Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Begging Quilt Blocks - Block By Block

Block by block, my quilt top is coming together! Over the weekend, I got a bright idea of taking a photo of each block and uploading it to a flicker account. That little idea took several hours to complete and boy, was it a job.

The idea was, if you cared to look at the blocks individually, and find some of the fabrics you donated for this project, there would be a place to see the closeups of the blocks. I have decided that there is no way a photo of a completed quilt would ever show each tiny block in detail!!

I will say this, there is a LOT OF PINNING of these blocks together before I sew them. Don't know what I was thinking as I really am not too fond of the pinning part at all. My husband asked me why I don't just sew them and not worry about pinning....said as far as he was concerned, it would all be the same anyway.....**** crickets chirping*****...........too bad I did not think of that......Thanks dear, but no.......

I do a lot of thinking while I do all that pinning of the blocks, and I have decided I am going to try and see if I can get one of my blogging buddies who does long arm quilting to quilt this for me. It is totally a blogging family quilt, so I think it is appropriate to have a blogging friend quilt it. Hopefully, that will work out!

The following is a link to the Begging Quilt Blocks flicker account. Take a moment if you wish to scroll through all of the blocks. I will say this, I should have pressed them before I took the photos of the blocks, but thought about that when I was almost done.....so excuse the not perfectly pressed blocks!! Feel free to leave comments on the blocks you find your fabrics in.....that would be so fun to see!!!

Begging Quilt Blocks, a set on Flickr.

* In case you are not familiar with Flicker, click on the block on the left, it will make it larger, then at the top right of that block is an arrow to see each one individually. There is also a slideshow option at the top of the page, click that and the slideshow will start. Enjoy! And have a great day!!


  1. What happiness! What a fantastic way to display these blocks so all can see them. Genius. I love all the "doxie" squares I saw!! Fun. Great work.

  2. So many beautiful and fun fabrics! This will be a great quilt.

  3. girl, you have the patience of Job to do all that cutting and pinning and sewing. seriously. it's amazing.

  4. This is wonderful. My husband stares at my sewing and asks "Where do all these strings come from?" I just shrug. Keep up the good work.

  5. Each one is similar, but very much different. Very neat way you set this up to see all the blocks. I spent a good hour looking at all of these amazing fabrics. Hugs my friend!!!

  6. Now there is no doubt in my mind, that you need to be put in a crazy quilt house. Never would have the patience for that.

  7. Hey, Colorado Gal... looking great! See what I got you in to???

    You are NOT crazy, because I just started my sixth one of these, and I am not crazy (he he).

    However, I pin NOTHING when I make them!! I hate pinning. Check out my post on Postage Stamp Quilt Block, My Demonstration, and see how my 'squares to rectangles to squares' system (instead of rows of squares) means little or no pinning!! (For your NEXT one!)

    Love all the flicker shots too. Thanks for inspiring more people to try these -

    - Mary, The Curious Quilter
    and probably the reigning queen of postage stamp quilts, if quantity counts.... LOL!

  8. Hi! Gorgeous blocks and fabric! Earlier this week I started working on my very first postage stamp quilt! I'm totally hooked - and even if I have just started #1 - I can't wait to make another one! Happy sewing weekend to you!

  9. I like your ideas. Thank you for sharing with everyone who was a part. I just found you. But hey, better late than never.


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