Friday, August 5, 2011

A Letter Writing Journey ~ Senior Birthday Update & List ~ Be Inspired

 Welcome to First, Fifth Forever here at The Coloradolady. In case you are just finding this post or topic, this is a year long letter writing journey that started in January of 2011 for me. Each month, I try to send a letter to someone or card and let them know what they mean to me.
** This month,  I am sending a letter out that I have not had the courage to send.....I am working on writing is not easy. But I know in the big scheme of things, it is the right thing to do. If you have a minute....send a thought or two my way.....I need the courage. 

Out of that endeavor developed another project to bring a little joy and excitement to seniors all over the country. A spin off from a dear facebook friend's project, I started this on my own blog.  Each month, (hopefully) I post about a senior s birthday and  leave the information on my blog and I also have a designated email for this. If you'd like to be a part of making a big difference with just a small amount of effort, please join us. You can email me at onefineblessing (at) yahoo (dot) com to be added to the email list. Likewise, if you know a  senior who would benefit from this or could just use a little pick me up, please email me their name and birth date so we can be sure and spread a little cheer.

Last month, several of the ladies who received cards where beyond, over the moon happy with their surprises and I am most certain made a huge difference for them.

I received an email from Maryann, she had emailed me her mothers name for last month. Her mom was just over the moon. Her is a part of her email......

I cannot thank you enough for adding my Mother's address.
She has received cards from all over the country & she phones me, gushing with joy.
It's been wonderful.  THANK YOU!!!!!
She is not the only one who were over the top happy.....All three of the ladies last month were certainly beyond happy with their surprises!!!!

For me, that is what it is all about. Please take a moment to read any links that might be added today for First, Fifth, Forever......I want you to know your cards make a difference.....more than you know.

Here is a list for the August Birthdays: Please email me and add your name to the email mailing....the only thing that you will receive is an email each month with the list of names and addresses:

Irvan Shaw
708 Spring Brook Lane
Leander, Tx 78641
Birthday August 31. - 81 years old

This is the information sent  to me by his daughter: 

My Daddy is going to be 81 next month. This has been a hard year because we lost Mama in March. They had been married 48 years and sure were trying to get to 50, but it didn't happen. He sure could use some pick-me-ups. People don't even have to send a dollar - we're covered financially. But if he could get some birthday cards, that would be so wonderful!
 Thank you so much for your consideration.

James Melkoski
740 Winnie St. Ft. Worth Tx 76112
Birthday August 29 - 81 years old

James is my father in law. He lives alone, and is not in the best of health. He prides himself on people not being about to pull a fast one on him because of his sharp mind (he thinks)......I want to PULL that FAST ONE on him and flood his mailbox with birthday wishes! His health is not the best and he is not able to get out like he is used to doing as the heat makes it almost impossible for him to breath. This has not been an easy summer for him.

I'd like to give a huge Thank You to all how are spreading a little cheer one card at a time. You make a difference to each and every one of our seniors.
Feel free to link in and share a story you might have if you have been participating in this project or share in the comment section.

Thought for the day: 
 "Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love." ~ Mother Teresa


  1. fantastic.i love these post. i even purchased some cards to send last month.

  2. my daughter (age 7) did this last month and we loved it!! Please add me to your list each month Thanks!

  3. What a great idea! I will certainly send greeting to these two this month and will email you my address for future mailings.

  4. What a sweet idea. I can see how this would brighten not only someone's day but a whole MONTH and more.
    My mother is in her 80s and except for our (her kids)weekly talks I don't think she hears much from anyone else any more.

  5. Hi Suzanne, as promise I blog "Remembering our Senior Citizens:One fine blessing:" at my blog. Great job on this and of course I am in ^_^

    Remembering our Senior Citizens

  6. What sweet thing to do Suzanne wish I knew about it in May when my Dad turned 100!

  7. I am so adding this to my to-do list!! What a wonderful way to brighten up someone's day. Can you add me to the list? Thanks a ton!

  8. I sent cards this month :) it was fun, thanks!


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