booklet) tells you about. It can get full and cause problems. Ask me how I know!! Don't mean to be a Debbie Downer...

  8. Suzanne, I've always enjoyed reading old adds. They bring back memories I'd not otherwise think of. ;-)
    We have a front loader too, but it uses minimum water. I can open without a problem for that stray sock. And there is always a stray! ;-)
    Thanks for hosting each week. ~ sarah

  9. I love vintage ads too, Suzanne! You can learn so much about a particular era by looking at old ads. It's really fun, isn't it?

    Thanks for hosting.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  10. I am so excited I discovered you on someone else's blog reading list! Love the vintage, and I'm linked up with the vintage Fiestaware I stumbled across at Goodwill this week! So glad to share, and I've got your button on my post. Thanks for hosting this fun linky party!

  11. Just linked up! BTW, are you on Twitter? I just tweeted about your linky party so hopefully you'll get some new folks this week! :-)

  12. I keep telling my husband I want a front loader... of course, I really only want it because it is red and who doesn't want a RED washing machine?! :)

  13. Oh how I love vintage ads! They're like art! Thanks so much for the vintage link party. I only just found you! I'm a new follower as well!

    ~ ~

  14. Hey Suzanne,
    Love the old ads...I lucked upon some old magazines one time from the 1940s and 50s and had such a blast looking through them! I have a few posts of them in my archives on my blog...I'll try to give you a link sometime soon. Thanks for hosting :)

  15. Love the old advertisements! I remember the Breck spray and thought being a "Breck Girl" looked so glamorous!

  16. Love the ads! I remember wanting to be a 'Breck girl'! As for the front loader washing machine, I too HAD to have one! After a few loads, I wanted my old top loader back! I never could get mine to spin without sounding like it was going to bring the house down! It finally gave out and I replaced it with a Maytag top loader with a huge tub! Love it!


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