Friday, August 12, 2011

Quilting Update: Begging Quilt Project - BIG HUGS

I know this post has been a long time in coming, but finally I have something to show on my begging quilt project! I finally have all 85 blocks sewn together. That is 85 blocks with (64) 2 inch squares in each.

That is a lot of little squares my friends!! I am so glad to finally have them all put together. The photos are just the big square block laid out on the floor, none of the big blocks have been joined together yet, it is just nice to have a sneak peek of the progress and visualize what the finished quilt top will look like!

Now, I just need to sew the 85 blocks together so I can get this beauty quilted. My problem is, I really enjoy piecing the blocks, but always seem to procrastinate on sewing the blocks all together to make the quilt top. I will work on this however, and not set it aside. It is high time I finish this treasure.

Many of you may remember the quilt I saw that Mary had finished. Mary was my swap partner for the Brown Bag Quilt project last fall and we quickly discovered we had lots of things in common. She calls her postage stamp quilts "Big Hugs" and somehow when I started my quilt project, the name begging quilt project just sorta stuck....after all, I did beg for donations of scraps for this quilt....and true to bloggers fashion, I received more scraps than I could have ever imagined for this project.

However, scraps alone was not all I received.....the past few months have not been easy for me. I have struggled with so many things and pretty much have decided from a series of events that you (myself) are just not as important as you think you are to other people. I'm over it now, but I tell you it was not easy to swallow. I tell you there is nothing like a reality check to open one's eyes, even if the reality cuts into your heart.

But I will say, on my darkest days, when I would retreat into my sewing room, it was these pieces of scraps that helped me cheer up and at least feel I did matter enough for someone to take the time to send them to me. This project has been my therapy, and when I started this, I would not or could not have known what it would mean to me when it was finished. This quilt is very special to me indeed. And as we all know, the hard times don't last and brighter days do follow the darkest of times. But is was these fabric bits that hugged my heart when I needed it the most .

I think Mary very brilliantly named these quilts when she calls them "Big Hugs" because that is what this really has developed into for me......big hugs from all of you wonderful blogging friends. I just want you guys to know that all these little scraps that were sent to me from all over the world have been, and are in process of being joined together and this is going to be one special quilt that I will treasure always. Stay tuned, I am working on this a little each day, and I can't wait to show you the final quilt all stitched together.

Today ~ I am sending big hugs out to all of you.....everyone needs a hug now and then!


  1. This has been so fun to see this take hold. I see a couple of my fabrics in the bunch too as I enlarged the photos. Fabric does have a way of speaking to us and calming a troubled heart!! Can not wait to see this quilt finished. It is a special one! Good job on all that piecing. That must have been quiet an undertaking! {sending Hugs too}

  2. BOY...that IS, INDEED, a LOT of tiny squares. A lot of beautiful little squares.

    I love making the quilt's the quilting I don't like. 'Course, I quilt on my mother's vintage Singer. If I had a quilting machine, it might be a different story.

    Good luck and good sewing. :)
    xo bj

  3. This is STUNNING!!!

  4. There is something grand about a tiny squares quilt, I'm glad it was a project that served to cheer you as you sewed! I hope it will bring you many smiles on your bed, too ~

  5. I am so excited to see the progress you have made on this quilt. I know I got fabrics from my Mom (who use to quilt) and sent them so its special to me and yes it holds lots of hugs for you!

  6. This will be a beautiful quilt when finished.

  7. I'm sending a big hug right back at you. I am thrilled to see your progress on this special quilt. I've been wondering how it was coming along, but hesitated to ask. Thanks for sharing the photos. I'm happy knowing all of those little squares are making you feel as special as all of those who sent them hoped it would be.

  8. I would never have thought that just small squares would make such a lovely quilt! And how special to think of the people who cared enough to send fabric.

  9. oh my word, friend... LOOK AT THAT!!!! i can't imagine sewing all of those little squares together... let alone cutting them out. You're amazing! no matter how many bad reality checks are out there, never forget that. i think you're amazing.

  10. I would dearly love to give you a hug everyday if possible. In this too busy world, we all need to to take more time for those special to us. That quilt would drive me crazier than I am. Take care and I miss hearing from you.

  11. Lovely quilt and proud to have donated fabric. Hoping you're feeling "wrapped in love" each time you snuggle into your beautiful quilt.

  12. Wow! that is going to be one fantastic scrappy Hugs quilt. Great job.

  13. Lovely to see the progress on the quilt. You've done so well - I'd have gone mad ages ago trying to cut and piece all those midget squares! A credit to you and your worth to others is the amount of fabric you received and the delight we have in watching what you are doing with it. You've certainly made my "heart sing" to see such a lovely quilt :)

  14. Hi Suzanne,

    This is indeed a labor of love, and such a treasure to have. It's like a big hug from all your blogging friends! How beautiful!


  15. Ahhh, Suzanne, it made me sad to think that you were feeling so low. I'm glad that there was something that could lift your spirits and help you to overcome what you were going through. The quilt squares are so bright and colorful. No wonder they cheered you up. ;)

    Big hugs back,
    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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